Michael Norris Brabazon - Florida & New York

Photograph -
Left - Michael's Parents
Robert Paul Brabazon & Kathleen Norris Brabazon
Right - Robert Paul Brabazon

My name is Michael Norris Brabazon. I was born January 21, 1968 in Long Island, New York but have lived most of my life in Florida..
I would be grateful for any details anyone may have on my branch of the family. You can contact me via the website editor.

Paternal Great Grandparents

Rose Hill & George Brabazon

The only details we know about George was that he had a photographic studio in Fleet St. London, England. He left his family and joined the R.A.F. but never joined his wife and children in Brooklyn New York. Rose Harris was related to Sarah Parr, reputed to a mistress of a King

Paternal Grandfather

Percival Albert Brabazon

Born 1904 Died 1980. Was born in London, England and grew up in Brooklyn New York, he was a photographer for the New York Times.

Paternal Grandmother

Kathryn Held

Born 1905 in New York and died in 1995


Robert Paul Brabazon

Born in 1940 in Flushings New York and died in 1994 in Florida


Kathleen Joyce (Norris)

Born 1940 in Vienna, Ontario, Canada


Dear Michael: In response to subject, I do not have much to offer that he probably already knows. But just in case I can tell what I know, if it is the same family that lived in Broadway Flushing, NY as follows:
Albert Brabazon who would be his grandfather had two children Joan and Robert. I knew Joan, who I occasionally met at various school social functions. Albert Brabazon was from England and had no connection to my family according to my father. They met on several occasion's. My recollection was that he was an inventor and filed patents on his inventions. His son Robert was manager of Hertz in Sarasota FL. I never met him, but on several occasion's I was asked if I was related to him. Joan was a popular young lady who attended St. Agnes HS in College Pt or Flushing HS as I recall. But lost track of her after High School years.