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Brabazon, " Barony (Brabazon)" cr. 1616
A Claim to the Barony of Ardee, as heir general, on the supposition that a Barony of that name (other than the Barony of 1616) had been created by a Writ of Summons, in 1665, was made, in 1762, by Chidley Coote, of Mount Coote, co. Limerick, son and heir of Charles Coote, of the same (who died 1761), who was son and heir of Sir Philips Coote, by Lady Elizabeth Brabazon, is daughter and coheir (and in her issue, sole heir) of Edward, 2nd Earl of Meath, Lord Brabazon and Baron Ardee.
It appears from a case laid, in 1836, before the eminent Peerage lawyer, Sir N. Harris Nicolas, by Chidley Coote, of Mount Coote afsd. (grandson and heir gen. of the above named Chidley Coote, the Petitioner), that the said petition was, on 22 April 1762, referred to the Attorney Gen. and the Solicitor General, and that the latter (alone) gave his opinion thereon, which was in favour of the Petitioner, "in consequence of which a writ was ordered to issue, but the Petitioner, dying in the meantime [24 February 1764], the subject was not brought forward again."
The facts of the case were these - William Brabazon, son and heir apparent of Edward, 2nd Earl of Meath, was called to the House of Peers by writ of summons, 30 October 1665, as Lord Ardee, or Lord Brabazon of Ardee (the title is "Atherdee " on the Lords' Journals of 21 December 1665), and sat and voted in the House as Junior Baron till his father's death, when he inherited the Earldom of Meath. His father's title as given in the patent, which created him a Baron, 19 July 1616, was "Lord Brabazon, Baron of Ardee."
Nicolas' opinion was that the decision in the case of the Barony of Sydney in 1782 (20 years after the report in this case) was conclusive against any new Barony of Ardee being by such writ of summons and sitting, unless there was " a material variation " from the name of the Barony enjoyed by the father of the Peer so summoned; and that though the fact of Lord Brabazon having sat as Junior Baron is entitled to some weight, still, I fear, it would not in itself be deemed sufficient to prove a new creation. "
The opinion that the precedence assigned to a Barony is not, of itself, sufficient to determine the date of its creation, is strengthened by the cases of Strange, Clifford, In the former case we read in Cruise (p. 227) that the newly summoned Baron's "rank and precedence is a matter merely collateral and if any question arises upon the place given [to such Baron] by the Heralds, it is to be decided by the Lords of Parliament in the House of Lords, as a matter of privilege; whereas the right of Peerage itself the Lords never have judged, but upon a reference by the Crown." G.E.C. J. H. Round however considers that this is a hazardous proposition, and instances the well-known Delawarr case temp. Eliz, in which stress was laid on the fact that William West, sat as junior Baron, under a new creation, and not in the seat of his ancestors.
With respect to this claim it must moreover, be borne in mind that "Ardee, by privy seal, 28 June, and writ 30 October 1665, William BRABAZON, son and heir apparent of Edward, 2nd EARL OF MEATH, was summoned to the House of Lords in his father's Barony as Lord BRABAZON OF ARDEE. On 25 March 1675, he succeeded his said father as EARL OF MEATH.
By writ 9 March 1714/5, Chaworth BRABAZON, son and heir apparent of Chambre, 5th EARL OF MEATH, was summoned to the House of Lords in his father's Barony as LORD BRABAZON OF ARDEE. On 1 April 1715, he succeeded his said father as Earl of Meath
EARLDOM WILLIAM (BRABAZON), LORD BRABAZON, BARON OF ARDEE, son and heir of Edward, LORD BRABAZON, I. 1627. BARON OF ARDEE, co. Louth (so cr. 19 July 1616), by Mary, daughter of Thomas SMITH, of Mitcham, Surrey; was born about 1580; was knighted 22 February 1603/4, by the Lord Deputy at Reban Castle; succeeded his father in the peerage in 1625, having livery of his estate 28 January 1625/6, being then aged 46, March 1627.) He was created 16 April 1627, EARL OF MEATH, with a special remit, failing heirs male of his body, to his brother Sir Anthony Brabazon; Commissioned to cos. Dublin and Wicklow, 1627; Commissioned to inquire as to fees and exactions, 1628 ;(d) Custos Rot. of co. Dublin; was present in the Parliament of 1634 and of 1642, being a great sufferer by the troubles of those times ; was in 1644 one of those sent to consult with the King at Oxford, being taken prisoner by the Parliament and confined 11 months in the Tower of London. He married February 1607, Jane, 1st daughter of the Rt. Hon. Sir John BINGLEY, Comptroller of the Musters, by his 1st wife, daughter of ALMOND. She died 18, and was buried 19 December 1644, in St. Catherine's, Dublin. He died 18, and was buried there, 19 December 1651) Admon. 28 May 1652.
