The Brabazon History Project
BHP BULLETIN Issue No. 55 - July 2006
Compiled and distributed by (Mrs) M.Ann Shevill (nee Brabazon)

BHP BULLETIN Issue No. 55 - July 2006
Compiled and distributed by (Mrs) M.Ann Shevill (nee Brabazon)
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Here I am again, and you may think that I will continue to compile the BHP BULLETINS forever! Not so! I am still waiting optional suggestions for next year. (Refer Issue No 52 - February 2006) I much appreciate such complimentary letters as I have received from Betty Chapman of Wyoming as busy as she always is at her school.
I have recently visited Melbourne in Victoria for the week of the Zonta International Convention. It was a very successful gathering comprising many and varied events - and Melbourne's weather was very kind to the registrants who numbered close to 2000. Zonta is an organization mainly of women; its object is to advance the status of women worldwide. In addition to the Convention Programme I was able to attend two excellent musical concerts, so it was indeed an effort well worth making - fellowship with people from all continents.
In August I plan to drive with friends to the Central Queensland Outback again - as far as Winton of course, as I have more material to be placed in the Brabazon Archive Cabinet at the Museum Library of the Waltzing Matilda Centre. It will be another opportunity to see family members and friends at places on the route there and back - probably about 3000 kilometres
My immediate family has been saddened by the death of Michael Killeen, husband of our cousin Victoria, nee Brett, father of Mary, Grandfather of Annie and AndiClaire An Obituary is included elsewhere in the Bulletin. Michael will be keenly missed not only by his family but many other country friends.
The London Scene - and the Brabazon Website
I have heard from Michael Brabazon in London that his neighbour and friend Ted Slade has not been at all well during the last weeks. Ted has been an invaluable support to Michael with the technical aspect of the Brabazon Family Archive website. I know you will all join with me in wishing Ted well - and indeed Michael too as he has not had the best of health lately.
And that reminds me to remind family readers of this BHP BULLETIN: The time when the Brabazon Website has to be registered for another year is fast approaching and it would be very helpful if monetary contributions could be forwarded to Michael Brabazon during the next couple of months, please. My suggestion is that contributions from the Northern Hemisphere be made in response to this reminder and that we in Australia take a bit more time to get our act and our contributions together, to minimize bank transfer fees.
This again is quite an epistle - scan it when you can, but never miss the last words!
Cousinly love as usual, Ann Shevill

On 17 June I attended a Members' Orientation Session at the Society's premises in the Brisbane suburb of Gaythorne. I have been a member of QFHS for many years but have only found time to visit occasionally.
My membership number is 367 and I saw another member wearing a nametag with the number 4400!
The Society, staffed entirely by volunteers, has accumulated a splendid collection and this was an opportunity to become familiar with the access places, operations and facilities. It was time well spent and I hope to be able to return regularly for awhile to find out what I can about our Great-Grandfather Anthony Godsell Brabazon who came to the Darling Downs in Queensland about 1863 to visit family friends, the Gore Family.
I knew that Great Grandfather had been buried in Ipswich which city is quite close to Brisbane, but I had never visited the Ipswich Cemetery. During my visit to the Society I easily found a photograph of the impressive Tombstone on his grave; a copy has been emailed to me for inclusion in the relevant Family Tree Maker programme file.
I noticed the following announcement in the May 2006 QFHS Bulletin

On 28 March 2006, a new website went live. It gives you access to some extremely rare and interesting documents, books and records. Go to especially interesting is the page that outlines some very useful ideas for searching in any context. Searches are free and unlimited, and there is no subscription; the site is funded by pay-per-view of the scans, which you can access direct. Take advantage of the results of 10 years of careful indexing by hand, in England - no OCR!! The records include The Gentleman's Magazine which started in 1731, The Annual Register, the European Magazine, the Monthly Magazine, London Magazine, Westminster Magazine, while religious denominations had their own monthly publications, such as the Arminian or Methodist Magazine. For the period 1826 to 1860 there are complete runs of bankruptcy, insolvency, dissolution of partnerships notices all indexed, so creditors, trustees and solicitors can also be traced. For the 16th and 17th centuries there are also Acts of the Privy council and State Papers. Contact Sue Fowler Church Farm, Stanshope, Ashbourne, Derbys DE6 2AD UK
Tel: 01335 310243 emails:

After the Brabazon Gathering in Brisbane when the Meaths were with us on 6 March, there was much exchanging of photographs taken that evening. There were also lots of letters of appreciation and I thought readers of the BHP BULLETIN would be interested in this letter from one of my best correspondents who has just celebrated her 80th Birthday. (Congratulations Gen and may you celebrate many more happy birthdays)
Dear Ann
I had not met Charles (James Lennox) Brabazon until the Brabazon Gathering at his home on 6 March, when Jack and Xenia Meath were in Brisbane. It was a great party and lovely to see everyone.
