The Brabazon History Project

BHP BULLETIN Special Issue No. 57 - 11 February 2007
Compiled and distributed by (Mrs) M.Ann Shevill (nee Brabazon)

I take this opportunity to thank so many family members for their communications containing good wishes for the Festive Season and for 2007 - beautiful cards and photos and family news which I loved to receive. May it be a happy and healthy for us all.
This is a Special Bulletin about the Brabazon Family Reunion Cruise planned for November 2007
Our summer holidays are over in Australia, it's back to school and work and time to seriously consider the Brabazon Family Reunion Cruise which Chris Brabazon of Daytona, Florida has dreamt up and organized on our behalf. The Special Bulletin No 53 in April last year announced the project
Chris had an excellent response to the original very attractive offer from the Cruise Agent Sandy Demore. He has an email listing of the family members known to him who have paid deposits and he advised them in November that there had been changes to the tour - upgrades in our favour. November is now not that far away and it is time to advise all family members about current offers relative to the Reunion Cruise. Our reservations have been switched to a newer, larger ship called CARNIVAL GLORY.
Also, the length of the cruise is extended to (7) seven days and the ports of call changed to the Western Carribean - Cozumel and Costa Maya - Mexico, Belize, Nassau - Bahamas; at no extra cost. The dates are now the 3rd of November through the 10th of November 2007, instead of the 5th of November through the 10th of November 2007.
In November 2006 Chris was quoted rates as follows:
These attractive rates may not last indefinitely so don't delay with your enquiries to SANDY DEMORE [] CALL 386-290-9595. Lots more information is available on Carnival Cruises website: - optional shore excursions are listed.You might like to seek more information about the special arrangements on the cruise for the Brabazon family, from Chris Brabazon, email address:
I am planning to be there, God willing. Already I am aware that lots of Brabazon family members whom I know have the same intention. I look forward very much to meeting them again and to getting to know lots of others. Surely it is an opportunity not to be missed - by the young, the middle aged and the young at heart like me. See you there!
Cousinly love as usual from Ann Shevill in beautiful (but dry now) Brisbane, Australia.
NB Watch for another long BHP BULLETIN coming your way soon.