THE 15TH EARL OF MEATH, Lord Brabazon, Baron of Ardee, and Baron Chaworth of Eaton Hall, Co Hereford (John Anthony Brabazon) [The Rt Hon The Earl of Meath, Killruddery, Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland]; b 11 May 1941; s f 1998; educ Harrow; Page of Honour to HM THE QUEEN 1956 - 58, served Gren Gds 1959 - 62; m 12 May 1973 Xenia, yr dau of P Goudime, of Windlesham Park,
Surrey, and has:

1a +ANTHONY JACQUES, Lord Ardee; b 30 Jan 1977
1a Corinna Lettice; b 9 Nov 1974 2a Serena Alexandra; b 23 Feb 1979

Lineage: JACQUES le BRABANCON; had:

JOHN le BRABANCON, of Betchworth, Surrey, temp HENRY I and HENRY II; had:

ADAM le BRABAZON, of Betchworth temp RICHARD I, JOHN and HENRY III; had:

THOMAS le BRABAZON; living 1236; m Amelia, dau and heiress of John Mousley, of Mousley,Leics, and had:

Sir ROGER le BRABAZON, of Mousley and Eastwell, Leics; ktd 1268; m Beatrix, est sis and coheir of Mansel de Bissett, of East Bridgeford, and had, with another s (Sir Roger, Ch Justice Common Pleas 1313, m Beatrix, dau and heiress of Sir John Sproxton, of Sproxton, Leics, and dsp 1326):

MATHEW le BRABAZON; m Sarah and had:

Sir WILLIAM BRABAZON, of Galtrop and Sproxton, Leics, 1327, which manors were made over to him by his unc; m Joan, dau of Sir William Trussel, of Marston Trussel, Northants, and had, with another s (Sir John, of Sproxton, m Agnes, dau of Richard de Whatton, and had a dau Joan, who m William de Woodford, thus bearing the Manor of Sproxton away from the BRABAZONs):

THOMAS BRABAZON, of Mousley and Eastwell; b 1299; had:
JOHN BRABAZON, of Mousley and Eastwell; cmded troops in Hundred Years War; living temp HENRY IV; had:

NICHOLAS BRABAZON, of Mousley and Eastwell, living 1445; had:
JOHN BRABAZON, of Eastwell; m Maud, dau and heiress of Nicholas Jervis, of Hardby, Leics, and was k Batttle of Bosworth 1485, leaving, with other issue:

JOHN BRABAZON; m Chaworth, of Wiverton, Notts, and had an only s:

Sir WILLIAM BRABAZON; V-Treasurer and General Receiver Ireland 1534-52, Ld Justice Ireland 1543, 1546 and 1550; m Elizabeth (m 2nd Christopher Blunte, m 3rd Capt Humphry Warren, m 4th Sir Edward Moore (see DROGHEDA, E)), dau and coheir of Nicholas Clifford, of Holme, Kent, and d 1552, having had:

1a EDWARD (Sir)
2a Anthony, of Ballinasloe Castle, ancestor of the BRABAZONs of Brabazon Park, Co Mayo; the last male representative of this family,
Sir William John Brabazon, 2nd Bt, d unm 24 Oct 1840
1a Anne; m 1st Andrew Wise, of Dublin; m 2nd William Thwaits, of Kent
2a Elizabeth; m 1st John Giffard; m 2nd Sir Henry Duke, of Castle Jordan Sir WILLIAM's er son,
EDWARD BRABAZON, 1st Lord Brabazon, Baron of Ardee, Co Louth (I), so cr 19 July 1616, PC (I 1584); b c 1548; MP Co Wicklow 1585 and Bangor, Co Down, 1613 15, High Sheriff Staffs 1606; m Mary (d 23 Aug 1625), dau of Edward Smith, of Mitcham, Surrey, Clerk of the Green Cloth, and d 7 Aug 1625, having had:

1a WILLIAM, 1st Earl
2a Wallop, of Eaton Garnage, Herefs; High Sheriff 1630; m Anne, dau and heiress of Richard Blount, of Grendon, and had issue
3a Anthony (Sir), of Tallaghtstown or Callistown, Co Louth; m Margaret (d Aug 1636), dau and heiress of Christopher Hovendon, of Chinnor, Oxon, and d 1 July 1636, leaving, with four daus (Dorcas, m 21 March 1644 1st Viscount Lanesborough (see LANESBOROUGH, E); Anne; Catherine Magdalen; Margaret):

1b Edward; m Lady Rose Lambart, 3rd dau of 1st Earl of Cavan (qv), and d 1666, leaving an only dau:

1c Jane; m Sir Thomas Newcomen
2b James; Capt in Army; m Alice Bates, of N Wales, and was k 1676, leaving, with other issue:

1c William, of Rath House, Louth; b 1658; m 1st Bickerton and had an only dau; m 2nd Elizabeth, dau of George Lambart, and d 1714, leaving:

1d Wallop; m 1730 Vincentia Townley and d 1767, leaving:

1e William, of Rath House; b 1732; m 1768 his cousin Catherine Frances, dau of Anthony Brabazon, of Carstown, and d 1793, leaving:

