The Brabazon History Project

BHP BULLETIN Issue No. 51,    January  2006
Compiled and distributed by (Mrs) M.Ann Shevill (nee Brabazon)

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And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown. And he replied: Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God.
That shall be to you better than light, and safer than a known way.
By Minnie L. Haskins

I enjoyed hearing from quite a few family members soon after they had received the last BHP BULLETIN No 50. Greeting cards and photos are always very welcome. Ann Pifer of St Paul Minnesota sent some wonderful snaps of the boys Christopher and Owen with her and husband Nic
First to respond was Carolyn Seidle of New Castle, Pennsylvania who had been caring for her mother Lois Elisbeth Brabson Seidle who had had a serious automobile accident (Sorry to hear of that)
It is especially gratifying to hear from those who do not have time to make contact often but whom I know are always interested in the Project. Such as Kevin Brabazon from New York, and Bernard and Fran Brabazon from Windham, New York State who planned to be with their son Peter and family in Manchester, Vermont for Christmas, including young grand-daughter AnnaBeth. AnnaBeth receives the BHP BULLETINS so I am hoping that she will contact me again when schoolwork permits.
Jean Reefe (from Farmington, Connecticut) was the first to indicate that she would be interested to obtain the Family Tree Maker CD which was offered by Shauna Flynn in the last BHP BULLETIN.
(I hope the information on the CD helps your research Jean - I asked for the CD too))
Jean's twin brother Gerry Bryson of Monroe, Connecticut and his wife Lucia plan to spend time in Florida before setting off later in the year to explore more of the world. (Happy holidaying for you both)
Dyann Hanson of Lodgepole, South Dakota told me that they had mild weather until New Year, then about six inches of snow along with fog and a lot of frost on the trees and power lines. (What a change to the hot weather, which we experienced in Brisbane)
Rita Robinson from Durban wrote: "Nothing to add on my attempts to find my family link, but never mind, we will see what 2006 brings. I am moving next year to a smaller place in Pietermaritizburg, so I am looking forward to that. I am also getting a new grandchild - my son and daughter-in-law are expecting their first child in early June - quite a gap as my daughter's children are 14 and 10. Once I have moved and settled I am hoping to go over to Ireland; I have only been once and would love to see much more next time. Perhaps I will find the link then".
Brenton Taylor of Wannanup, Western Australia reported that he and his wife Lesley traveled overseas in June & July and saw some of Italy. In Milan they stayed with Daughter # 2 for 10 days - she was on an International Softball contract as a Pitcher. Then they trained to Como, Venice, Rome, Florence and Naples/Pompeii before a Mediterranean cruise of Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey and Greece - twelve days which was a highlight. They then flew to London for three days after the Underground Railway Stations & Bus bombings, had time in Plymouth, Devon plus sightseeing through Cornwall, and met friends in London for more sight-seeing. Their flight back to Australia was via Tokyo. To top off the year Brenton and Lesley, with Daughter #1 and family, flew Perth - Brisbane, then to Noosa to join with Daughters 2 and 3 and their partners for the Christmas celebration.
(Wow! - some year for you both Brenton and Lesley - well done)
Another mention of Ryan Brabazon of Perth and AFL fame: I am sure I spied the good looking young man when on TV there was video coverage of the team about to travel to LA for the Exhibition match earlier in January.
Sally Everson of Kingscliffe (nearly in Queensland) asked for the photographs which I had received from Shelley Hall of Dublin and from Patrick Hogan ( I was glad to be able to email them Sally)
Bill and Moira Brabazon reminded me that there is a spare bed any time I want to visit Auckland, New Zealand (That is a wonderful thought but I can't see a window of opportunity until September or October in 2006; maybe that would allow time for a family gathering to be organized? I don't think I can resist following that train of thought as 2006 unfolds!) Their son Andrew Brabazon who lives in London, is to visit New Zealand in February with his second son George. Anyone who was at the Killruddery Reunion in 2003 would remember Andrew and his first son Barney who is now a grown-up nine and visited New Zealand last year) The boys' sister Flora is four.

