Brabazons in Africa

Message From Zoeghdie Van Der Schyff
I'm actually trying to do some research on behalf of my mom. She is trying to trace back her ancestry/family...She was born in South Africa as Veronica Margaret Brabazon. Her father who was born in Ireland was Alfred Horatio Brabazon and emigrated to SA. His parents were George Brabazon who was married to Mary Brabazon(Gannon)...That's how far my mother knows of and would like to trace it further back. Do you know how I can go about doing this? Any assistance will be appreciated.Thanks and regards - Zoeghdie Van Der Schyff

My name is Rita Robinson and I live in Durban, South Africa, but originated from England.
I am trying to connect my Saunders to the Brabazon family tree, and will give you an outline on what I have:-
My 4th G. Grandfather was a William SAUNDERS , we only have his death which was c. 1809 in Dublin, he married a Eleanor HENSHALL, in August of 1780 in Dublin, her father was a James HENSHALL, we seem to think that the Brabazon connection may be through the HENSHALL line, Eleanor HENSHALL died 1819 at 56 Mecklenburg St. Dublin, a house which seemed to have been in the HENSHALL family since 1803.
Their eldest son was my 3rd G. Grandfather and he was named Brabazon Saunders, he became a member of the Guild of Merchants in 1822, claimed by his Grandfather James HENSHALL, and was a Freeman of the City of Dublin by birth.
Brabazon SAUNDERS married a Catherine MADDOCK, the families of SAUNDERS, MADDOCK AND HENSHALL seem to have been interlinked over the earlier years and were all members of the Freemans of Dublin.
Brabazon and Catherine had seven children, one who carried the Brabazon name.
My 2nd G. Grandfather was a Thomas Henshall SAUNDERS, he died quite early and had only one child, Thomas Alfred SAUNDERS, he had six children, one was named Percy Brabazon and their last child was named Edward Bray.
My cousin and I were over in Ireland in 2000 and went to the Deeds Office there, and found quite a number of deeds which were between the SAUNDERS, HENSHALL'S AND MADDOCK'S, but nothing to connect the Brabazon family.
On the one birth certificate of Brabazon and Catherine's children is say the profession of father was Gentleman, the baby was baptised New Whitehaven and their abode was Kilmashague, but I haven't been able to find where that is.
I have been very lucky to have found so much about my SAUNDERS family, but there is still a lot missing.
I do hope that someone somewhere will be able to help with my search.