Lawrence Brabazon
By Nancy-Lou Brabazon Ateah

I posted a message a while ago requesting information regarding my great grandfather Lawrence Brabazon, who was a master mariner. He was captain of a ship that sailed from Belfast to many points around the world...including India and China.He bought back teas and spices as well as other goods. I remember my Nana..his daughter....telling me stories about him sailing around the Cape of Good Hope and how the storms could be very ferocious. I still have a Chinese teapot he brought back from china ..probably about 1880 . He was born in 1846, married Emma Thornton ( whose family live in Donaghadee today ) and he died in 1927. To my knowledge he only had one daughter..Isabel Brabazon, who was born 1883. My nana told me many stories about him..but the one that stands out in my memory was the one about his parrot. He had a parrot who travelled the sea with him and he was very fond of his parrot!

He arrived back home after a long voyage of many months when the minister came to call. My great grandmother made tea and scones and while they were enjoying this the parrot let loose with swear words that would curl your hair! My great grandmother was highly embarrassed apparently and banned the bird from the room. I guess the parrot picked up these words from the sailors on the ship.
Lawrence came from the Belfast line of Brabazons...but I have not been able to go back any further. I do have some cemetery records with his grave # in the Belfast cemetery and hope to gather more info soon.
Nancy-Lou Brabazon Ateah