Louise Jacobson Writes (Additions to Dr. Bills Family Tree.)

I have been researching and connecting what my deceased aunt collected and tracking back to what I discovered at your web site. Dr. Bill Brabazon writes from New Zealand of the correspondence with his second cousin Thomas Brabazon, who lived in Hartford, Conn.  He writes about Thomas's father Andrew being married to Ann Ferguson and emigrating to America about 1845.  This is where I can add some information.

         Thomas Brabazon of Cappagh, Rathowell Co., West Meath, married Ann Ferguson, had issue Mary Ann, Jane, William, Ann, Thomas, John, Andrew James, Robert, Samuel, Elizabeth.

         Thomas Brabazon of Cappagh, Rathowell Co., West Meath, born 1795, died August 20, 1835, married Ann Ferguson, Ballygarvey 1817. 

         All of living children of Thomas of Cappagh came to North And South America about 1845.

         Thomas Brabazon's daughter, Elizabeth, married Thomas Canning, had issue Ann, James, Thomas, Elizabeth, Robert. (Elizabeth Brabazon was born in Ireland in 1857.  James and Mary lived in Hartford, Conn., on Capon St. and also at 290 Sargent St.

         Elizabeth Brabazon Canning's son, James,born 2/23/1854 and died 2/5/1937, married Mary Ann Jackson, born 11/16/1868 and died 12/14/1948.   

They had issue:

Elizabeth Mary, born 11/16/1891in Hartford, Conn., and died 6/1/1981 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  She married George Kellogg Taylor on 6/1/1920..

Issue: twins, Adeline Canning Taylor(later changed her name to Adaline Canning Taylor) and Ruth Olive Taylor, born 3/12/1921 at home in Hartford, Conn.

 Ruth Olive married Russell Davis Councill Jr., who was born in West Richmond, VA. 6/25/1916 and he died 9/9/1971.


         Allan Taylor Councill, Born 6/27/1946 Richmond, VA

         Patricia Ann, Born 6/29/1949 Oklahoma City, Okla.

         Louise Jean, Born 6/20/1952 Tulsa, Okla.

         Janie Belle, Born 7/9/1953 Tulsa, Okla.

 Olive Jackson, born 7/28/1895 in Hartford, Conn., and died 3/25/1981, and married and married Leon Louis Cooper, born 1/13/1898 and died 2/12/1976, had issue Marcia Ann, born 2/24/1936 in Hartford, Conn.

 Robert Thomas Jackson, born 3/13/1898 in Hartford, Conn., and died 12/16/1981, 1st married Laura Winn in 1934 or 1935, 2nd marriage, Mildred Biggs between 1940 qnd 1942.

Florence Jane, Born 8/16/1910 in Hartford, Conn., and died 8/16/1910 in Hartford, Conn.

 At this point I have to put in that after Ruth Olive and Russell Councill Jr. had their four children, Russell divorced Ruth and later remarried.  Ruth never remarried and with the help of her sister, Adaline and her mother, Elizabeth Taylor, she raised her four children. 

Allan married three times and had four children. Allan's first child was Christine Lucille Councill, born 11/29/1970 (her stepfather adopted her and raised her after his divorce from Wymona Lee). After her stepfather adopted her, her name changed to Christine Lucille Anton. Christine has a half brother from her stepfather, but I do not currently have his name. Allan had three children with his third wife. His daughter, Rebekah Suzanne Councill, was born 9/14/1983. Allan and his third wife had two sons in addition to their daughter, Rebekah. Allan and his third wife later divorced an neither have been remarried.

Patricia Ann married Larry Lee Bartgis on 5/10/1965  and divorced in 1978.  She has issue:  Trisha Ann born 7/2/1970 in Oklahoma City, Okla., and Larry Dwayne born 3/28/1974 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Trisha has four children and I need to get the information on them.  I am  in contact with her mother and I can get it from her.

Louise Jean married Mark Alan Jacobson on 8/2/1974 and divorced in 1998.  My issue: Elizabeth Ann born 8/18/1980 in Anchorage, Alaska and Stephanie Ruth  born 12/24/1981 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Janie Belle married Robert Roy Cleere on 4/17/1994 and divorced on 9/18/1980.  She later married Alan Frederick Kildahl on 6/12/1985 and they have issue:  Eric Alan  born 4/22/1987 in Oklahoma City, Okla. and Christopher Davis born 1/15/1989 in Aurora, Colorado.

 My daughters and I moved to Florence, Oregon, in 1999.  Elizabeth went to Ashland, Oregon, and attended Southern Oregon University.  She graduated with a bachelors in Criminology.  Stephanie graduated from Southern Oregon University on June 17, 2006.  She has her bachelors in Biology.  Both girls plan on continuing their education after a short break.  Elizabeth is going to join the Peace Corp to do some more traveling.  She recently did three weeks of volunteer work in an orphanage in Africa.  Stephanie is working for Harry & David doing research in the orchards.  Both my daughters traveled to Germany together when Elizabeth graduated from High School.  They went as exchange students for three weeks. 

During my marriage I traveled through Mexico down the coast this side of Guatamala.  I moved to Alaska in 1974 and  during my 23 year marriage I lived in Boca Raton, Florida and in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for a two year period so that my children could get to know their relatives.  At that time we flew from Alaska to Portland and then drove down the coast to California and across to Oklahoma City, Okla.  We returned to Alaska and multiple times we traveled to Hawaii.  I have driven from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Alaska with my daughters in a van.  I left Alaska with my daughters and two dogs and a snake and we drove to Oregon in a U-haul with my car in tow.  Who know where I will travel to next?  

 I am reseaching Annie Canning, born 11/11/1852 in Ireland and who was married to Robert Magee.  She died in 1932 in North Granby and was buried in Hartford, Conn.  She had a son, Herbert J. Magee in Hartford, Conn.  I believe she was the sister of James Canning who was married to Elizabeth Brabazon Canning. 

I am interested in the exchanged correspondence between Dr. Bill's grandfather and his second cousin Thomas Brabazon who lived in Hartford, Conn.  Is there any way that I can get copies of it?  Please let me know more!

 I will keep in touch and let you know as I add addition information to what I have already shared with you.


Louise Jacobson