1f Wallop, of Rath House; b 10 March 1770; m 1st 19 March 1796 Jane (d 1800), dau of Josias Du Pré, of Wilton Park, and had, with another s (d unm):

1g William (Rev); Rector Syddon, nr Ardee; b 6 May 1798; m 22 Jan 1827 Georgiana (d 1854), dau of William Crane, and d 1883, having had issue (d unm)
1g Rebecca; m 1827 George Henry Pentland, of Black Hall, Louth
2g Catherine Frances; m 1833 Thomas Knox Armstrong (d 1840) and d 31 Aug 1871
1f (cont.) Wallop Brabazon m 2nd 1810 Margaret (d 4 Nov 1864), dau of William Crane, and d 28 Oct 1831, having by her had, with five other daus and another s (all d unm):

2g Arthur Wellesley; b 10 Sept 1811; 54th Regt; d unm 20 Oct 1833
3g Wallop, of Rath House; b 2 Feb 1813; m 1835 Victoria (d 2 June 1894), dau of George Cash, and d 17 April 1890, having had issue
4g James Du Pré; b 24 Jan 1819; Maj 17th Regt; m 2 Aug 1855 Sophia Catherine (d 15 Oct 1862), only child of Rev John Courtney, and d 19 July 1900, leaving issue
3g Vincentia; m 15 March 1841 Col Charles John Kemeys-Tynte (d 16 Sept 1882), of Cefn Mably, and d 14 Oct 1894, leaving issue
4g Maria Georgina; m 24 Nov 1842 James Cransbourne Strode (dsp 5 Feb 1852) and d 11 May 1908
2c James; b 8 March 1661; m 12 Dec 1686 Mary, dau of Dudley Colley/Cowley (see WELLINGTON, D), and d 15 Jan 1728 leaving:

1d Anthony; b 16 Dec 1688; m 24 Nov 1732 Mary, dau of Donagh, and d 6 July 1771, leaving:

1e Philip, of Mornington, Co Meath; b 22 Nov 1733; m 28 May 1772 Elizabeth (d 6 July 1793), dau of George Adams, and d 5 Jan 1828, leaving:

1f Anthony; m 1st Grace (d 1821), dau of James Godsell, and had issue; m 2nd Catherine (d 18 May1852), dau of Hardy Eustace and widow of F W Hopkins, and d 18??, leaving, with another s (d unm):

1g James (Rev); b 12 Jan 1800; m 25 June 1828 Elizabeth Jane (d 1885), dau of Richard HughLevinge, of Levington Park, Co Westmeath, and d1884, leaving, with other issue:

1h Samuel Levinge; b 22 March 1829; m 18??,and had:

1i Gerald Hugh; b 18??; m 189?? Eleanor Murphy and d 19??, leaving:

1j Clarence Levinge; b 18??
2j Claude Hugh; b 18??
3j Edward Alfred; b 18??
2h Anthony Godsell; b 10 Sept 1841; m 24 Oct 1865 Emma Wilson, dau of William Holdsworth, MD, of Ripley, Yorks, and d May 1900, having had:

1i Charles James Anthony; b 19 Aug 1869; m 14 July 1897 Amy Ruby Victoria (d 14 March 1947), er dau of William McMillan, of Maneroo Station and later Culparoo Park, nr Longreach, Qld, and d 26 Sept 1944, leaving:

1j Anthony Godsell; b 28 Sept 1899; m 12 Feb 1925 Margaret Victoria, only dau of J A Gibson, of Sydney, and d 18 Dec 1982, leaving:

1k Margaret Ann, JP [Mrs Ian Shevill JP, 1 Boorana St, Jindalee, Brisbane, QLD 4074, Australia]; b 12 May 1927; ACIS, FCPA; m 1 Aug 1974 Rt Rev Ian Wotton Allnutt Shevill (d 3 Nov 1988), Bp Newcastle, NSW
1k Ellen Patricia Brabazon (twin); d 2 July 1927
2j Charles Reginald; b 23 May 1904; m 30 June 1940 Minnie Isabel [Mrs Charles Brabazon, M53 356 Blunder Rd, Durack, Brisbane, QLD, Australia], dau of James Lennox Arthur, of N Qld, and d 1987, leaving:

1k +Charles James Lennox [Mr Justice Brabazon, 48 Tenth Ave, St Lucia, Brisbane, QLD 4067, Australia]; b 26 April 1944; educ Qld U (BA, LLB) and London U (LLM); Lt Qld U Regt, CMF; m 1981 Michelle May, QC, and has:

1l Sarah Margaret; b 1991
2l Lucinda Claire (triplet); b 1991
3l Alice Elizabeth (triplet); b 1991
2k +Richard Anthony; b 16 March 1949; educ The Southport Sch; m 1975 Susan Margaret, dau of G Greentree, and has:

1l +Timothy Richard; b 1979
1l Jennifer Amy; b 1981
3j Rupert William; b 24 Nov 1908; m 1 Nov 1952 Margaret Cecil Pender, dau of Edward Pender Phillott, of Colane Winton, N Qld, and d 1979, leaving:

