Ann Shevill is descended from the third son, Sir Anthony who married Margaret Hovenden, of Sir Edward Brabazon, later Baron Ardee.

[Anthony Godsell Brabazon]

[See the Meath Lineage.]

[Mr R. L. Brabazon]

In Australia the lineage is:

Rev James Brabazon married Elizabeth Jane Levinge
Their son Anthony Godsell Brabazon married Emma Wilson Holdsworth.
Their son Charles James Anthony Brabazon married Amy Ruby Victoria McMillan.
Their son Anthony Godsell Brabazon married Margaret Victoria Gibson - Ann's parents. Her cousin (Justice)Charles Brabazon QC is a Judge of the District Court of Queensland - married to (Justice)Michelle May who is a Federal Family Court Judge. They have issue triplet girls Alice, Lucinda and Sarah.

Charles James Anthony Brabazon married Amy Ruby Victoria McMillan
Born 1859 - Died 1944

C J A Brabazon and QANTAS
Charles Brabazon is mentioned in all the histories of the Australian airline QANTAS. He was a friend of the three of the founders and involved in the early meetings in the Longreach/Winton area. There is an obelisk in the main street of Winton, Queensland which names those who signed the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS) when the company was registered on 16 November 1920. At that time Charles owned 50 shares in the company, as did the other seven signatories. On completing his school curriculum the young Charles Brabazon started his station experience as a jackeroo on 'Yanodilla' staying there for four years. From there he went to 'Retro', a sheep station near Capella on the Peak Downs

It is doubtful if there was another squatter who has controlled more stations, done more extensive pastoral work of held greater responsibilities, in the Queensland realm of stock breeding, than Charles Brabazon, who added to his other liabilities in work, the Chairmanship of the District Committee of the Pastoralists and Grazing Farmers Association, representative Councillor for Central Queensland at the headquarters of the association in Brisbane and a member of the Longreach Executive.

For years he was a member of the Winten, Longreach and Springfield Shires, and some marvelled at the energy of a man who could transact so much private and public business. Charles thought he might retire and live in Brisbane; for a man with so much energy and a still very active brain this proves impossible.

Later in 1927 he again came north and before long had purchased 'Clarafield' a property situated about midway between Melia and Kynuna. When he acquired 'Clarafield' it was very open country and thought to be impossible for breeding sheep. However, this he proved to be a fallacy. Not withstanding a great number of very bad drought years, it was possible to lamb ewes, and the percentages were seldom less than seventy, with continued good management the lambs were kept alive. Charles lived on in 'Clarafield' until his death in 1944.