The O'Brolohans. 1053 - 1219. Bishops and Abbots.
Research by Paul O'Brollaghain.
Doiligein 1053 A.D.
Mailcoluim O Brolchain, father of Flaithbertach O'Brolchain 1122 A.D
Maelbrighde Ua Brolchain 1139 A.D
Flaithbertach O'Brolchain, son of Mailcoluim O Brolchain, died 1175 1150 A.D.
Derry, Co Derry, Ireland
Mail brighte O Brolchain 1139 A.D.
Flaithbertach O'Brolchain, also Bishop of Armagh. (Annals of the Four Masters) 1158 A.D.
Finn Ua Brolchain 1219 A.D.
Flann O'Brollaghan 1219 A.D
Clogher, Co Tyrone, Ireland
Michael Mac-an-tshair consecrated, died 1288 1268 A.D.
Kildare, Co Kildare, Ireland
Maoil Brigdhe Mac an t-Saoir Ua Brolchain 1097 A.D.
Iona, Scotland
Donal O Brolohan who built the monastery there 1202 A.D.
High King (Ard Ri) of Ireland, Tara, Co Meath
Suibhne meann 623 A.D
Niall of the Nine Hostages
King Niall of the Nine Hostages who brought St Patrick to Ireland 405 A.D.
Credits: Annals of Ulster via prompted by Brian O Dochartai, Co Meath.