Hello Michael, Just a brief note to let everyone know that Carol and I just had a visit from our long lost "Brabazon" family members who live in Manchester, England and have only recently found them thanks to the world wide web....

 About a year ago, I paid for a subscription to the web site "GENESREUNITED" in search of information leading to my Great Grandfather (Michael J.) who I only knew that he was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1840 and at age 35 he decided to take his family to the Promised Land (United States) to give them a new and better future.  After my subscription to the web site, I received several contacts with information on a Michael J. Brabazon but not what I was looking for at all.

 Then one morning, when I opened my e-mail messages I found a message from a woman in Manchester, England that stated she may have information for me if the Michael J was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1840 and then travelled to the United States in 1875.  This was just the lead that I was hoping for, as the pieces that she described to me fell right in place with my great grandfather's information that I had found out on my own through my hours and days of searching. 

After several e-mails back and forth we both discovered that in fact this was the same man and that we were step-second cousins, and that my great grandfather along with his two brothers (James and Thomas) came to the United States as "Show Makers" and opened a shoe manufacturing business in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania back in the 1875 timeframe.

 Michael, recently Carol and I had the honour, of having this long lost family Manchester, England Brabazon family group that we had no idea even existed visit here on "Holiday" ...vacation as us "yanks" call it.  It just so happens that we live in Deltona, Florida just 15 minutes from the Sanford, International Airport where they arrived.  We met them coming off the plane and escorted them to their Walt Disney Resort complex for their lodging.

 Once they had spent several days touring the theme parks, they were ready to give the legs a rest and that is when they spent a day with me and my wife Carol.  Michael, we felt at once the family connection and the resemblances in facial feathers were uncanny.  They were Brabazons all the way, and we had one awesome day spent together. 

 Shuana Flynn, our "Official Family Tree" caretaker is going to add them to our family tree as I have provider her with all the information that I have received and then she will probably contact Anne Marie and family for more details.  Anne stated that she had grown up in Manchester, England with a very closely bonded family with Sunday dinners at Mum's for all family members is still the norm practiced today.  Her father is named Alan Brabazon, age 75 and Mum is named Rita and is 73 years old.  Anne Marie and her family gave me a wonderful photo album with pictures of my great grandfather and his two brothers all in one photo together that I will send to Ted to add to the Philadelphia web site section as many Brabazon family members from the Philadelphia have never seen the three brothers who came over from Dublin, Ireland and started the whole Philadelphia, Pennsylvania branch of the tree. 

 I just wanted to send this message off to you for your consideration to add to the "Brabazon Web Site, so all family members around the world checking in on the (Notice Board) and the newly (What's New) section will be able to read about this superb encounter after all of these years, and hopefully give other who are searching for their love ones that there is still hope out there, and to wish them all the very best in their endeavours to find their roots...............God Bless!

Chris & Carol Brabazon, from Deltona, Florida.

Chris & Carol Brabazon, Deltona, Florida.