1k +Anthony Edward [Anthony Brabazon Esq, 39 Kincaid Drive, Highland Park, QLD 4211, Australia]; b 1954; m 1993 Tracy Clarkson
2k William Robert; b 31 Aug 1960; d 1982
1k Wendy Pender [Miss Wendy Brabazon, 19 Edgar St, Newmarket, Brisbane, QLD 4051, Australia]; b 1955
2k Patricia Rain [Miss Patricia Brabazon, 3 Reef Court, Mermaid Waters, QLD 4218, Australia]; b 1957
1j Ruby Sylvia May; b 1 May 1898; m March 1919 William Henry Rudd, of Qld, and had issue
2j Dorothea Millicent; b 3 Jan 1902; m 3 Jan 1922 Basil Beaufort Brett (d 16 Nov 1959) and had:

1k Basil Brabazon; b 24 Nov 1922; m 8
Sept 1956 Helen Mary, only dau of Herbert Arthur Bourne, of Pennant Hills, NSW, and has:

1l David Arthur; b 7 Dec 1960
1l Jennifer Grace; b 9 April 1958
2k Peter Brabazon [Peter Brett Esq, 12 Banool Ave, St Ives, Sydney, NSW, Australia]; b 11 July 1924; m 1948 Gwynneth Allan, 2nd dau of Allan Ewart Jones, of Qld, and has:

1l James Brabazon; b 31 Oct 1956
1l Barbara Brabazon; b 16 July 1949
1k Victoria Brabazon; b 11 Jan 1926; m
1959 Michael Frederick Killeen, and has:

1l Mary Dorothea Killeen; b 22 Feb 1961
2k Dorothea Brabazon [Mrs Clyde Wiley,
9 Edward St, Dalby, QLD, Australia]; b 6 April 1928; m 1961 Clyde Newman Wiley, and has:

1l Susan Jane Wiley; b 1962
3k Susan Brabazon [Miss Susan Brett, 106 Highland Terrace, St Lucia, QLD, Australia]; b 30 Dec 1930
3j Kathleen Patricia Brabazon [Miss Kathleen Brabazon, 6/9 Norwood St, Toowong,
Brisbane, QLD 4066, Australia]; b 19 Jan 1903
4j Eileen Emma; b 3 March 1907; m 1929 Bernard Carr Clark, and has had:

1k Michael George; b 1930; d 1991
2k Adam Charles Carr [Adam Clark Esq, PO Box 348, Bradshaw Cres, Taroom, QLD 4420, Australia]; b 6 May 1933; m 8 May 1954 Dorothy Isabel, dau of John S B Milne, of Dalby, Qld, and has:

1l Bruce Robert [Bruce Clark Esq, Nunbank, Taroom, QLD, Australia]; b 1 May 1955; m 1st 4 Jan 1975 (divorce 19??) Christine Ann Suter; m 2nd 13 June 1987 Judy Clare, dau of John Bazley, of Ullenhall, Warwicks, and has:

1m Darryl James Carr; b 27 Feb 1993
1m Nicole Hanna Carr; b 7 May 1991
2l Ian Charles; b 21 Aug 1956; m 19 Aug 1978 (divorce 19?? ) Fiona Elizabeth McKinley and d 12 Feb 1997
3l Owen Mark [Owen Clark Esq, Bimbadeen, Taroom, QLD, Australia]; b 12 Jan 1967; m 9 Feb 1991 Helen Marian, dau of Douglas Kimber, of Bowen, Qld, and has:

1m Emily Kate; b 7 Jan 1992
2m Rachael Louise; b 27 Sept 1993
3m Shelley Marie; b 11 June 1996 4l Kevin Adam [Kevin Clark Esq, PO Box 55, Quilpie, LD, Australia]; b 4 April 1969; m 19?? Sandra Robyn, dau of Frank Lamb, of Taroom, and has:

1m Michael Adam; b 24 Dec 1996
1l Karen Ruth; b 15 Feb 1959; d 4 Sept 1965
2l Wendy Ann [Mrs Rodney Woodrow, Juandah Plains, Wandoan, QLD 4419, Australia]; b 4 Feb 1961; m 14 March 1981 Rodney Hans Woodrow, and has:

1m Rowan Max; b 9 Feb 1985
2m Ryan Wayne; b 20 Feb 1990
1m Megan Rose; b 17 Feb 1983
2m Krystal Lee; b 13 April 1988
3k Robert Anthony [Robert Clark Esq, Mutation, Clermont, QLD, Australia]; b 1936; m 14 Dec 1967 Margot Grant, dau of A F G Cameron, of Brisbane, and has:

1l Michael Robert; b 22 Feb 1969
1l Ann Laura; b 1970
2i Rupert Levinge; b 1871; m 1904 Grace Eva ( d 1 May 1948), dau of Campbell Livingstone Macdonald, of Qld, and d 25 March 1924, leaving:
1j Guy Levinge; b 1905; d May 1964
2j Rupert Macdonald; b 1907; m 1934 Moyra Joy, 4th dau of Edgar Joyce, of Beaudesert, Qld, and has:

