The Brabazon connection dates to Jacques Le Brabancon who came to England with Wm. Duke of Normandy. 1066. The immediate ancestor most relevant to our family is the 5th Earl of Meath. CHAMBRE- 1645-1715) who had 2 sons.

The eldest CHAWORTH (1686-1763) Who when underage married his aunt's chambermaid and had a son- Chaworth's father did not recognize this union and the son was only called "Hon'- we understood his name to be Hon John. Chaworth did not remarry until this wife died- when he was about 43.

There were no children in this union and his younger brother succeeded to the title and William or John whatever his name (Chaworth's son) was overlooked as was the wish of the 5th Earl. In Chaworth's will he left money to a William Brabazon- so his son's name may have well been William and not John. This son of Chaworths was known as a gentleman around Dublin- well educated and someone who loved to gamble.

He married - do not know his wife's name- and produced a son who was known as The Hon. John. The Hon John (1743-1809) married Grace Osborne in 1770. Grace Brabazon (1737-2/11/1820) They shifted to Cork from Dublin - it was stated The Hon. John was very religious and a great admirer of John and Charles Wesley. Charles Wesley had a great following in Cork. This Hon. John was well educated in Dublin and proceeded to ensure all children born of the union received the same opportunities. Obviously money was not a problem.

The eldest child was my great great grandfather Joseph. -Joseph Brabazon- born in Middleton near Cork in 1773- died 1863. He was the postmaster and lived in what is now known as Connolly Street. I saw the house in 1990. In 1800 Joseph married Mary Venn (1780-1861) 21 children but only 5 survived- one of whom- the youngest was my great grandfather-Joseph 1823-1903 (Born Middleton died in Sydney August 1903) These children of Joseph and Mary were also educated- one was a Priest. (Anglican)- he taught my grandfather Latin and Greek at an early age. Joseph went to Dublin University and was a mathematical scholar. For a period of time was a journalist on a London newspaper.

He returned to live in Cork and at the age of 26 he married Rebecca Jane Drabble. 11/11/1849. Joseph migrated to New Zealand in 1860 and Rebecca followed in 1861. My grandfather Percival was the 10th child of 13 children. He was born in Auckland 29/7/1868 died in Perth W.A. 1/11/1945. So that is the Brabazon connection to me. Percival Medway Brabazon married Edith Millington (born of UK parents in Dunedin NZ 7/3/1874- died Perth W.A. 31/1/1946 Percival and Edith married in Northam W.A. 16/4/1895. My mother Dulcie Alma was 1 of 4 children. Arthur, Dulcie, Mervyn. Phyllis Beatrice. (Taylor) My mother Dulcie (30/9/1897-18/9/1988) married John Patrick Joseph Tobin (born of Irish parents in Ballarat Victoria 8/2/1897- died in Perth W.A. 2/11/1986. They had 4 children of whom I was the 3rd. Dulcie, Kenneth, Beryl, William Trevor. I, Beryl Tobin (10/7/1926) married Stuart Frederick Hogan (22/9/1925) in Perth on 1/11/1947

We had 3 children. Janice Beryl (now Newman) 5/10/1948 John Stuart Hogan 30/9/1951 and Trevor Laurence Frank Hogan. 10/9/1957.

Jan Barns is connected to me by way of her great grandmother being Augustus the eldest sister of my grandfather Percival. Kevin, Neville and Colin Brabazon are the sons of my mother's eldest brother. (Arthur Brabazon) Margaret Ann Shevill is related to another part of the tree somewhere (I have forgotten) you probably know.

This information was passed by word of mouth from Joseph to his children one of whom was my grandfather. He wrote things-names and dates down for them. My mother had some of these papers-do not know where they are now. The information tied up with what we later found to be in Burke's peerage (about the aunt's chambermaid etc.)- also Jan Barns had a bit more of the puzzle. My great grandfather Joseph started a boys school in Auckland when he arrived from Ireland and Jan Barns tells me great grandmother (Rebecca) taught there. We know she was an artist because we have some other paintings. My grandfather Percival Medway was very good at drawing "anything" at all. Clever with his hands and very quick and clever brain, His father was a hard taskmaster and probably made them do a lot of studies. Grandfather told me he was a very hard father.