II. 1651. EDWARD' (BRABAZON), EARL OF MEATH, son and heir, born about 1610; knighted 27 March 1626; styled LORD BRABAZON 1627-51; M.P. for Athlone, 1634-35; served in the Foot under Ormonde against the Irish Roman Catholic rebels in 1643. He was Captain of a troop of Horse for the King, and, having been captured by the Parliamentary forces, was brought from Portsmouth to London and lodged in the Tower 12 February 1644/5, being exchanged on 22 September) In August 1646 he was sequestered for opposing the peace made with the Irish, and repaired to England, where he lived under the protection of Parliament.) In 1651 he appears to have commanded a castle for the King in Ireland, and he fought at the battle of Edgehill, where he was made prisoner and taken to Worcester Castle. On 1 April 1652 his estates were sequestered, but on 7 January 1652/3 the Court of Articles ordered the restoration of his property. In July 1659 he appears to have gone to France.) In April 1661 he was given a troop of Horse. He took his seat 25 June 1661, temp. Charles I, and again December 1660 to about November 1669 when he was struck off, but was restored about 12 months later. In June 1672 he had a grant of 6 yearly fairs and 3 weekly markets in Ireland. He married in 1632, Mary, yr. daughter of Calcot CHAMBRE, of Denbigh in Wales, and of Carnowe, co. Wicklow, by his 2nd wife, Mary, daughter of Edward VILLIERS, of Howthorpe, Northants. He died 25 March 1675, being drowned, off Holyhead, in his passage to England with his son William, who was saved. Will dated 27 July 1674. His widow was buried in St. Catherine's, Dublin, 14 Sept. 1675. [Constance Georgina Gore-Booth (1878-1927), Countess Markiewicz, is descended from Jane Brabazon (1665-1740), daughter of Edward B. the 2nd Earl of Meath (1609-1675), and Sir Thomas Newcomen].
III. WILLIAM (BRABAZON), EARL OF MEATH, son and heir, born about 1635; styled LORD BRABAZON 1651- 75 Custos Rot. of co Dublin, 1662, and again 1671. He was summoned to the House of Lords) in his father's Barony, by writ 30 October I665. On 3 April 1671 he had pardon for killing a man in a duel. On the 28 March 1672 he had a commission as Major in Col. Sir Arthur Forbes's Regt. of Horse in Ireland, and Capt. of a troop therein. P.C. 1 March 1673/4. He married before 1671, Elizabeth, sister of Thomas (LENNARD), 1st EARL OF SUSSEX, and daughter of Francis, LORD DACRE, by Elizabeth, daughter of Paul (BAYNING), 1st VISCOUNT BAYNING OF SUDBURY. He died s.p.s. and was buried March 1684/5, in St. Paul's, Covent Garden. Will dated 22 February 1684, pr. April and August 1685. His widow, who was born at Hurstmonceux, 15, and baptized there, 20 March 1644/5, married before October 1686, the Hon. William MOORE. She died 28, and was buried 31 December 1701, in St. Paul's a.s.f.d. Will pr. 16 February 1709, by her said husband.
[EDWARD BRABAZON styled LORD BRABAZON, only son and heir apparent. He died an infant and was buried I July 1677, in St. Catherine's, Dublin.1685.]
The 4th Earl - Lords of the Ascendancy
IV. EDWARD (BRABAZON), EARL OF MEATH, next brother and heir male; born about 1638; Capt. of Foot, 1661, and subsequently of Horse; M.P.. for co. Wicklow, June to August 1666; Ranger of Phoenix Park and of all the Royal Parks in Ireland, 1675. On 21 May 1677 the Lord Lieut. discharged him from his command in Ireland, but he was reinstated with arrears of pay, 8 August 1678, by the King. P.C. 18.-March and again 6 November, re-sworn 1702. Custos Rot. of co. Dublin and co. Kildare, 1685. On May 1689 he had a commission as Col. of the regiment of Foot lately Sir John Edge worth's, and to be Capt. of a company in it. He was attainted in his absence by King James's Parliament, 7 May l689, his estate of 2,000 a year being sequestrated; was in command against that King at Carrickfergus in: August 1689, and fought at the Boyne and at Limerick in 1690, where he was wounded; Gov. of the Company of the Royal Fishery of Ireland, 26 January 1692. In Feborn 1693 he was recommended for the Governor-ship of the Royal Hospital. A Commissioner of the Great Seal, 31 October and 17 November 1693, 21 December 1697, and 1702. On 1 May 1695 he had a grant of the manor of Lea in King's County. He married before 1677, Cecilia, daughter of Sir William BRERETON, 1st Bart., of Honford, Cheshire, by his 2nd wife, Cecilia, daughter of Sir William SKEFFINGTON, Bart. She died 12 July 1704. He married, 2ndly (lic. 18 Sep. 1704, 22 Sep. 1704, Dorothea, younger daughter and coheir of James STOPFORD, of Tara Hill, co. Meath, by his 2nd wife, Mary, daughter of the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert FORTH. He died 22, and was buried 26 Feborn 1707/8, in St. Catherine's afsd Will pr. 1708. His widow married as 2nd wife, 24 Nov. 1716, at St. Paul's, Covent Garden, Lieut. Gen. Richard GORGES, of Kilbrew, who died 14 April 1728. She died there, 10 April 1728. (b) Both were buried at Kilbrew.
