Carol and Christopher Brabazon of Florida, United States of America

Carol - Chris Jnr - Cathy - Chris Snr
My great grandfather, Michael J. Brabazon, was born in Dublin in 1840 and came to America in 1875 with his two brothers Thomas and James. The three of them set-up a shoe manufacturing business in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Michael J was married to Francis and together they had four children: three boys and one girl, named Michael, James, Christopher Michael (my grandfather) and Annie. Christopher Michael Brabazon, known as the 'Lad', was born on June 15th, 1885 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but educated in England.
He and his wife Catherine had fifteen children - nine sons and five daughters: Christopher, John, Michael, Harry, Charles Henry (my father), James, Robert, Thomas, Richard, Catherine, Margaret, Francis, Lillian, and Mary. The sons lived in South Philadelphia and worked at the waterfront as stevedores and loading and unloading the large cargo ships that took port at the Philadelphia (Delaware River) Port Authority. Harry became a World War II hero as a member of the Rangers elite group called Merrill's Marauders. He was one of a thousand men that volunteered to fight the Japanese in Burma to open the Burma Road for General Stillwell and Prime Minister Churchill. The British Army had halted the Japanese advance although outnumbered 10 to 1, with little or no air cover. Only a hundred men came out of the volunteer mission alive and Harry was one of them.
Charles Henry Brabazon Sr was my father and was born on February 20th, 1923, died on October 29th, 1995 (???) and was married to Alice Winifred Badey. They had five children, four boys and one girl: Charles, Henry Jr., James, Thomas, Kenneth Charles, Alice Winifred, and me Christopher Michael. My son is Christopher Michael Jr. Born 11/8/1972
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