Tracking the Jack: A Retracing of the Antipodes (Sydney: University of NSW Press).
Ladies who Lunge: Celebrating Difficult Women (Sydney: University of NSW Press).
Digital Hemlock: Internet Education and the poisoning of Teaching (Sydney: University of NSW Press, 2002).
(Editor) Liverpool of the South Seas: Perth and its Popular Music (Perth: University of W.A. Press, 2005).
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She is a wide-ranging public commentator in Cultural studies, Cultural history, post colonialism, Internet studies, youth studies, feminism and masculinity. For further information, please refer to her web site,
Article written by Dr Tara Brabazon who hails from the Western Australian Brabazon family. In remembering the greatest songs of the last 25 years, few can claim a moment of creative genius like Joy Division's Ian Curtis.t ]

Dr Tara Brabazon
Professor of Media Studies at the
University of Brighton (UK

She is the Author of six books: