COL. JOHN RICHARD MALONE, of Baronston, co.; Westmeath, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1896, late 12th Lancers, late Col. Commanding 6th Batt. Rifle Brigade, b. 1846; m. 1st, 11th July, 1872, Hon. Charlotte Mildred (she was divorced in 1892, and m. 2ndly 1892, Count C. de Beaumont d'Autichamp), dau. of Hon. John Yarde Buller, and sister of John, 2nd Lord Churston, and has issue, '

1. JOHN RICHARD MORDRED HENRY L'ESTRANGE, late Lieut. 6th Batt. Rifle Brigade, b. 12 Aug. 1875; m. 13 Aug. 1808 Ethel Victoria, eldest dau. of the late R. H. Boyd Rochfort, of Middleton Park, Westmeath and has issue,

1. Reginald John, b. 1899.

2. Roderick O'Connor Vivian Henry Vere, Lieut. Royal Irish Fus., b. 28 June1881.

3. Victor Mildred Charles, b. 15 June 1881

Col. Malone m. 2ndly, 1893, Catherine Cecil, dau. of Major J. W. Percy, late Norfolk Regt., and has issue, .

4. Henry Anthonv Percy, 6. 18 June 1894. ;

5. Richard Maurice Fitzgerald, b. 10 May 1897


This family, one of the most ancient in Ireland still holding their hereditary property, is an offshoot of the Royal House of the O'Connors, Kings of Connaught, and derives its name of Malone from an ancestor, John O'Connor, styled " Maol-Eoin." It is stated that their old residence, Ballynahown Court (afterwards the seat of Sir John Ennis, Bart.), was for nine centuries in the possession of the Malones, and, together with Palace Park,: Litter, Cartrons. &c., rendered them at one time the largest landed : proprietors in Westmeath. It is stated by Dr. Petrie that the lower part of O'Ruark's Tower in Clonmacnoise was built by one of this family in 903 and the upper part by Gilbert O'Malone, Abbot of Clonmacnoise, 1120. Capel O'Malone, brother of john : O'Malone of Ballynahown, was Arch Abbot in 1206. The representative of the family.

EDMOND MALONE, of Ballvnahown, m. 1569, Margaret, dau. of Richard D'Alton, of Milltown, Count of the Holy Roman Empire, and was father of

EDMOND MALONE, of Ballynahown, m. 1st, 1599, Rose, dau. of John Coghlan of the Maw ; "and 2ndly, Catherine Pettyt. By the latter he had a son, John, of Cartrons (who m. Mary, dau. of John Brown of the Neale AND HAD A SON EDMUND WHO HAD A SON JOHN AND A DAU. MARGARET WHO MARRIED ANTHONY BRABAZON OF BALLINASLOE - THEY WERE COUSINS THROUGH THE BROWNS OF THE NEAL), and a dau. Mary, m. John Dillon; and by the former he was father of a son and heir,

EDMOND MALONE, of Ballynahown, m. 1617, a dau. of Garrett Byrne, and left a son and successor,

EDMOND MALONE, of Ballynahown, m. 1644, Mary, dau. of Brazel Fox, of Kilcoursy, and had two sons,

1. EDMOND, his heir

2. Anthony, of Baronstown, m. 1673, Mary, dau. of John Reilly, of Lismore, co. Cavan, and granddau. of the Earl of Roscommon. He was father of

Richard, of Baronstown, b. 1674, the celebrated lawyer and orator ; m. 20 April, 1698, Marcella, dau. of Redmond Molady, by Mary his wife, dau. of John Malone, of Cartrons, and had issue,

(1) Anthony (the Right Hon.), M.P., Prime Serjeant and Chancellor of the Exchequer 1757-60, m. 1733, Rose, dau. of Sir Ralph Gore, Bart., Speaker of the House of Commons, but d.s.p. 8 May, 1776.

(2) Edmond, M.P., Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Ireland, m. i7l6, Catherine, dau. and heir of Benjamin Collier, of Ruckholts, Essex, and d. 1775, leaving two sons,

1. RICHARD, Baron Sunderlin, in the Peerage of Ireland, so created 1785 ; d.s.p. 1817

2. Edmond, the commentator on Shakespeare, d. 1812.

3 Richard, M.P., 2nd Serjeant at Law, m. Anne, dau. and co-heir of Henry Malone, of Litter, and had issue,

Henry, m. 1765, Catherine, dau. of Richard Plunket, and had a son, Richard, of Pallas Park, and a dau. Alice, b. 1767, m. H. O'Connor. At the death of her brother, this lady resumed her maiden name of MALONE, and retained possession of Baronstown until her death, 1866.

(1) Anne Jane Frances
(2) Marv, m. 1753, John O'Connor, of Mount Pleasant.
(3) Margaret, m. John Husscy.
(4) Marcella, m. John Reilly.

EDMOND MALONE, of Ballynahown, m. 1674, Anne. Dau. of Henry L'Estrange, of Moystowa, King's Co., and had (with a dau. Mary, m. Anthony Daly) three sons,

1. RICHARD, of Ballynahown.

2. Henry, of Litter, King's Co., d. 1739, leaving by Margaret L'Estrange his wife, two daus., his co-heirs,

a. Anne, m. Richard Malone, M.P.

b. Elizabeth, m. Henrv L'Estrange, of Moystown. M.P. for Banagher, and their great-grandson, Edmund L'E'strange, of Tvnte Lodge, m. Ladv Henrietta Susan Lumley, sister of Richard. 9th Earl of Scarborough, and d. 1866, leaving with other issue, REV. SAVILE: RICHARD WILLIAM L'ESTRANGE-MALONE, Mus.Bac. T.C.D.; Minor Canon of Worcester, and Rector of Dalton Holme, m. 10 Oct. 1876, Frances Mary, 2nd dau. of George Savile Foljambe, of Osberton, Notts, and has issue.
c. . Anthony, m. Bridget, dau. of Henry Talbot, and had issue,

1. Richard, m. Mary, dau. and'co-heir of Acheson Moore, of
Ravella, co. Tyrone, and relict of Roger Palmer, but d.s.p.

2. Edmond, Maior 47th Regt. m. Mary, eldest dau. of Richard Malone, and widow of John O'Connor, and had issue,

(1) Anthony, d. 1787.
(1) Elizabeth, m. Henry Sneyd, 6th son of Ralph Sneyd, of Keele, co. Stafford.
(2) Maria.

The eldest son of Edmond Malone. and Anne L'Estrange. his wife,

RICHARD MALONE, of Ballynahown, m. 1717 m. Anne, dau. of Sir Thomas Crosbie, of Ballybeigue, co. Kerry and had issue,

1. Edmond, M.P, for Ardfert, m. Ruth Judge, of Gagcborough,. and d.s.p. 1759.
2. HENRY, his heir.
3. Anthony (Rev.) of Cartrons, m. Anne, eldest dau. of Major George Heighington, of Donard, co. Wicklow and had a son,

Edmond, of Cartrons. m. 1st, the dau.of Henry White, and 2ndly, Anne, youngest dau. of John (O'Connor, of Mount Pleasant, aunt of the Countess of Desart, and had issue,

(1) Anthonv
(2) Henry, Capt. 40th Regt., killed in the battle of the Pyrenees.
(3) Edmond, b. 1785, Lieut R.N.; m. Mary Anne, dau. of W. B. Taylor, of Yarmouth, and d. 1863, leaving issue,

1. Robert Edmund, Paymaster R.N., m. 1st. 1846, Frances Anne Stepney Maume; and 2ndly 1854, Anne, dau. of William Turner. M.D., of Grantham (which lady d.16
April, 1866), and d. Nov. 1874.

2. Richard (Rev.), MA., late Vicar of Potton, Beds. 1876-87 b. 1820, m. 1849. Jane Wilmot, dau.,of Gen. Robyns, K.H., of Penzance. and by her (who d. 1896) had issue.

a. John Henrv Edmond, 6. 1854 ; d. 1861.
b. Cecil Richard Robyns, Maj. Worcester Regt., b. 29 Oct 1859; m. 6 Oct 1892, Nora, eldest dau. of the late S. T. G. Downing, Barrister-at-Law, and has issue

(a) Cecil Edmond Downing, b. 21 Dec. 1894

(b) Brian Wilmot L'Estrange, b. 29 Aug. 1896.


a. Elizabeth' Wilmot Marion, b. 1851, d. 1878.
b. Maria Jane Maude.
c. Ethel Ada Julia, d. Wilmot Edith Catherine.