V. 1708. 5. CHAMBRE (BRABAZON), EARL OF MEATH, brother and heir; born about 1645; admitted Trinity College, Dublin, 10 October 1667; was in commission for a troop of Horse, and was Say-Master [Master of Assays] of Ireland in 1675; took his seat 8 August 1709; Custos Rot. of co. Dublin, 1709; P.C. 1710. He married, in or before 1682, Juliana, only daughter and heir of Patrick (CHAWORTH), 3rd VISCOUNT CHAWORTH OF ARMAGH, by Grace, daughter of John (MANNERS), 8th EARL \ OF RUTLANDIED she was buried 12 Nov.1692 (as Madam Brabazon"), in St. Mary's, Nottingham. He died suddenly, at Nottingham and was buried 2 April 1715, in St. Mary's afsd Will dated July 1713, pr. May 1715.
VI. 1715 6. CHAWORTH (BRABAZON), EARL OF MEATH 1st surviving son and heir; born 1686; styled LORD BRABAZON 1708-15; M.P. for co. Dublin, 1713-14, and was summoned to the House of Lords in his father's Barony, by writ 9 March 1714/5; took his seat 17 December following; P.C. 23 January 1715/6, and 24 June 1761; Lord Lieut. of co. Dublin and of co. Wicklow He married, firstly, when quite young, his aunt's chambermaid, with whom he never lived. She died about October 1731. He married, 2ndly, in Dublin, 13 December 1731 (7 December Juliana, daughter of Sir Thomas PRENDERGAST, 1st Bart. of Gort Co. Galway by Penelope, daughter of Henry CADOGAN, of Liscartan. She died at Bath 12, and was buried 30 December 1758, in Bath Abbey. He died at Calais, 14 May 1763, aged 77, and was buried at Canterbury. Will pr. 1763
VII. 1763. 7. EDWARD (BRABAZON), EARL OF MEATH, only surviving brother and heir baptized 24th November 1691, at St. Mary's, Nottingham; M.P.. for co. Dublin, 1715-60; took his seat 23 Nov. 1763 Custos Rot. Co. Dublin and co. Wicklow, both 1763 till his death. He married about 1720, Martha, daughter of the Rev. Samuel COLLINS, of Warwick. She died 24 April 1762. He died 24 Nov. 1772, aged 81, in Dublin, and was buried in St. Catherine's there. Will pr. 1772.
VIII. 1772. 8. ANTHONY (BRABAZON), EARL OF MEATH, s. and h.; baptized I7 Feb- I721 styled LORD BRABAZON 1763-72; M.P. for co. Wicklow, 1745-60, and for co. Dublin, 1761-72: Custos Rot. co. Dublin and co. Wicklow, both 1772 till his death , took his seat 24 October 1773 He married 20 May 1758, Grace, daughter of John LEIGH, of Rosegarland, co. Wexford, by Mary, daughter of John CLIFFE, of New Ross; He died 4 Jan 1790, aged 68, at St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, and was buried at Bray co. Wicklow. Will pr. 1790. His widow died 23 October 1812, in Dublin, aged 83. CHAWORTH BRABAZON, styled LORD BRABAZON, 1st son and heir apparent born 18 August 1760; died unmarried. December 1779
IX. 1790. 9. WILLIAM (BRABAZON), EARL OF MEATH, 3rd but 1st surviving son and heir; born 6 July 1769; styled LORD ARDEE from Dec 1779 to January 1790; M.P. for co. Dublin,.1789-90 Custos Rot. co. Wicklow, 1793 till his death. He died unmarried, 26May 1797, from a wound received in a duel with a Mr. Gore. Will pr. 1797.
