Brabazon Chapman

Jarest Elson Brabazon, 1735-1799

Jarest Elson Brabazon was born in 1735. Parents?

Jarest Elson Brabazon, Barron of Meath County, Sole Proprietor of all Brabazon holdings in England and Ireland

Married, 1755 Macy (O'Dell, Noble Lady of Meath County, died 1757 in childbirth Married, 1762 Heather Connelly


Celeste Ann Brabazon 1763-
John Emery Brabazon 1764-1829
Gerald Peter Brabazon 1765-1827
*Barret Elson Brabazon 1767-1834

*Barret Elson Brabazon, 1767-1834

Barret Elson Brabazon was the fourth child of Jarest Elson and Heather Connelly Brabazon.
Barret Elson Brabazon, 1767-1834 Married Maggie Brown, April 17, 1801 on ship


*John Emery Brabazon, April 1811, in London (Oldest of twelve sons)

*John Emery Brabazon 1811-1864 John Emery Brabazon was born April 14, 1811, in London, England, to Barret Elson Brabazon and Maggie (Brown). He was the oldest of twelve boys. He studied medicine, but like others of that time, decided to come to America. He attended livestock in the bottom of a sailboat for all or part of his fare. (No one at that time could leave England if they owed anything. Many a boat was turned around and sailed back after discovering someone who was not debt free.) Little is known of John's early life in America. (Early life on page 5 of Lyle Wayne Brabazon's research.) Here is their family record:

John Emery Brabazon

Wealthy Amanda Skinner

Died, 1864

Died, 1880

Married: Sunday, June 10, 1839-mail order bride


Lois Ann Brabazon, born July 21, 1840
Mary Grace Brabazon, born July 1,1842
Joseph William Brabazon, born February 14, 1844
Thomas Edward Brabazon, born October 2, 1845
Charlotte Maria Brabazon, born October 9, 1849

^Albert John Brabazon, [See Obiturary] born March 25,1853 John Brabazon homesteaded west of Clio, Michigan. Here he died in 1864 when Albert John Brabazon was only eleven years old. Wealthy Skinner remarried but chased her man away after a short time as he was no good. (Pop told me this.) Grandpa Albert John Brabazon lived on the homestead place with his mother and sisters until 1891 when he purchased the Casey Potter farm a short distance away. I visited this farm in 1930, 1956, and 1981. In July, 1930,1 helped haul hay and milk cows while visiting Grandpa and Grandma (Albert John and Alvira). Aunt Mabelle and her three boys-Gerald, Eldon, and Dale also had come home and was living there as Mabelle's husband was killed when the boys were young. [Written by Raymond Brabazon, 1911-2002]

*Albert John Brabazon, 1853-1935 Albert John Brabazon was born March 25, 1853, the youngest child of John Emery Brabazon and Wealthy Amanda Skinner. Family history:

Albert John Brabazon

Alvira M. Coolidge

born Friday, March 25, 1853

born Saturday, October 13, 1860

died 1935

died 1950

Married March 11, 1878


William Edward Brabazon Monday, July 26, 1880
Eva Mary Brabazon Sunday, September 17, 1882
""Byron Moses Brabazon Monday, May 11, 1885
Linnie Ann Brabazon Monday, April 9, 1888
Mabelle Alvira Brabazon Tuesday, March 11,1890
Clinton Albert Brabazon Tuesday, March 20, 1894

*Bryon Moses Brabazon, 1885-1973 [See Obiturary] Bryon Moses Brabazon was born May 11, 1885, to Albert John And Alvira Coolidge Brabazon Family history:

Byron Moses Brabazon Evelyn Ann Smith
Born May 11, 1885 Born August 9, 1882
Died July 20, 1973 Died April 27, 1959
Married: December 23, 1905, Ellendale, N.D.


Francis Lyie Brabazon Oct. 16, 1906-Nov. 14, 1972
Bryon Glenn Brabazon Aug. 5, 1909-May 8,1974
^Raymond Richard Brabazon Oct. 1, 1911-July 22,2002
Royd Leon Brabazon Sept. 3,1914-Apr. 24,1987
Genieve Helen Brabazon Sept. 9,1918-Picture and Obituary attached

*Raymond Richard Brabazon, 1911-2002 Raymond Richard Brabazon was born October 1, 1911, to Bryon Moses and Evelyn Ann Smith Brabazon at the homestead near Lodgepole, South Dakota.

Raymond Richard Brabazon

Eileen Bennetta Stalder

October 1,1911-July 22, 2002

May 2, 1919-

Married: October 1, 1935


Delores Eileen Brabazon
Azelle Dyann Brabazon
^Betty Arlene Brabazon Picture and story attached. Betty Arlene Brabazon, 1943" Betty Arlene Brabazon was born on November 15, 1943, in Hettinger, North Dakota, to Raymond Richard and Eileen Benetta Stalder Brabazon.

Betty Arlene Brabazon

Michael James Chapman

November 15,1943-

December 30, 1945 -

Hettinger, North Dakota

Baker, Montana

Married: June 12, 1968, Hettinger, North Dakota


Tyier Jacob Chapman May 29, 1976
Married August, 10, 2002, Annabel Gonzales Petty
Children: Katie Kathleen Chapman
Stepchildren: Josh, Brooke. and Stephanie Petty
Sarah Jolene Chapman March 22, 1978