I was struck by the strong resemblance to our (Great) Uncle Reggie (Frederick Reginald Brabazon) who was a brother of your Grandfather Charles (James Anthony) Brabazon and my Grandmother, Mary Violet Brabazon (called Molly) who married John (Sydney Garrett) Atkinson.
I first became acquainted with Uncle Reggie whilst living at Oakey with my Grandmother 'Molly'. He spent most of his working years as an Engineer in South America and when he retired he went to Brisbane to stay with his sister (Great) Aunt Elsie (May) Brabazon who had a private school called Lumeah at Auchenflower, Brisbane. She requested that he might help her with their Mother who resided with Elsie at the School. As (our Great Grandmother) Mrs Brabazon (nee Emma Wilson Holdsworth) got older she became very hard to control and although the house and School belonged to Elsie, her Mother became increasingly bossy and would sack the cleaning staff and the cook on the slightest provocation. This was a disaster for Elsie as she had a Boarding Establishment and School combined, with students from Western Queensland, including of course, Brabazon relations.
So when Reggie was free to a certain extent he became his 'Mother's Keeper'. However he was such a gentle and kind person his Mother soon took advantage of his generous nature. When life became too grim he would come to stay a couple of weeks with Grannie (Molly) Atkinson and myself at Oakey. I loved having him stay as it was a man in the house and he would talk man-talk; we would go for walks up to the big Butter Factory and also into the railway sheds where they would shunt large railway engines for overhaul or until they were ready to resume work. I know that Reggie was a great help to Elsie. When their Mother died she sold the House and School and eventually took a position with the Glennie Girls' School in Toowoomba as English and French Teacher.
Elsie studied for her MA all by correspondence and passed with Honours.
Reggie bought a small house at Wellington Point and loved fishing and his chooks and his vegetable garden.
When Alan (Hinton) and I were first married and moved to the Tweed area we went for a drive to Cleveland and Wellington Point and called in to pay our respects to Uncle Reggie. As he loved fishing he came to us one Easter and he and Alan spent time together fishing in the Tweed River from the comfort of a big boat; he enjoyed that and in amongst my old photographs I have a snap of both of them with fish they had caught.
Going back to the Oakey days, Reggie loved a game of Bridge and he and Elsie and Molly would play cards every night. They would hurry me up with my homework so I could play the fourth hand; I must have been about twelve years old. Whoever drew me for a partner got two hundred points on the scorecard; they always played for money.
When I went for my first interview for a position in a Bank they all decided I could not apply unless I wore a hat and gloves. My only hat was a School hat so they decided I would wear Elsie's brand new hat with lots of flowers on the brim. I wonder now what I must have looked like! But everything was done out of love and being as helpful as they could. My Bank Manager was a Mr Fred Kemp; a kindred spirit and a most wonderful boss. I met him again in 1950 when I had returned from Tasmania; we were both in Brisbane paying our respects to the General Manager. I was leaving the Bank to be married and he had retired by then and was living out of Longreach on a property he had won in a Land Ballot. The dear man was so excited to see me and to tell me of the tragic family life they had had on the property; his eldest son had shot himself and his daughter had drowned in the river. He said if only he could back to those carefree days in the Bank. His wife wrote marvelous books about the Aborigines but could not fit into the social scene.
Married 1910 at "Maneroo" Longreach EILEEN META OLIVE McMILLAN 1887 - 1968 who was a sister of Amy Ruby Victoria Brabazon nee McMillan, my Grandmother.
'(Great) Uncle Harold' and '(Great) Aunt Eileen' were very kind and hospitable to me, and to my Brett cousins, during our time far from home, at Boarding School in Brisbane in the early forties - WWII years.
Harold was a great favorite with my cousins and me; I remember the tall man, as an interesting, kindly, slightly eccentric character and I liked hearing about how he would sometimes visit the City without shoes! The whole family was very kind to us. His splendid daughter Amy Edgell now lives in the Sydney area. Hal perished in the War, William (Bill) died later.
Henry Lamond wrote books about the Australian bush and its people, animals and birds, and was perhaps better known in USA, UK, France and Germany where his books were also widely published. They are wonderful to read - no wonder they were so popular, particularly overseas.
Included in the Brabazon Archive Cabinet at the Museum Library of the Waltzing Matilda Centre in Winton, Central Queensland, are about six books written by Henry G Lamond; some are autographed books given by him to my father Anthony Godsell Brabazon.
Some time ago I met by chance with Mrs Nancy Bonnin who was researching H. G. Lamond, the author of thousands of letters and many published books, etc. This is what Mrs Bonnin then reported to me in response to my request for references to the Brabazon family in the Lamond Papers.