X. JOHN CHAMBRE (BRABAZON), EARL OF MEATH next brother and heir being youngest son of the 8th Earl, born April 1772. Lord Lieut. of co. Dublin, 1831 till his death ; Custos Rof of co. Wicklow, 1797 until his death heir K.P. 19 July, inv. 20 August l82l. He was created 10 Sep. 1831 BARON CHAWORTH OF EATON HALL, co. Hereford P.C. 25 January1833; a Liberal. He married, 31 December 1801, at St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Melosina Adelaide, 4th daughter of John (MEADE), 1st EARL OF CLANWILLIAM ,by Theodosia, daughter and heir of Robert HAWKINS-MAGILL. He died 15 March 1851, aged 78, at Great Malvern. His widow died 26 March 1866, at 27 Pembridge Sq., Bayswater. [ANTHONY BRABAZON, styled LORD ARDEE or LORD BRABAZON, 1st son and heir apparent born 10 Nov. 1802; died unmarried, 9 February 1826.]
XI. 1851. II. WILLIAM (BRABAZON), EARL OF MEATH, also BARON CHAWORTH OF EATON HALL [U.K.], 2nd but 1st surviving. son and heir; born 25 October 1803, in Menrrion Sq., Dublin; educated at Eton circa I8I7-22, styled LORD ARDEE or LORD BRABAZON 1826-51 ; M.P. (Liberal) for co. Dublin, 1830-32 and 1837-41; High Sheriff of co. Dublin, 1835, and of co. Wicklow, 1848; Lord Lieut. of co. Wicklow, I069 P.C. 31 March 1879. He married, 23 Nov. 1837, at Halton Chapel, Cheshire, Harriot, 2nd daughter of Sir Richard BROOKE, 6th Bart. of Norton Priory, co. Chester, by Harriot, daughter of Sir Foster CUNLIFFE, Bart. He died 26 May 1887, at Kilruddery House, co. Wicklow, aged 83, and was buried at Bray. Will pr. August 1887, above 25,000. His widow, who was born 1811, died at Kilruddery afsd, 16 July 1898: Will pr. at over 28,000
JACQUES LE NORMAND BRABAZON, 1st son and heir apparent born 18 May 1839; died 7 August 1844, at Castellamare, aged 5 years. MI. at Naples]
XII. 1887. 12. REGINALD (BRABAZON), EARL OF MEATH [1627], and LORD BRABAZON, BARON OF ARDEE [1616], in the Peerage of Ireland, also BARON CHAWORTH OF EATON HALL [1831], 2nd and youngest and only surviving son and heir; born 31 July 1841; styled LORD BRABAZON 1851-87, educated at Eton 1854-59; entered the Foreign Office as clerk, 1863; exchanged into Diplomatic Service, 1866; at Frankfort, 1866; Berlin, 1868; 1 The Hague, 1870; Sec. to the Legation at Athens, 1873; Militia A.D.C. to Queen Victoria, 1883-1901, and to Edward VII, 1901 ; Sheriff of co. Wicklow, 1883; P.C. 29 August 1887. Alderman of the L.C.C., 1889-92 and 1898-1901; Lord Lieut. of co. Dublin, 1898; Chancellor of the Royal University 1902-06 ;K.P. 14 April I905. G.B.E. 1920; G.C.V.O. 1923. He married, 7 January 1868, at St. Geo. Han. Sq., Mary Jane, daughter and eventually (1854) sole heir of Thomas (MAITLAND), 11th EARL OF LAUDERDALE by Amelia, daughter of William YOUNG, She was born 15 March 1847, and died at Kilruddery, co. Wicklow, 4, and was buried 7 Nov. 1918 at Bray. He died at the residence of his sister, Lady Kathleen Brabazon, in Eaton Sq. and was buried 16 October 1929, at Delgany, co. Wicklow, aged 88.
[REGINALD LE NORMAND BRABAZON, styled LORD ARDEE, 1st son and heir apparent born 24 November 1869; educated at Wellington College; Lieut. Grenadier Guards 1889. He served in the South African War, I899-I902, and as Lt. Col. Irish Guards and temp. Brig. Gen. in the Great War, 1914-18. C.B. (Mil.) 1915; C.B.E. (Mil.) 1919.) He married, 12 February 1908, at the Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks, Aileen May, youngest but only surviving daughter of Windham Thomas (WYNDHAM-QUIN), 4th EARL OF DUNRAVEN AND MOUNT-EARL, by Florence Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Charles Lennox KERR, she was born 9 April 1873. ] |
Family Estates - These, in 1883, consisted of 14,717 acres in co. Wicklow and 36 in co. Wicklow besides 695 (worth 1,453 a year) in Herefordshire, total, 15,448 acres, worth 9,398 a year.
Principal Residences- Kilruddery Castle, near Bray, co. Wicklow, and Eaton Court, Herefordshire.
13th Earl REGINALD BRABAZON [See web site]