Everyone loves to hear about a wedding so I was delighted to have this report from Lady Xenia Meath
"Our elder daughter Corinna married Julian Holloway on 29th December. It was a horrid cold stormy day but the celebrations did not commence until 5 p.m. in Christ Church, Bray where some who attended the Brabazon Reunion visited in 2003. The church was entirely lit by candlelight and a superb choir from Dublin, together with a string quartet, set a romantic and serious atmosphere to the service. Julian's father gave the address. Corinna chose a simple dress of pale copper shiffon over blue satin embroidered with beads in a pattern of shamrocks. The dress was made by the bride, and so also was my long dark blue velvet three piece. We returned to Killruddery, also lit by candlelight and were glad of the warmth of the winter fireplaces. A reception was held in the Library with speeches from the bride's father showing photographs of Corinna's progress so far through life, from Christening to University etc. A sit down dinner was served in the Orangery for a select number of 116 guests. Mostly they were the friends of Julian and Corinna and came from the U.S. and France as well as the U.K. We danced and feasted and the hard liners went to bed at 4.30 am.
It was a little bit of a shock to see the 'Caterhire' van come up the drive at 10 a.m. the next morning to collect everything. Luckily there were enough pairs of hands around to help with the task - always the worst job of any party!
The happy couple set off on Saturday for a well earned rest in Spain for ten days before returning to London.
(How romantic! I am sure that all family members join me in wishing the newly weds a long and happy marriage)

I am delighted to be able to report that Lord and Lady Meath (Jack and Xenia to family members who know them) are soon to visit Australia. Jack is no stranger to Australia as he spent quite some time here in 1963; he stayed with quite a few family members about Queensland and is remembered with great affection. The visitors plan to arrive in Brisbane at the end of February and will fly to Central Queensland for six days to enable them to get to know something of life in the Outback (in the heat of our summer!) around Winton and Longreach; there will be no shortage of people and places to meet and visit!
My cousin Wendy Brabazon and I will accompany them and Wendy's cousins Helen and Ron Button have kindly offered some accommodation on their property Dundee near Longreach.
Back in Brisbane, cousin Charles Brabazon and his wife Michelle invite family members to meet Jack and Xenia at their home, before the visitors fly from our shores to resume their busy lives at Killruddery.


Yet another family member has been 'caught by the Brabazon Website"! It was a wonderful New Year present to have a message from Christopher Michael Brabazon Sr. of Deltona Florida who wrote:
"I came across the Brabazon Archive Website by accident. To my surprise I found an outstanding site full of fascinating information of my family, both state side and abroad"
"I was actually going on a search to see if I could find information on my Uncle Harry who passed away in 1985, and who was a World War II war hero, a member of the "MERRILL'S MARAUDERS" a United States Army Special Forces group which was awarded the BRONZE STAR from the President of the United States back in 1944. I did locate my Uncle's information when I searched under Merrill's Marauders (Harry Brabazon). I also found that three photographers had over a hundred pictures available on this site, including three photos of my Uncle and many of the war zones in which he took part"
Chris is in touch with Shauna Flynn about his descendants, starting with his Grandfather who sired fourteen children - nine boys and five girls. (That will keep Shauna busy with the Family Tree for awhile!)
He continues:" Grandfather's name was Christopher Michael Brabazon, his nickname to all family members and those that knew him was the 'LAD'.
My Grandmothers Name was Catherine Brabazon (nee Rutter) Their children were as follows:
Nine Boys: from oldest to youngest Christopher, Michael, Harry, John, James, Charles Henry Brabazon Sr.( who was my father who passed away in 1998) then Robert, Thomas, and finally Richard who is the only remaining brother, currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Five Girls: from oldest to youngest Lilian, Margaret, Catherine, Mary, and finally Frances. The only remaining daughter is Aunt Catherine who resides in South Philadelphia.
As far as I know from what I was told by my Father, is that my Grandfather was brought to the United States, the family resided in South Philadelphia and that my Grandfather's Dad owned a big shoe manufacturing business down near the waterfront area of South Philadelphia. Also, that all nine brothers worked the waterfront unloading fright ships coming into the Delaware River Port. The nine brothers worked and played hard and had the respect from all who knew them. At the waterfront the men were hired at the gate fenced area each morning and the 'BRABAZON BROTHERS' would work only if all the brothers were hired, and no man would step in front of them as it was a tough neighbourhood during the depression times in the United States. (If you have a chance to see the new movie called 'CINDERELLA MAN' with Russell Crowe as the main star, this will show you exactly how the men were hired)"
And now about the writer Chris:
"I recently retired from work here in Deltona, Florida I am 53 and have two pensions secured from my working years. The first is with the Philadelphia Police Force, and the other is with the Air National Guard where I retired with the rank of Captain after 21 years of service to the country. I have been married to Carol Brabazon (nee Deitcher) for 34 years. We have two children: Christopher Michael Brabazon Jr. 33 who has a Martial Arts business in Northern Georgia ,and is a third degree black belt in TAE KWON DO. Our daughter Colleen Mellissa Brabazon 32, is a Registered Nurse at the Orlando Medical Hospital in Orlando, Florida. I am so proud of my Brabazon family"
(Thanks for making contact and for your many enthusiastic messages Chris; you have revealed a big Philadelphia limb of the Brabazon Family Tree and of course I have added your name and the names of many others of your 'Philly Clan' to the distribution list for the BHP BULLETINS. Your niece Chrissy Rogominick - nee Brabazon has already been in touch with Shauna and me; Chrissy as you know is now an Attorney, the daughter of your younger brother the late Kenneth Charles Brabazon Snr. Ken's son Kenneth Charles Brabazon Jnr is currently in a Seminary in Philadelphia and hopes to be ordained as a priest in a few years.)

Chis Brabazon of Deltona, Florida,on behalf of the Pennsylvania Brabazons, requests feed back not only from his own family members, but from Brabazons all around the world, as he is planning a Family Reunion, probably in Florida, for some time in 2007.
Please let Chris know by email ( what month would be preferable to you - August thru May. Also, what would you feel about a Cruise for a few days on a Disney Cruise ship?
All indications of your interest would be much appreciated.

The following brought a wry smile when I sent them to Shauna Flynn, who is compiling the Ultimate Brabazon Family Tree
It is New Year's Eve 1852 and Henry HYDENWELL sits at his desk by candlelight. He dips his quill pen in ink and begins to writes his New Year's resolutions.
1. No man is truly well educated unless he learns to spell his name at least three different ways within the same document. I resolve to give the appearance of being extremely well educated in the coming year
2. I resolve to see to it that all of my children will have the same names that my ancestors have used for six generations in a row
3. My age is no one's business but my own. I hereby resolve to never list the same age or birth year twice on any document
4. I resolve to have each of my children baptized in a different church -- either in a different faith or in a different parish. Every third child will not be baptized at all or will be baptized by an itinerant minister who keeps no records.
5. I resolve to move to a new town, new county, or new state at least once every 10 years -- just before those pesky enumerators come around asking silly questions.
6. I will make every attempt to reside in counties and towns where no vital records are maintained or where the courthouse burns down every few years.
7. I resolve to join an obscure religious cult that does not believe in record keeping or in participating in military service.
8. When the tax collector comes to my door, I'll loan him my pen, which has been dipped in rapidly fading blue ink.
9. I resolve that if my beloved wife Mary should die, I will marry another Mary.
10. I resolve not to make a will. Who needs to spend money on a lawyer?
11. I resolve to leave lots of family photographs, but never to inscribe the names or relationships of those in the pictures.
12. In the above manner, I will enshrine myself and my progeny to the whims of all those descendants who wish me to be more like they believe they are.

A CD called "CELTIC HARP - Traditional Irish Songs, Jigs and Reels" was loaned to me so that I could hear Track 10 which played the Jig: "George Brabazon". There has been mention of it in earlier issues of the BHP BULLETIN but I had not heard the very cheery music before - it's fun!

That's enough for this 51st issue of the BHP BULLETIN.
You'll take care in the New Year. Best wishes from Ann Shevill