3. William, drowned,

4. Anthony, Lieut. Col. late R.M.L.I. (Exmouth) m. 1st. Mary, dau. of Charles Edwards, of Totnes, and by her (who d. 25 Jan. 1868) has a dau. Minnie; and 2ndly, 23 Nov.1869, Eliza Carter, elder dau. of Sir William C. Hoffmeister, of Clifton House. Cowes. Isle of Wight, and has issue,

a. Robert Joseph Gee, b. 1871,

b. Henry L'Estrange (32, Cumberland Mansions, West Hampstead N.W.) b. 20 Sept. 1873 ; m. 8 June, 1901, Ethel Gertrude, dau. of H. R. Vincent, of Jacobs-towe, Devon, and has issue,

Iris L'Estrange, b. 5 May, 1903

a. Florence Hoffmeister.

b. Anne Wade.

1. Marianne.
2. Elizabeth.
3. Harriett. m. G. Kingston, M.A., of Toronto, and has issue. George Malcolm and Alice.
4. Julia, m. B. Cherrman, M.A., of Toronto.

(1) Elizabeth, m. Major Peter Warburton, 96th Reg. 2nd son of Col. Warburton, of Garryhinch, and has issue, 1. Anne,m. Col. Wade; 2. Martha; and 3. Elizabeth.
(2) Anne, m. Robert French, grandson of the Very Rev. W. French. Dean of Ardagh, of Abbey Boyle and Oak Port: in Roscommon, and has issue, Anne, m. A. Hector, and had issue

(3) Mary, m. J. Hamilton.

(1) Elizabeth, m. Robert Holmes, of Peterfield. The 2nd son,

HENRY MALONE, of Ballynahown, m. Anne, dau. of - Jones. of Moneyglass and had a son,

EDMOND O'MALONE, of Ballynahown, m. 1774, his cousin Mary. eldest dau. of John O'Connor, of Mount Pleas,int, King's Co.. and had issue.

1. EDMOND. of whom presently.
2. John, d. unm. 1836.
3. Henry, m. Mary Anne Mooney, and d.s.p. 1843.
1. Maria, d. unm.
2. Anne. d. unm.
His eldest son,

EDMOND MALONE, of Ballynaho\vn, King's Co.. Capt. in the Black Horse, m. 1813, Henrietta, dau. of John Chomley. of Belcamp. co. Dublin, and dying 1818. left issue,

1. Edmond, d. KIIW. 1836.
2. JOHN RICHARD, late of Baronston.
1. Harriett, d. unm.

The only surviving son,

JOHN RICHARD MALONE, of Baronston, co. Westmeath. J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1852. b. 1817; m. 1st, 1844, Elizabeth dau. of Col. Henry Peisley L'Estrange, of Moystown, King's Co., and by her (who d. 1847) had issue.

1. JOHN R!CHARD, now of Baronston.

2. Henry I'Estrange. Lieut. Col. late 16th Lancers formerly A.D.C. to the Lord-Lieut. of Ireland, b. 1847: m. 29 July, 1884, Grace Agnes, youngest dau. of Francis Brooke, of Summerton, co. Dublin and d. 1891. He m. 2ndly, 2 April 1868, Anna Jane, youngest dau. Of Robert William Lowrv, D.L., of Pomeroy, co. Tyrone, and Belmore co Westmeath. Mr. Malone d. 30 July, 1894

Arms - Gu., a lion rampant between three mullets arg. Crest A man in armour, spear in hand, resting on the ground, all ppr. Motto - Fidelis ad urnam.

Seat - Baronston, and Rath, Ballinacargy, Mnllingar- and Shinglass, Ballymore, Moate, co.. Westmeath. Clubs Cavalrv Naval and Military, and Kildare Street.