The Brabazon History Project

BHP BULLETIN Issue No. 59 - August 2007
Compiled and distributed by (Mrs) M.Ann Shevill (nee Brabazon)

A Newsflash from Ann Shevill about Michael Brabazon who is the Editor of the Brabazon Family Website. I am pleased to be able to advise family members around the world that Michael and his family are now happily resettled in Ireland; Michael's email address is as above. Michael tells me that his friend and IT assistant Ted Slade (who lives in West Sussex) is still not keeping good health; however Ted is only too pleased to carry on assisting Michael with the Brabazon website.
Ted is ready now to make new additions to the website - all contributions will be warmly welcomed. Michael says that family members who have been putting off getting to grips with their own branches could complete and submit whatever they have. Send the information to Michael and he will transmit to Ted.
Keeper of the Family Tree Maker electronic programme is Shauna Flynn of USA.
Don't forget that Shauna Flynn is still steadily building the UBFT. Please send any relevant information to her - now -whilst it is in your mind ! \ The Brabazon Family Reunion Cruise aboard the large ship CARNIVAL GLORY, planned for November 2007, is fast approaching.
I have paid the balance of the cruise fare (and all the plane fares - ug!!) and look forward to meeting family members previously known to me and many new members, as well as enjoying the relaxing Cruise life for a few days.
Should you wish to know more about the Reunion Cruise, contact Chris Brabazon of Daytona, Florida: Chris has organized it for our enjoyment. His email address is:
This is all I have time for now, but I want to assure you that a small group of family members is unfailing with their efforts to search for items of interest for the Family Tree and for general information.
Many people find the Brabazon Archive Website and write in seeking further information about family members and other people or places. There is seldom a dull week!
As a page filler I think you should know what turned up as a result of a recent Google Search. Open the following site for your enjoyment and if you do not know what "Planxty" means you can look that up too:

As usual, cousinly regards from Ann Shevill in beautiful but very dry Brisbane, Australia 17 August 2007
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