"The collection was given to the Oxley Library in 1973 by William Lamond (Henry's son) and consists of a mass of literary manuscripts, radio talk scripts, correspondence, book reviews and some photographs. It consists of 420 carbon typescript letters written to his children during World War II dating from 1941 to 1947.
I became interested in the correspondence when I prepared a biography of H.G. Lamond for the Australian Dictionary of Biography. I submitted an edited version of approximately 500 pages to the
University of Queensland Press for publication. The Press, although interested, was unable to find the funding for a book of that size. I then re-submitted a 200 page version for consideration. (So far it has
not been published). This has necessitated very severe editing, so that many of the references to the Brabazon family have been omitted. However there is ample evidence of the strong connection existing between the two families"
Recently I visited Mrs Bonnin, a retired Librarian of the Fryer Library of the University of Queensland, who also lives in Brisbane. Mrs Bonnin was on the Committee for Queensland of the Australian Dictionary of Biography when asked to write the Biography of H G Lamond. When she saw the large manuscript collection presented to the John Oxley Library in 1973 by Lamond's son William, she realized that it was a major historical resource, so she edited many of the Lamond Letters.
I was able to see some of the unpublished material and have been lent a copy of
"HAL - Wartime letters of Henry G Lamond to his (three) children in the Armed Forces 1941-1046 - selected and edited by Nancy Bonnin" I intend to find time to read more of it; coincidentally on page 3 an extract from the first letter, dated 1 November 1941 Reads:
"Vic and Dorothea and Ann are to be here this coming week-end. The first two are Brett's; the last is a Brabazon. As they're reasonably good kids and do your Ma good, I don't mind. The place is all littered up with your mother's people. Barring Uncle Jim and you kids I never have any of my people here at all. Oh well, I suppose I can see it out with a bit of luck"
The John Oxley Library, within the State Library of Queensland, now has lots of the Lamond material on disc, so I also intend to make further enquiries to see what I am able to acquire to include in the Brabazon Archive Cabinet in Winton.
I am very thankful to Nancy Bonnin for her interest, effort and expertise.

For those of you who do not know me, I am Mary, Michael and Vicky's daughter. Thank you all for coming to share this celebration of my father's life.
Michael Frederick Killeen was born at Dalby on 25 October 1932, the eldest son of Michael and Annie Killeen. Michael was brother to June who is here with us now, John and David. Their childhood was spent on "Jareel", a 2000-acre sheep farm seventeen miles from Dalby.
My Grandmother taught Father and his siblings Primary Correspondence School. As an aside, when I commenced Year 1 with PCS in 1966, I had the same teacher as he had had for Grade 1. Her name was Miss Irwin and she retired at the end of that year. Father's secondary education was at Slade School in Warwick and he left school at 16. After leaving school, Father spent twelve months at home on the family farm.
From there, he left to go jackarooing on "Dingwall", a 75,000-acre property on the Neabine River. My father was promoted to the position of overseer just before his 18th birthday, a sign of a mature and competent person who could be entrusted with considerable responsibilities. He was in charge of all stock work.
A good deal of time was spent camping out and quite often he was camp cook as well as overseer. When the cattle work was on, they had to be watched at night and drafted on horse back in an open camp. Michael remained on "Dingwall" for approximately seven and a half years.
Father's next job was that of overseer on "Moble", a 110,000 acre sheep station south-west of Quilpie. "Moble" was (and still is) owed by the Rutledge family. Michael was often left in charge there while the owners were in residence in Brisbane.
It was at "Moble" Dad met Vicky Brett, the lady who was to become his wife. They were married in Brisbane on 15 August 1959 and their honeymoon was a car trip to Sydney and Melbourne.
They then moved to "Navarra" a 60,000-acre sheep station west of Yaraka, where Father commenced management of the place for Mr Jack te Kloot and his family. In February 1961, I was born.
Except for an interlude of approximately twelve months around 1962, when my parents left for what they thought would be greener pastures, they were in the employ of the te Kloot family until my parents were able to purchase "Navarra" for themselves in 1979. During Father's management of "Navarra", he and Mother also spent a good deal of time at "Marmboo", the te Kloot family's home property.
When Mr te Kloot decided to sell "Navarra" he gave my father first offer. Father did not have sufficient capital reserves and so Mr te Kloot drew up a contract which basically enabled Father and Mother to purchase "Navarra" while still working for him. This is the strongest example I can provide to illustrate the level of esteem and high regard in which these two men held each other.
During Father's time at "Navarra" he was involved with the following:
· The United Graziers Association, representing the Kloot family at meetings, and later in his own right. Michael was President of the UGA Yaraka Branch for four years and represented the Branch at numerous half-yearly meetings of the UGA in Townsville, Longreach and Cloncurry. My mother, who was branch secretary, capably assisted him.
