Some additions to the Ballinasloe records. - Research by Jan Barnes

 My references are Crofton Memoirs, Mote Part III, Descendants of John Crofton the Escheator General, by Henry Thomas Crofton (main author) 1911 and (Crofton 1) the main reference there being Burkes Peerage 1934.

 Edward Brabazon, son of Anthony Brabazon and Ursula Malby probably did marry. An Edward Brabazon of the right era married Joan Crofton, younger daughter and possibly youngest child of John Crofton and Jane Duke.

 The author of the 'Crofton Memoirs' suggests that this Edward Brabazon could be the son of Sir William Brabazon (but he was married to Mary Smyth) or another close relative.  Edward son of Anthony seems to be the logical person.

 John Crofton (1540-1610) came to Ireland about 1565, was Clerk of the Council and Province of Connaught in 1569 and Escheator General of Ireland in 1575. He had property in Ballymurry and Moate, Castle Bragade (Canvoe) & Lisdorn in Roscommon, Ballymote Co Sligo and many other places. His wife, Jane Duke was sister of Henry Duke of Castle Jordan Westmeath (who married Elizabeth Brabazon dau of Sir William Brabazon)  

 The Croftons had at least 6 children. The oldest son and heir Edward Crofton of Ballymurry Roscommon married Elizabeth Mostyn and they had a second son, Thomas Crofton of Longford House Sligo who married Honora O'Conor and had a son Henry (Capt) Crofton who was High Sheriff of Co Sligo in 1687 and MP for Sligo in 1689. Henry married Sara Brabazon who in the data is called daughter of Anthony Brabazon but would seem to be daughter of Malby Brabazon and Sarah Burke. (The author of the Crofton Memoirs thought  Anthony had a son called Anthony but presumably this was a mistake and the son was Malby.

 There is no definite information on when Joan Crofton was born but must have been late 1570s or 1580s. I don't know when Edward son of Anthony Brabazon was born either. If he was the Titulado at Attyforry in 1659 he must have been fairly old. If this is the line of Beagh Brabazon it looks as though there must be another generation between this Edward and the Edward who is first on the Beagh Brabazon line. Presumably the change to the Catholic faith came somewhere in the gap.

John Crofton the Escheator died in the year 1610, and had not paid the marriage portions of his daughters, Sara and Joan. On the Qth of December, 1615, Edward, his eldest son, made provision for those marriage portions, and settled the Sligo property (which was charged with those portions) upon his second son, Thomas, ancestor of the Longford House Croftons, and the deed is still in the possession of his direct descendant, Sir Malby Crofton.

By this deed, in which Edward is described as of Ballymurry, Esquire, he conveyed or enfeoffed to trustees, "my well-beloved brethren," John Crofton^ of Lisdorne, in ye county of Roscommon, Esq., Henry Crofton, of Moghill, in the County of Leitrim, Esq., William (VMolloy, of Croghan, Co. Roscommon, Esq., and Robert Gardner, of ye Grange, Co. Roscommon, Esq., the quarters of Drynahay, Lis-longfort, Carrowey-Croughey, Killenened, Carraye-na-Camrick, Carrowe Lughinney, Carrowey, Tryne-more, Carrowe-nagkingy, Clonagh-lough, and one cartron in Dirke, two quarters and a cartron in the Corraghs, in the Barony of Tireragh, Co. Sligo, with their arable lands, meadows, sowing, mountain, and bog.

 He appointed his "loving friend," Patrick Brophy, to deliver seizin, and declared the trusts to be, to hold until they took up "of the mayne" (profits) of all the lands six score pounds, namely, three score to the use of Garritt (Gerald) Dillon and Sara Crofton his wife, and the other three score pounds to the use of Edward Brabazon and Joan Crofton his wife; And then to the use of "Thomas Crofton second son of me the feoffer," and the heirs male of his body; and for want thereof to the use of "my third sonne, John Crofton," and the heirs male of his body; and for the want thereof, to the use of "my fourth son, William Crofton, and his heires male lawfully begotten for ever."

The witnesses to this deed were Edward Brabazon, Anne Crofton, who made her mark, Cuthbert Heatherly (mark), and two other unnamed marks. Patrick Brophy delivered seizin upon the quarter of Treyne-mure in the name of the whole, in the presence of Owen McSwine; Walter Dillon (mark); Flu McMIeaghlin; Owen roe McFertagh McSwine (mark).