The Chivalrous Brabazon (Ponsonby)

ĚThe following story is told of the marriage of Brabazon Ponsonby, future MP and Earl of Bessborough, which took place around 1703.

Brabazon soon found himself in pecuniary difficulties from which he attempted to extricate himself by proposing to marry a rich widow then living in Dublin, a Mrs Colvill, grand-daughter of Archbishop Margetson. Mrs Colvill would have none of him and refused to listen to his importunities. Brabazon, however, resolved on a plan for making her his wife.

She was awakened one morning by a band playing epithalamic airs outside her lodgings (the custom being to serenade newly married couples), and flying to the window, opened it, and beheld a great crowd cheering; at the same moment, the next window was thrown open, and Captain Brabazon Ponsonby appeared in a night-dress, smiling and thanking the people for their congratulations. He had hired a neighbouring apartment and the band, and by this ruse proclaimed that he was married to Mrs Colvill. In vain she denied the assertion; public opinion, resting on such convincing proofs, was too strong for her, and she finally gave way and bestowed her hand and fortune on the gallant officer, who left the Army'

This was extract from this 1700 Website