· The Jericho - Yaraka Rail Line Community Consultative Committee, representing Queensland Farmers Federation through the UGA.
· The Committee for Developing Guidelines for Tree Clearing in the Isisford Shire as the UGA representative
· The Isisford Valuation Advisory Group, which at the time, was conducted by Peter Whip of the Lands Department.
· Since the inception of 1080 as a dingo poison, Michael coordinated an annual aerial baiting programme with "Navarra" as a base. Up to 3500 kilograms of meat was distributed annually over a large area of country. This programme continues today and Andrew coordinates it from "Navarra" on behalf of the Isisford Shire Council.
· Father was President and Mother Secretary of the Yaraka UHF Repeater Association for some years, until the ownership and maintenance of the repeater was taken over by the Isisford Shire Council.
· Michael was Patron of the Barcoo Horse & Pony Club Inc.
· In 1995 Father was awarded the Isisford Shire Council Australia Day Pioneer Award for community service.
My father taught me a great deal and it would take much longer than I have available today to even touch on the experience and history which have been lost with Michael's passing. I know he touched the lives of many jackaroos and other workers in the pastoral industry, not to mention many others along the way.
My Mother often referred to my Father as the emu and the various jackaroos who worked with him as the chickens. Looking out into the sea of faces before me, I can see that many of the chickens have come to farewell the old father bird!
All of us are here today to pay tribute to him and I think this tribute can be best expressed in words written by John Kloot some years ago.
"A stockman's skills are not revealed in bricks and mortar, but are held within the person. Michael never sought the limelight and there never is one for an expert stockman. However there is always a job at be done and you could be sure it was being done if Michael had to do it."
He was my father and grandfather to my children, Annie and Andi-Claire.
At this point, I will hand over to Annie to conclude this tribute to "Mike" - her Grandfather.
Mike and Gran retired to Toowoomba in 1997 and lived at the Nubeena Retirement Village. He quickly became involved in life at the village and founded the Nubeena Residents Committee. He was president of this committee until his stroke in November 2005.
Gran and Mike featured heavily in my life, while I was at boarding school in Ipswich and then here in Toowoomba at university. He was always doing something for someone at the village and will be remembered with love and respect by the residents.
Farms owned by Jock and Shirley Robertson and Kirk and Cathy Penfold provided Mike with a wonderful diversion from city life. He and Gran also made their annual pilgrimage to "Marmboo' where he assisted with the yard work during shearing and also to "Navarra" where he was sure that Andrew and Mum were badly in need of supervision and direction! There would not be a member of the Barcoo Horse & Pony Club who rode with Mike who will not remember him saying. "Catch hold of the front of the saddle, not the back!" He loved to be with us kids and in his own quiet way, passed on so much knowledge and information. Mike just knew how things in the bush should be done. Who can forget the wonderful camp oven dinner he cooked up at The Wells or the blacksmith demonstration on the Isisford/Yaraka trail ride?! He was a permanent fixture at gymkhanas as peg steward and chief "washer-up" in water so hot, it would sterilize the dishes!
Due to my mother's unwavering devotion to every raffle that goes past, Mike was always proving his support through selling these tickets. No one was game to pass the door of Bush Christmas without buying a ticket for ICPA! He was actively involved with the Probus Club, having held the position of treasurer and also assisted with distribution of the Club Newsletter.
Even in the short time he was at Regis Aged Care, he found a special place in the hearts of those who worked there. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of Regis for their unwavering care of Mike and Gran (and us) over the last six months. His sense of humour never left him, even when the going was really tough. I would not like to count the amount of times that Mike has saved me from destined disaster, usually beginning with, 'Girlie, I really don't think that what you're doing is the best idea.'
When the time came, Mike left us with grace and dignity. We will miss this man of few words who was there for all of us. His wisdom and determination provided us with a wonderful example to follow.
Written by Mary Killeen & Annie Greer 28 May 2006 (A wonderful tribute girls - much appreciated)

I last reported in BHP BULLETIN No 48 July 2005 regarding the finances to 30 April 2005.
It is time I wrote up the accounts and reported to Readers again.
This is what I wrote in the BHP BULLETIN No 48 - July 2005:
"During the last three years, apart from a few expenses which are line items, my outlays have been in the main for computer hardware and software upgrading, and maintenance. How to account in the Project accounts for such? I have decided that a flat rate of $30 per month would be reasonable to attribute to the Project - should there be sufficient funds available!"
Statement of Account 1.5.05 to 31.5.06
Balance B/Fwd. 30.4.05
Contributions from descendants of CJA & ARV Brabazon - Mostly in Queensland
Contributions from other family members in Australia
Contributions from family abroad
Total Income
Subscriptions (2 years) to Old Family History Society
Paid to Brabazon Archive Website (Ed. Michael Brabazon)
Paid to BMP BULLETIN (Ed. Ann Sheville) - 8 months @ $30 to 31.12.05
Bank Charges
Total Payments
Total for period
Balance B/Fwd
Balance C/Fwd.
Over the last nearly six years, a few family members have contributed generously and/or regularly to me in support of the BHP BULLETINS; others I know have contributed to Michael Brabazon to assist with the costs of the Brabazon Website such contributions have all been very gratefully received. Many thanks to those few.

Musings from Beryl Hogan, Fremantle, Western Australia who has had an 80th birthday recently; she sent some lovely photos. I won't send them, but the following will be of interest:
"I had a wonderful two days of celebrations.
Janice, daughter of Stuart and me, decided a couple of months ago that it would be a nice idea for me to celebrate back in Northam where I was born - and it was a fantastic idea, not just nice.
The old house where three of us (Tobins) were born is boarded up to be demolished. It was the Tourist Office for many years - they have plans to build some posh sort of two story town houses - down to the river. The river Avon flooded when I was born - the last big flood in WA - July 1926.
I was born in the house and the police stood by, and when OK they carried Mum and me over to the nearby Bakery to keep warm - water had been lapping to the base of the mattress on her bed.
So I was born, wet, in the hands of the law at 20 minutes old, and half-baked in the bakery..........not a bad start.
Janice and the boys arranged a buffet luncheon in the new Visitors Centre, which has a restaurant and function room -situated on the river - lovely position.
We invited 36 - took into consideration the fact that whoever was invited would have to make a two hour trip up and down. It was a great day - everyone turned up and the weather was perfect - not a flood in sight, just blue sky and sunshine.
We stayed for another day and moseyed around and looked at the buildings we knew of which had been built by Simon Millington and Percy Brabazon - and the beautiful old home of Simon and Rosehannah, which is in wonderful condition and a credit to those who maintain it so.
After the service at Church on Sunday there was an 80th celebration for me up in the hall - lovely food and cake, balloons I felt special once again"
(And so you should do Beryl - looking much younger in the photos - congratulations and many happy returns)
I notice that Kevin Brabazon from Mandurah, Western Australia has made an excellent contribution to the Family Website - see What's New (Good work Kevin - thanks and congratulations)
Dot Morrison of Skye, Victoria has not had good health for quite awhile. However she has been doing some family research on the internet and looked at Termonfeckin in Co. Louth, Ireland where the family of her ancestor Jane Brabazon, who married Arthur Ellis, had lived. In the information on the village is a mention of Termonfeckin Castle, a 15th cent tower house of the Brabazons.
Dot asks: "Does anyone have any knowledge of it and which Brabazons lived there?"
(Good luck with your health and this enquiry Dot)
Susan Brabazon, wife of Richard, of Hobart, Tasmania sent me a family news update recently. Their son Tim and his wife Ni are now living in Melbourne after a few years in Thailand. Daughter Jenny is nearly through her Midwifery training, doing well and enjoying it. Jenny and her fiancée Gavin Stone plan to be married next April. (Thanks Sue and good wishes to the young ones)

Sgt. Shaun Brabazon, Ottawa Police Service, was very interested to hear from Chris Brabazon, of Florida and of his Law Enforcement career. Shaun wrote: "I am in my 20th year with the Ottawa Police Service, having been an Acting Staff Sergeant for the past year. I recently completed that assignment, and returned to my substantive position as Sergeant in our Professional Development Centre (Training). I very much look forward to meeting all of you (at the Reunion) next year - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to attend. I'm in discussions with my brother Steve, an Ottawa Firefighter, to see if he would care to join me" (I hope many members of the Ottawa Brabazon family are planning to attend the Reunion-keep encouraging them Shaun!)
The Brabazon website has found for us another family member who has descendants in Ireland: Nicole Morris - nee Phillips, of Canada who posted Notice 44 on the Website. Nicole lives on the west coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island, with her husband and 15-year-old son. Genealogy has been a hobby of hers for many years - her interest was sparked by an offhand remark made by her grandmother who mentioned an old family tree in the attic - Nicole been unravelling the mystery ever since!
