Dr Bill Brabazon, a descendant of Anthony Brabazon of Ballinasloe and his wife Margaret Malone, writes from New Zealand:

Anthony Brabazon & Margaret Malone

Dr. Bill's Family

John Brabazon Tree

Brabazon Tree

Brabazon Tree

Mary Brabazon Tree

Rebecca Brabazon

Between 1913 and 1915 my grandfather exchanged correspondence with his second cousin Thomas Brabazon, who lived in Hartford Connecticut. From Thomas's letters (I wish I had copies of John's) I have obtained the following information that is relevant:

  1. A family tree right down from Jacques to the offspring of the Brabazon/Pettit union

  2. William (husband of Jane) had a brother Robert, two sisters and another brother John.

  3. My grandfather John was a grandson of John Brabazon, eldest son of William and Jane.

  4. My grandfather John had a brother Thomas as well as the Ezekiel I found in an Irish register.

  5. The correspondent Thomas was a son of Andrew, a grandson of Thomas and a great-grandson of William and Jane.

  6. The correspondent Thomas's father Andrew married Ann Ferguson and emigrated to America about 1845.

Andrew's brothers John and Thomas and two sisters went to South America. There is no doubt that these were the Brabazons referred to in recent accounts by Ann Shevill and others. (See Brabazons in South America.)

This tree [to be displayed soon] shows that my grandfather married Rebecca Brabazon, a first cousin, and daughter of Robert. Robert was a seafaring man who disappeared, presumably in Australia. His son Samuel went to Australia to find his father, failed to do so, (not surprisingly) and spent several years leading a colourful life on stations in NSW and Queensland. Eventually, at the behest of his mother and sisters, he met them in NZ, married a local girl and finally bought land in southern Hawkes Bay, in the same general area as my grandparents. Sam kept a daily diary, now lodged in the Hawkes Bay Museum, from which I have extracted a wealth of information about both Babazon families, and life in general in colonial NZ.

The second tree [to be displayed soon] features my own family, from Grandfather John to our own grandchildren. You will note that my father was an only son, but had 4 sisters, 3 of whom married respectively a Smith, a Selby and a Hosking. Sam likewise had one son and two daughters, and some of his descendants bear the name Brabazon.

These are very much NZ-orientated documents, and names of towns and districts, unless otherwise stated, refer to this country.