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Compiled and distributed by (Mrs) M.Ann Shevill (nee Brabazon)

Seasonal Greetings - December 2006 from Ann Shevill.
May happiness and peace abide with you this Christmastide, and may its spirit stay with you to bring you joy the whole year through.
Dear Kinsfolk,
I'm late again! If you do not read this before Christmas at least you will know that you are in my thoughts. As much as I look forward to communicating with my family and friends at home and abroad, in the early part of December there always seems to be so much to do for those in need - for instance my Zonta Club is very active, and the Church, and my friends nearby are getting older - like me - and need more support. Iona Retirement Village life is very alive and busily enjoyable. So I know you will understand - and be forgiving.
It has been a busy and happy year again. Sadly some dear friends have been lost to Heaven. For the Shevills no major problems, my Grand daughters (Molly now 16, Clem 14 and Jemima 10) are growing up quickly; so I have excellent tuition available with anything electronic such as computer programmes and mobile phones! They are a credit to Peter and Liz whose lives are so hectic, as they both work full time, I wonder how they survive! I enjoy being able to help. The girls participate in many sports, and excel at water polo.
I try hard - with limited success - to extricate myself from the many organizations in which I have had an interest and input to for many years. Travel abroad is no longer a priority, but I managed to enjoy two visits to Melbourne, for the Commonwealth Games in March and a Zonta International Convention in July. As well I made two very worthwhile trips to Western Queensland in March and August; the first of those trips was to take with me my Irish cousins who brought the luck of the Irish with them - pleasant weather and then rain! We had a great time thanks to country cousins and friends.
Cousinly love to you all. I plan to compile one more BHP BULLETIN early in the New Year, so it would be good to have lots of news from you. Ann
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