In May Nicole wrote: " Thank you so much for the recent information you sent regarding the Gibsons of Stonehall. My main area of research is the Phillips family, my paternal side of the family. For many years all I had on the sister of my ancestors was that she married "J. Gibson of Stonehall". Nothing else could be found. Imagine my surprise when I recently found her listed on the Brabazon site! My family are descended from Sir Thomas Phillips, a servitor who was originally from Wales but went to Ireland and was involved in the Plantation of Ireland. My great-grandfather went to England in the 1850s and became a master mariner. My grandfather was the first in the family to come to Canada. The Brabazon family is connected with various branches of my family tree. I hope the following is clear enough to follow Sir Thomas Phillips and his second wife, Lady Alicia Ussher had issue two children: 1) Anne and 2) Thomas. 1) Anne Phillips married Chidley Coote. One of their sons was Sir Philips Coote, who married Lady Elizabeth Brabazon (daughter of Sir William Brabazon, 3rd Earl of Meath and his wife, Elizabeth Lennard) (2) Thomas Phillips married, and had issue: James. James Phillips married Margaret Haynes. They had issue one child, Thomas Phillips. Thomas Phillips married Mary Anne Wade. They had two children: a) Hannah and b) Michael. a) Hannah Phillips married James Hamilton of Sheephill (James' g-g-grandfather John Hamilton married Sarah Brabazon, daughter of Sir Anthony Brabazon and Ursula Malby. John's oldest brother, Sir James Hamilton (Lord Claneboye) married Ursula Brabazon, daughter of Lord Edward Brabazon (of Ardee). b) Michael Phillips m. Mabella Tighe. They had issue 8 children, the youngest being: Stearne. Stearne Phillips (1776-1848) married Margaret Tighe. They had issue 12 children. Matilda Mary Phillips (who married Jeremiah Gibson) was their 6th child, my great-grandfather Arthur Wellesley was their 9th child.I would be happy to correspond with anyone who thinks there might be a connection with my family" (Welcome Nicole - I have put you in touch with Shauna Flynn (USA) Barbara Mills (Northern Ireland) Jan Barnes (New Zealand) and I know that they have been able to help with your research - keep searching and good luck!)

More about the Gibsons of Stonehall - see references under the heading of CANADA - Nicole Morris
Brabazon Portraits catalogued in Dublin.
Last May, Jan Barnes of New Zealand wrote to Shauna Flynn of USA:
"Shauna, I found this by accident. This is a link to the catalogue of Adams Fine Art in Dublin, sale of 17 May 2005. There were several Brabazon portraits in the sale.
I know who one of them was - Captain Lambert Brabazon and I think I know who another three of them were - Henry Brabazon, his wife Helena (Fitzgerald), and their son Henry Jenny Brabazon, but Hilary and Sidney are a mystery. The catalogue details were taken from the backs of the paintings. The gallery doesn't know any other biographical details. If I have the correct family I thought Hilary could be Brabazon (Jenney) Brabazon's first wife. Her costume is about 1770s. Have you Hilarys or Sidneys'?"
Later Jan wrote: "Captain Lambert Brabazon (1740-1811) was a son of Wallop Brabazon and
Vincentia Townley. He was in the Royal Navy. His portrait was painted by Nathaniel Hone the elder in 1784 and by Robert Hunter. This might be the portrait by Robert Hunter. The one by Nathaniel Hone has already been on the net in a sale catalogue. He was from the Rath branch as well as the Jenney/Brabazon lot. He married 'Miss Grey' sister of Dr Grey of Jervis St, Dublin in 1796. I thought he looked as though he was good fun. I liked the portrait of Hilary. She looked sort of cheeky. I sent mail to Frances Kenny of Australia She sent a quick message back saying Sidney was a Christian name in her family so Sidney could be a daughter of Brabazon Brabazon."
(And so the search continues across Continents and the Ultimate Brabazon Family Tree grows longer - thanks for all your research Jan and Shauna and Frances)

That indefatigable researcher Jan Barnes of Auckland wrote to me in May:
About the Durnfords and Barbara Brabazon. [1] Anthony Durnford De Gray Birch, BHP Bulletin No 54 May 2006. There is a site called Famous Durnfords which is a hoot.
Anthony's grandfather, father and brother seemed to be right into mistresses and bigamy.
Two older sons of Anthony William Durnford are on the site but they are not specifically described as being Barbara Brabazon's children. They were born shortly before the divorce was granted. John Moore divorced Barbara about 1805 so that he could remarry, so presumably she had already had the two children by Anthony out of wedlock.
Descendants of Barbara Brabazon
Barbara BRABAZON, born 24 JUL 1769,[1] (daughter of William BRABAZON and Catharine GIFFORD) married (1) John MOORE, 24 MAY 1788, divorced cir 1805.[2] She married (2) Anthony William DURNFORD.[3] .
Children by John MOORE:
i. Charles Henry MOORE.
ii. William John (Rev) MOORE BRABAZON. Succeeded to his mother's estates. Assumed the additional name of Brabazon. d.s.p.
iii. John Arthur MOORE BRABAZON, born 1791.
Children by Anthony William DURNFORD:
iv. Edward Wiliam (General) DURNFORD, born 22 OCT 1803,[4] died 30 JAN 1889.[5]
v. George Anthony DURNFORD, born 18 SEP 1804,[6] a Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel of the 27th Regiment Died 1856 unmarried.[7]
vi. Arthur Gifford DURNFORD, christened 19 FEB 1809
[8] [1] Kearsley's Arms of Peers.