1k Margaret Joy; b 1936; m 10 Aug 1957 Desmond Lea Bradley, only s of Denis Bradley, of Edmonton, N Qld, and has:

1l Peter Donald; b 14 Nov 1958
1l Helen Janette; b 14 Jan 1960
2k Barbara Joan [Mrs Kenneth Maddox, Turana, Cunnamulla, QLD, Australia]; b 16 May 1938; m 11 May 1963 Kenneth Arthur Maddox, only s of Arthur Maddox, of Cunnamulla, and has:

1l Kim Anita; b 21 Sept 1965
2l Kerry Anne; b 17 Aug 1967
3k Patricia Elizabeth [Mrs Harold Bergman, Banksia, 35 Addison Rd, Graceville, Brisbane, QLD, Australia]; b 29 June 1940; m 7 Jan 1961 Harold Joseph Bergman, est s of Emil Bergman, and has:

1l Anthony Michael; b 15 Nov 1965
2l Thomas Joseph; b 18 Jan 1967
1l Patricia Joan; b 25 Oct 1961
2l Coleen Frances; b 10 April 1964
3l Rosemary Joy; b 4 Aug 1968
3j +Campbell Anthony; b 1910; AIF WW II (wounded); m 2 June 1945 Marjorie Seymour Villiers, dau of Villiers Seymour Brown, of Qld, and adopted:

Cecily June; b 1953 Jennifer Grace; b 1958
4j +Robert Charles; b 1912; AIF WW (POW Far East 1942-45); m 29 Dec 1950 Geraldine Hope Gordon, 3rd dau of Robert John Gordon Burrow, of NSW, and has:

1k +Mark Levinge; b 4 Nov 1958; educ Brisbane Boys' Coll; BA, LLB
1j Kathleen Grace; b 1906
3i Frederick Reginald; b 1873; d 1963
1i Emily Constance; b 1867; d 1957
2i Mary Violet; b 1875; m J A Atkinson and d
1948, leaving issue
3i Elsie May; b 1897; d 1948
1h Thomasine Jane; m 16 Feb 1855 John Hall (d 25 Aug 1878), and had issue
2h Elizabeth Melesina; m 5 Aug 1875 Robert Kearns, MD, of Banagher, and had issue
1g Eliza; m 28 Aug 1828 Rev James Crawford, Vicar St Mary's, Drogheda, and d 16 Oct 1863, leaving issue
2g Catherine Jane; m John Snow (d 7 Dec 1863)
2f George (Rev); Rector Painstown; b 1780; m 22 Dec 1804 Leonora Jane (d 1 Jan 1860), dau of Robert Heyland, and d 30 March, 1851, leaving, with five daus:

1g Philip Robert Waller (Rev); had, with a dau (d unm):

1h George Philip Augustus, JP Co Monaghan; Capt 6th Bn Roy Irish Rifles; b 1845; m 1886 Rhoda Jane (d 30 April 1946), dau of Edmond Nugent, MD, FRCS(I), and d 10 Oct 1912, leaving:

1i Cecil George Le Normand; b 1887; m June 1927 Gladys May, dau of Nathan Wyman Downs,
of Chula Vista, California, and had:

1j Cora Jane; b 26 Oct 1934; m 1962
Charles F Ruhr 2i Montague Philip Le Normand; b 1890; m 7 Aug 1916 Edwina Meston, dau of George T Smith, of Alpine, California, and d 1967, leaving:

1j +Keith Elmer [Keith Brabazon Esq, 5738 Willow Rd, Alpine, CA 92001, USA]; b 21 Oct 1917; m 1963 Clara Carolina, dau of Rudolph Wenger, of Max, N Dakota, and has:

1k +Lee Monte [Lee Brabazon Esq, 5670 Willow Rd, Alpine, CA 92001, USA]; b 1964; m 19?? Kathleen Lorraine, dau of Barry Hulahan, of San Diego
3i Edmond Charles Heyland; b 1893; m Feb 1928 Anna Irene, dau of Edward Ward Young, of Salt Lake City
4i Louis Nugent; b 1895; m Oct 1923 Jessie Etta, dau of William Ross Mealey, of San Diego
5i Anthony Beaufort; b 1896; m 7 Sept 1954 Nola Belle, dau of Joseph Franklin Thornley, of Conshatta, Louisiana, and d 4 Nov 1961
1i Marian Constance; b 1900; m 21 March 1936 Howard Jonathan Edwards (d 6 March 1950)
2g Anthony Beaufort, MD; b 1 Aug 1821; m 4 Sept 1849 Eleanor Elizabeth (d 4 July 1912), dau of Walter Bourne, and d 1896, leaving, with two other sons and a dau (d unm):

1h George Disney, of New Peacock Estate, Ceylon, JP; b 3 March 1853; m 1903 Mabel Elizabeth Mary, dau of Rev John Forbes St Maur Russell, of Aldborough, York and d 26 Sept 1912
2h William Beaufort; b 6 Oct 1860; Lt-Col Naval Ordnance Dept, Capt Essex Regt; m 7 June 1894 Mabel (d 28 April 1957), dau of Clement Smith Barter, MB, of Bath, and d 12 Feb 1936, leaving:

1i Terrence Anthony Chaworth; b 20 Feb 1896; Capt Essex Regt WW I; d 3 Aug 1916 of wounds recd in action
2i Joan Alexandra Mabel; b 7 March 1902
3h Richard Carmichael (Rev); b 11 Jan 1864; BA Oxford; m 1893 Ida Lambourne; d 1901
4h Anthony Heyland; b 8 April 1867; Maj, Staff Offr RMLI Chin-Lushai Campaign 1889 - 90 (medal with clasp); m 1896 Ada Mary, dau of Capt J F Gunning, RN, and widow of Philip Dudgeon, and dsp 21 May 1907
1h Louisa Jane; m 1886 F H Kerr, of Rockmount, Eastcourt, Natal, and d 1924, leaving issue
2h Leonora Harriet Jocelyn; m 22 Jan 1888 John Semple Dick (d 9 Jan 1923), and d 11 Nov 1930, leaving issue
3h Eleanor Isabel May; m 27 Oct 1894 H M Knight, of Travancore, and d 23 Dec 1894
3f William Philip, of Mornington; b 28 Oct 1783; m 17 March 1809 Letitia (d 20 Dec 1859), dau of Rev John Vignoles, and d 13 Dec 1854, leaving, with another s and dau (d unm):

1g James, of Mornington, JP; b 7 April 1810; m 14 June 1832 Amelia (d 6 Dec 1881), only dau of Sir Henry E Austen, of Shalford House, Surrey, and d 11 July 1873, leaving:

1h James Henry, of Mornington, JP; b 3 March 1833; Offr 16th Regt; m 1st 16 March 1858 Rose Augusta (d 24 Feb 1859), dau of George Vandeleur, of Ballynamona, Co Limerick, and had:

1i Rose Augusta Cecil; m 7 Sept 1880 Willoughby Harford Hurt-Sitwell (d 28 June 1913), and had issue
1h (cont) James Brabazon m 2nd 14 Nov 1862 Helena, 3rd dau of William P Hodnett, and d 1921, having by her had:

2i Athalie Maria Hervey; m 26 April 1895 Giuseppe Antonio Baudoin (ka Battle of Adowa March 1896), Maj Roy Bersaglieri Regt, and had issue
1h Cecil Elizabeth
2h Louisa Letitia Henrietta; m 16 July 1858 Arthur C Innes, of Dromantine, Co Down, and d 27 Jan 1886, having had issue
3h Maria Georgina; m 13 July 1878 Ralph Smyth, of Newton House, Drogheda, and d 2 Jan 1908
2g John Vignoles (Rev); b 7 April 1811; BA Dublin, RD Ardnurcher; m 1st 10 Oct 1837 Mary (d 24 May 1855), dau of Thomas Jefferson; m 2nd 4 June 1861 Sophia (d 1888), dau of Capt William Crow, and d 1889, having by his first w had, with other issue:

1h Thomas Jefferson; b 25 March 1844; m 16 June
1875 Jane Mary, dau of Daniel Bailey, and dsp
1h Isabella
2h Mary Louisa; m 10 Aug 1867 Alexander Humfrey, and had issue
3h Anna Honoria; m 18 Dec 1880 James Shannon, barrister
3g Philip William; b 29 March 1815; m 26 May 1836 Maria, dau of Thomas Flood, and d 13 Oct 1848, leaving, with another s and a dau (d unm):

1h William Philip, MD, JP Cheshire; b 3 March 1838; m 19 Dec 1871 Eleanor (d 17 Jan 1904), dau of Benhamin Pierpoint, and d 30 Sept 1906, leaving:

1i Charles Pierpoint; b 11 Feb 1879; BA Oxon, Capt KOSB; d 13 Feb 1927
1i Frances Kathleen; d unm 21 July 1956
2i Norah Eleanor; m 29 April 1902 Henry Ambrose Burrowes (d 16 Aug 1925), MBE, MD, s
of Rev Henry Burrowes, and d 29 Nov 1951
4g Martin Godfrey; b 1826; Capt HEICS; m Louisa, dau of Gen Salter, CB, and d 1876, leaving:

1h Martin; b 1853
1h Letitia; m J K Nottenbelt
2h Julia
3h Anna
1g Anne Honoria; m 1st June 1831 Robert Ash; m 2nd June 1842 Thomas Desvoeux (d 8 May 1865), and had issue
2g Julia; m 10 April 1838 John Reilly (d 1847)
3g Letitia; m 4 June 1856 Lt-Gen J S Hawkshaw, RE (d 1862)
4g Catherine Maria; m 3 Feb 1859 Col Chidley Coote (see COOTE, Bt) and d 1910
4f Charles Francis; had issue
1f Jane; m Rev A Ellis (See History)
1c Rose; m 1686 William Eccleston, of Drumshallon, Co Louth, High Sheriff Co Louth 1705, and had issue
1a Elizabeth; m 1st Rt Rev George Montgomery, DD, Bp Meath; m 2nd Sir John Breketon (d 1 Oct 1629), of Ashley; m 3rd Sir John Bramston, Ld Ch Justice King's Bench, and d 7 June 1647
2a Ursula; m as his 1st w 1st Viscount Claneboye (see DUFFERIN AND CLANEBOYE, B) and dsp
The 1st BARON's est son,
WILLIAM BRABAZON, 1st Earl of Meath (I), so cr 16 April 1627, with remainder, in default of direct male issue, to his bro, Sir Anthony Brabazon, and his male heirs; b c 1580; ktd Feb 1603/4; m Feb 1607 Jane ( bur 19 Dec 1644), est dau of Rt Hon Sir John Bingley, and was bur 19 Dec1651, leaving an only s:

EDWARD BRABAZON, 2nd Earl of Meath, PC (I temp CHARLES I and 1660 - 69); b c 1610; ktd 1626; MP Athlone 1634 - 35, royalist Civil War; m 1632 Mary (bur 14 Sept 1685), yr dau of Calcot Chambré, of Denbigh, Wales, and Carnowe, Co Wicklow, and was drowned 25 March 1675 off Holyhead en route to England, having had, with another s (d young):

1a WILLIAM BRABAZON, 3rd Earl of Meath, PC (I March 1673/4); b c 1635; called up to Ho Lds vp 30 Oct 1665 in f's Barony; killed a man in a duel but pardoned 1671; m by 1671 Elizabeth (m 2nd 1686 Hon William Moore (see DROGHEDA, E) and d 28 Dec 1701), sis of 1st Earl of Sussex ( see DACRE, B), and was bur 1 March 1684/5, having had, with a s (d

1b Elizabeth; m 1st Sir Phillips Coote (see COOTE, Bt); m 2nd Hon Philip Bertie (see LINDSEY and ABINGDON, E)
2b Catherine; m Alonzo Vere
2a EDWARD BRABAZON, 4th Earl of Meath, PC (I 1679); b c 1638; Capt of Foot 1661 and later of Horse, MP Co Wicklow June - Aug 1666, Ranger Phoenix Park 1675, attainted by JAMES II's Irish Parl May 1689, cmded a Williamite regt Battle of the Boyne 1690 and Siege Limerick; m 1st by 1677 Cecilia (d 12 July 1704), dau of Sir William Brereton, 1st Bt; m 2nd 22 Sept 1704 Dorothea (Swift's 'Countess Doll'; m 2nd Dec 1716 Gen Richard Gorges, of Kilbrue, Co Meath), dau of James Stopford (see COURTOWN, E), and dsp 22 Feb 1707
3a CHAMBRE, 5th Earl
1a Jane; m Randal Moore
2a Mary; m Robert Needham
The 4th EARL's bro, CHAMBRE BRABAZON, 5th Earl of Meath, PC (I 1710); b c 1645; m by 1682 Juliana (bur 12 Nov 1692), only dau and heiress of 3rd Viscount Chaworth of Armagh, and d 1 April 1715, having had:

1a CHAWORTH BRABAZON, 6th Earl of Meath; b 1686; MP Co Dublin 1713 - 14, called up to Ho Lds vp in f's Barony 9 March 1714/5, Ld Lt Cos Dublin and Wicklow; m 1st his aunt's chambermaid but never cohabited with her; m 2nd 13 Dec 1731 Juliana (d 12 Dec 1758), dau of Sir Thomas Prendergast, 1st and last Bt, of Gort (see GORT, V), and dsp 14 May 1763
2a EDWARD, 7th Earl
1a Juliana
2a Mary; m Rev William Tisdall, Vicar St James's Dublin [Note]
3a Catharine; m T Hallowes, of Bethick Hall, Derbys
4a Frances; m Brig-Gen Henry Ponsonby
The 6th EARL's only bro,
EDWARD BRABAZON, 7th Earl of Meath; bapt 24 Nov 1691; MP Co Dublin 1715 - 60; m c 1720 Martha (d 24 April 1762), dau of Rev William Collins, of Warwick, and d 24 Nov 1772, having had:

1a ANTHONY, 8th Earl
2a William, of Tara House, Co Meath; b Aug 1723; m 10 May 1764 Catherine (d 11 Feb 1833), dau and sole heiress of Arthur Gifford, of Aghern, and had,with other issue (dsp):

1b Barbara; m 24 May 1788 John Moore, of New Lodge, Herts, and had issue (see BRABAZON OF TARA, B)
The 7th EARL's er s,
ANTHONY BRABAZON, 8th Earl of Meath; bapt 17 Feb 1721; MP Co Wicklow 1745 - 60 and Co Dublin 1761 - 62; m 20 May 1758 Grace (d 23 Oct 1812), dau of John Leigh, of Rosegarland, Co Wexford, and d 4 Jan 1790, having had, with five daus:

1a WILLIAM BRABAZON, 9th Earl of Meath; b 6 July 1769; MP Co Dublin 1789 - 90; k in a duel 26 May 1797
2a JOHN CHAMBRE, 10th Earl
1a Arabella; m Rev John Scott, of Ballygannon, Co Wicklow, and had issue (see VIVIAN, B)
2a Catherine; m 6 Aug 1799 Rev Francis Brownlow (d 20 Oct 1847), and d
24 Dec 1847, leaving issue
The 9th EARL's bro, JOHN CHAMBRE BRABAZON, 10th Earl of Meath, KP (1821), PC (I 1833); b 9 April 1772; Ld Lt Co Dublin 1831 - 51 and custos rotulorum Co Wicklow 1797 - 1851; cr 10 Sept 1831 BARON CHAWORTH OF EATON HALL, Co Hereford (UK); m 31 Dec 1801 Lady Melosina Adelaide Meade (d 26 March 1866), 4th dau of 1st Earl of Clanwilliam (qv), and d 15 March 1851, having had, with four other sons:

1a WILLIAM BRABAZON, 11th Earl of Meath; b 25 Oct 1803; Hon Col 5th Bn Roy Dublin Fus, ADC to HM QUEEN VICTORIA (auxiliary forces), Ld Lt Co Wicklow; m 23 Nov 1837 Harriot (d 16 July 1898), 2nd dau of Sir Richard Brooke, 6th Bt, of Norton Priory (qv), and d 26 May 1887, having had:

1b Jacques Le Normand; b 18 May 1839; d Aug 1844
2b REGINALD, 12th Earl
1b Kathleen Harriot; d unm 15 Feb 1930
1a Theodosia; m 22 June 1832 3rd Earl of Gosford (qv) and d 13 Feb 1876
The 11th EARL's yr s,
REGINALD BRABAZON, 12th Earl of Meath, KP (1905), GCVO (1923), GBE (1920), PC (I 1887), JP Cos Wicklow and Dublin; b 31 July 1841; HM's Lt Co and City of Dublin, Chllr Roy U Ireland 1902 - 06, 2nd Sec Dip Serv, Hon Col 5th Bn Roy Dublin Fus, KJStJ; m 7 Jan 1868 Lady Mary Jane Maitland (d 4 Nov 1918), only surv dau of 11th Earl of Lauderdale (qv), and d 11 Oct 1929, having had:

2a Arthur Lauderdale Le Normand; b 28 Sept 1872; Capt 5th Bn Roy Dublin Fus; d unm 19 April 1933
3a Claud Maitland Patrick, OBE (1919); b 16 July 1874; educ Wellington and Trin Hall Cambridge; Maj Irish Gds, Lt-Col RAF, Boer War 1902, WW I; m 22 Feb 1915 Kathleen (d 14 July 1961), yst dau of Arthur Maitland, of Shudy Camps Park, Cambs, and d 14 May 1959, leaving:

1b Elizabeth Maitland [Mrs Evered Poole, Robin Hood Cottage, Standford, Hants GU35 8RA]; b 9 Dec 1915; m 7 Feb 1942 Lt-Col Evered Mansfield Poole (d 1982), RA, only s of William Mansfield Poole, of Beckley, Sussex, by his w, dau of 1st Baron Ilkeston (see 1940 edn), and has:

1c Catherin Elizabeth [Mrs James Forrester, Copper Beeches, Sikeside, Cumbria CA6 6DR]; b 7 Jan 1953; m 1980 James Keith Forrester, and has:

1d Jack James Everard; b 26 Nov 1994
1d Anne-Marie Catherin; b 1983
2d Charlotte Antonia; b 1986
3d Alice Elizabeth; b 1988
2b Felicity Margaretta; b 9 April 1917; educ London U (BA 1939); 1st Offr WRNS WW II; m 29 June 1948 Gilbert Stanley Hodson, and d 2 Jan 1985, leaving issue (see HODSON, Bt)
4a Ernest William Maitland Molyneux, DSO; b 22 March 1884; Capt Coldstream Gds WW I (despatches); m 29 Oct 1912 Dorothy Mary (d 9 Jan 1970), yst dau of Col Horace Ricardo, CVO, DL, of Bramley Park, Surrey, and was ka France 17 June 1915
1a Mary Florence; b 16 April 1877; m 4 June 1904 Lt-Col Harold Edward Sherwin Holt CBE (d 3 Jan 1932), of Sandleford Priory, Berks, only s of Joseph Holt, JP, of Farnborough Grange, and d 4 March 1957, leaving issue
2a Violet Constance Maitland; b 26 Sept 1886; m 27 Oct 1909 4th Earl of Verulam (qv), and d 21 July 1936, leaving issue
The 12th EARL's est son, REGINALD LE NORMAND BRABAZON, 13th Earl of Meath, CB (1915), CBE (1919), DL Co Wicklow; b 24 Nov 1869; educ Wellington and RMC Sandhurst, Col Irish Gds (Hon Brig-Gen 1919), Boer War 1900 - 02 (Queen's medal, three clasps, King's medal, two clasps) and WW I (wounded, despatches); m 12 Feb 1908 Lady Aileen May Wyndham-Quin (d 25 Feb 1962), yr dau of 4th Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl (qv), and d 10 March 1949, leaving:

1a Maureen Margaret; b 14 Nov 1908; m 11 Dec 1950 Hon Laurence Paul Methuen, and d 1980, leaving issue (see METHUEN, B)
2a Meriel Aileen; b 23 Jan 1913; m 10 Sept 1947 Maj Ernest Gerald Howarth, MBE (d 24 June 1967), and has:

1b Sarah Ann; b 8 May 1950; m 1st 1972 (divorce 1982) Robert A H
Smeddle (see HUGHES, Bt), and has:

1c William Robert; b 1976
1c Vanessa Mary; b 1974
1b (cont.) Mrs Sarah Smeddle m 2nd 1987 Alastair D M Ritchie, s of Lt-Col C W M Ritchie, of The Grange, Dolphinton, Peeblesshire
2b Aileen Jane Howarth [Mrs Michael Oram, 102 Richmond Hill, Richmond on Thames, Surrey TW10 6RJ]; b 22 Dec 1951; m 26 Feb 1977 Michael D B Oram, only s of Maj P A Oram, of Washington, DC, and has:

1c Francesca Louise; b 1978
3b Elizabeth Meriel [Mrs Patrick White, Dunster Lodge, 1 Bristol Gdns, London SW15 3TG]; b 21 May 1953; m 1979 Patrick Frank Alain White, and has:

1c Sebastian Patrick; b 1985
2c Jocelyn Claud Howarth; b 1987
3c Dominic Christian; b 1989
1c Marina Charlotte; b 1983
4b Penelope Susan [Mrs Timothy Carew, 131 Studlands Park, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7AX]; b 21 May 1958; m 1988 Timothy P G Carew (d 1990), and has:

1c Frederick; b 1989
The 13th EARL's est son,
ANTHONY WINDHAM NORMAND BRABAZON, 14th Earl of Meath; b 3 Nov 1910; educ
Eton and RMC Sandhurst; ADC Govr Bengal 1936, Maj Gren Gds WW II (wounded); m 30 July 1940 Elizabeth Mary [The Rt Hon Elizabeth Countess of Meath, Killruddery, Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland], only dau of Capt Geoffrey Vaux Salvin Bowlby, RHG, d 19 Dec 1998, leaving:

1a JOHN ANTHONY BRABAZON, 15th and present Earl of Meath
2a +David Geoffrey Normand [The Hon David Brabazon, North Wing, Killruddery, Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland]; b 9 Oct 1948; educ Tabley House; m 16 Sept 1972 Gaye, yr dau of Cdr W (Jock) Whitworth, DSC, RN, of Trudder, Newtownmountkennedy, Co Wicklow, and has had:

1b Geoffrey William; b 27 Sept 1975; d 23 Nov 1998, following an accident
2b Celia Antonia; b 1974
3b Diana Elizabeth; b 1981
1a Romayne Aileen [The Lady Romayne Pike, Kidborough House, Danehill, Sussex]; b 26 May 1943; m 25 March 1968 Capt (Robert Eben) Neil Pike, Gren Gds, yr s of Lt-Col Godfrey Eben Pike, DSO, MBE, Gren Gds, of Dublin, and has:

1b Harry Eben; b 1974
1b Tamsin Lucy; b 1972
2a Lavinia Anne [The Lady Lavinia Jobson, Barnacullia, Kilmacanoge, Co Wicklow, Ireland]; b 12 Sept 1945; m 1 June 1969 John Ernest Baron Jobson, s of Robert Ralph Baron Jobson, of Newcastle, Co Kildare, and has:

1b James Robert; b 1977
1b Rebecca Catherine; b 1971
2b Charlotte Naomi Marya; b 1973
3b Suzannah Elizabeth; b 1976
Seat: Killruddery, Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland. A first house on the Kilruddery estate was destroyed during the turbulent 1640s. Its replacement, started the following decade, has proved more durable, though enlargement in the 18th century, substantial remodelling in the early-19th then pruning back in the middle of the 20th has enhanced the original appearance almost beyond recognition. This is not so of the gardens, which largely retain their formal 17th-century layout.The architects of the early 19th century alterations to the house, one of the first in the neo-Tudor style to be attempted in Ireland, were Sir Richard Morrison and his son William Vitruvius. Later in the century a conservatory was added by William Burn and filled with statuary. It formerly culminated in a glass dome by Richard Turner, who was also responsible for the Dublin Botanical Gardens conservatory. A second decorative item of glass has survived. This is the stained window in the hall showing William the Conqueror's legendary standard-bearer Jacques de Brabançon, who is thus implicitly claimed as ancestor by the Earls of Meath. Jacques is also mentioned in the Battle Abbey Roll, a fact which has been adduced to support the legend, but the Roll is worthless as historical evidence, being compiled many centuries after the Conquest by authors who interpolated names more to propitiate their bearers than from scholarship. In the 1950s dry rot and the difficulty of heating so vast a building forced the 14th and current Earl to knock down much of it. The very substantial recasting of the external layout, to say nothing of the principal rooms inside, was accomplished by his fellow peer the 4th Lord Phillimore (qv), a noted architect.