[1] Private bill to House of Lords by John Moore to dissolve his marriage to Barbara Moore so that he could remarry, 1805. House of Lords Office HL/PO/PB/1/1805/45a3n335.
[1] Anthony Durnford De Gray Birch, BHP Bulletin No 54 May 2006.- page 6
Mel Golder (nee Leese) who is now living in Birmingham, England posted a Notice No 45 on the website which you may have already read.She is researching
"William Henry Ridge (born 1885, Longton), brother of my grandmother Eliza Ann Ridge born Longton, Stoke on Trent 1879. I knew William Henry (as he was known in the family) went to New Zealand but wasn't sure where until I found an old photo with Hawkes Bay written on the back and John Percy photo also. Have also a couple of photos sent back to family in England. Is it possible that the father of John Percy ridge was this William Henry? I would love to know. I understand this is only one branch of the Brabazons but would love your help in tracing family line.
I am the grandaughter of Eliza Ann Ridge, my father Eric George Leese's mother. I knew other family members well, Harry Ridge, Emla Ridge, Hetty Ridge, Gertrude Ridge. Would love to swap photos etc if possible"
I was able to put Mel in touch with other family members and later she wrote:
"Thank you for your note. I have heard from Keith Ridge. We have already exchanged photos and family details. It is most fascinating!
The tale is that of a great uncle of mine who I never met but was told had emigrated to New Zealand and whose quaint old photos I had in my grandmother's photo album. It was only when I found a penciled note on the rear of a photo that I got the link of Hawkes Bay to add to the name and thus 'googled' onto the Brabazon Family page.
The Ridge family lived in Stoke on Trent and can be found in the 1801 census and again on the 1901 census. There were 3 boys and 4 boys. My grandmother was the oldest girl (and thus known throughout her life as Cissie), married to a butcher and renowned for her wonderful pork pies. She was also the business head of the marriage. Indeed when my grandfather had a nervous breakdown after losing 2 of his brothers in the First World War, it was my grandmother (with her supportive sisters) who ran the boarding house in Blackpool until grandfather was well enough to resume life as a butcher here in Birmingham.
My great grandfather Ridge and his father had walked to Stoke on Trent looking for work and ended up working in the coalmines. John, the son, ended up as a ganger, leading a team of men, and employing his own father - who was a bit of a drinker. This might also explain the keenness with which John the son 'took the pledge' and became an active member of the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Longton. Whilst joining in the Young Men's Club that met there, he taught himself to read at the age of 30! His Wife Elizabeth never learnt to read and my father (her grandson) remembered accompanying her to the 'Magic Lantern' show to read the subtitles to her. However, she was a formidable woman who could certainly handle money. The gang's wages were paid to the ganger and distributed by her. And she also ran a coal yard from the rear of the house, which later became a coal delivery business with cart and two horses, Flower and Rose.
I have found it hard to trace the Ridge family back much further as I have little information about John Ridge the father (although I have yet to search out court records which may hold something...)
So it has been lovely to trace forwards and discover a thriving family of Ridges in New Zealand!"
(It's pleasure to help Mel and to add your name to the distribution list for the BHP BULLETINS - good luck with your further research - keep in touch)
Also on the Website Notice Board - No 46 - were the four Nominations for BAFTA Awards for Current Affairs Productions in which our Journalistic-Photographer James Brabazon had an involvement. James is based in London - last heard of heading for India. If readers wish to further research this announcement, the website of the British Academy of Film and Television Awards is (Good luck James - take care in those places of high adventure - thanks for the DVDs which I will happily share with other family members on request)

Chris Brabazon Snr. of Deltona Florida has been badly bitten by the Genealogy Bug and is my most regular correspondent - in fact he keeps a few of us busy (Thanks Chris for your energy and enthusiasm)
His wife Carol has had surgery; it is good to know that she is now feeling much better (Excellent news Carol)
Late in June, Chris wrote:
"I just received very good news from our travel agent (Sandy) that she requested an extension on the low early bird sign up special rate plan for the Brabazon Family Reunion Caribbean Cruise scheduled for early November 2007.
Sandy stated that Carnival Cruise Lines has agreed to extend the special early bird sign up price quote.
That is great news for those who haven't made their reservations yet. Prices are bound to increase as fuel prices climb, so it may be smart to make your reservations now to avoid the increase later. The prices are as follows:
(If you have not yet thought seriously about this splendid plan, save money by acting now)
Chris has been in regular contact with Michael Brabazon and Paul O'brollaghain in London in regard to their family backgrounds, and DNA testing. In due course it is expected that there will be some exciting family news to be reported. Shauna Flynn and Chris are gradually producing the definitive Philly Branch of the Ultimate Brabazon Family Tree - another significant achievement by all concerned.
I had a message from a member of the Philly Clan Frances Cutter, daughter of Michael J Brabazon Snr - all living in Orlando, Florida. They were considering a trip to Australia in mid September.
(A lovely month to be here Franny - I hope plans are progressing well)
Welcome to Mercedes Ortega who wrote in May: "I live in the state of Alabama. I'm very new to the world of Brabazon. Four generations ago, a beloved great grand father emigrated from Ireland to Argentina. He has been remembered in a special way by my family for he was a man of great courage. As most members of my parents' generation have passed, a limited number of the ancestor's belongings were entrusted to my care. At the present time, I'm researching various topics. My ancestor's name was John Brabazon. I have being corresponding with Barbara Mills" (It was a delight to hear from you Mercedes and to be able to put you in touch with others who may help with your research. Good luck with that and I have included your name on the distribution list for the BHP BULLETINS)
Yet another name has been added to the distribution list for the BHP BULLETINS: Louise Jacobson of Oregon who wrote earlier this month: "My maiden name is Councill but I do not use it. I go by Louise Jean Jacobson. I have been divorced now for over seven years and I moved to Oregon in 1999 with my daughters, Elizabeth and Stephanie. I am so excited to talk to all of you.
My aunt, Adaline Canning Taylor, started the research and then left it to me to continue. She passed away several years ago and my mother, Ruth Taylor Councill, passed away in 1981. My grandmother passed away about a month after my mother passed away. She was almost 90. Mother was only 62 at the time of her death. I have one brother and two sisters. We all have children and Pat, my older sister, has grandchildren.
My two daughters are travelers like me and they have plans that do not include marriage in the near future. Liz is joining the Peace Corp and Steph has other plans. Liz just returned from Africa where she did three weeks of volunteer work in an orphanage in Ghana. Both of the girls went to Germany as exchange students right after Liz graduated from high school in Alaska. They are my pride and joy!"
(Welcome to the clan Louise, Liz and Steph - it is good to be able to put you in touch with others who may help with your research - good wishes to you all - keep in touch)
Verla McIntyre of Hendersonville, North Carolina not only has a vast collection of splendid emails to share with me, but does lots of volunteer work. She wrote in mid May:
"I volunteer to help with our Library's yearly book sale. Each Tuesday until September we shelve donated books. I am always amazed at the sheer number of them. Some don't even look as though they have been read and I think about the highest price is $5. Last year the sale brought in about $106,000!! That represents a lot of books. Spring is here and things are in blossom, lawns need mowing. Next month I fly to Cleveland Ohio for a granddaughter's high school graduation. (Happy news - thanks Verla)
Cora Ruhr is enjoying her wonderful looking new home on the banks of a creek near Sedona.
When Shauna Flynn told me that there was a "Gladys Brabazon" flower I asked Cora could it have been named after her mother. This is what she replied:
"Mother's name was Gladys. I'm thrilled to hear about the "Gladys Brabazon" flower, and it's nice to think that it may have been named after her, but I've never heard about it before. Thanks for sharing that information. Speaking of names, Mother was named Gladys because she had three older brothers and her Mother was so "glad" that a girl had arrived". (Nice stories Cora and Shauna - thanks. How I would love to see another of your specially designed houses Cora - maybe in November next year???)
It is always good to have messages out of the blue from such as Debra-Ann Brabazon from Pennsylvania. "I wanted to let you know that I accepted a job with the US Forest Service as the Dispatch Center Manager of the Huron-Manistee National Forest in Cadillac, MI.. Bruce and Juli-Ann Lang are still in PA but are looking to move to Michigan sometime in June 2007 after the Big Girl finishes Kindergarten. She turns five on May 9th and is quite the long-legged beauty for a child. Pristine and mannerly, she is certainly taking the world by storm. She played soccer in the fall and is now a member of the 'T' ball team. She will return to the soccer field in the fall to play on her Daycare's team. All in all we are well, I hope to mail out some pictures next month of Bruce, Juli-Ann and myself. Love and light, hope you are all well" (Great to have your news Deb - good wishes to you three)
What would we do without Shauna Flynn, compiler of the Ultimate Brabazon Family Tree and Researcher Extraordinaire - who else would have found this scintillating information?
It seems as if the word "loo" for toilet, originated from Louisa Mary Ann Anson who was born about 1820 and died in 1882. It's short for "Lady Louisa," Louisa being the unpopular wife of a 19th-century earl of Litchfield. In 1867 while the couple was visiting friends, two young wiseacres took the name card off her bedroom door and stuck it on the door of the bathroom. The other guests thereafter began jocularly speaking of "going to Lady Louisa". In shortened form this eventually spread to the masses.

On that note I shall end this Bulletin.
Please excuse mistakes. I have tried hard to keep it to ten pages.
Ann Shevill, from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.