The Brabazon History Project

BHP BULLETIN Issue No. 60 - August 2007
Compiled and distributed by (Mrs) M.Ann Shevill (nee Brabazon)

THE BRABAZON REUNION CRUISE - from Florida on 3 November. An important urgent request for those planning to be on the cruise
From Ann Shevill:
As I write this, the departure date is only about five weeks away - yes, weeks not months! Organizer Chris Brabazon says he does not know anyone who has not paid the balance of monies due, but if you have omitted to do so don't delay any longer or you might miss out on a wonderful Brabazon adventure.
Chris also asks those who intend to join the cruise, whether you have been in touch with him about it recently or not, please to let him know by email as soon as you are able (Email address: your full name, your maiden name if relevant, the country in which you live and (if you don't mind) the year in which you were born; add a nickname if you like.
For instance I shall report to Chris:
And I intend to take with me a large nametag on which will be printed that information.Also, I plan to take a few photos of my family and where I live, hoping that others will do the same.I fly to USA late in October; after a few days with Cora Ruhr in Sedona, we both fly to Orlando to join the Cruise at Port Canaveral. After the cruise we will have a few days to look about that area.
Brabazon Family Website:
Website Editor: Michael Brabazon
From Ann Shevill
Now that Michael and family have settled after the move back to Ireland, it's "all systems go" for the website; no doubt you have noticed yourself when you have opened it. Also there is valuable genealogical research being accomplished on behalf of various Brabazon Family members, in particular by Michael, Shauna Flynn (USA), Jan Barnes (New Zealand) and Paul O'Brollaghain (UK) We all owe them much gratitude for their worthy endeavours.
Don't be shy to ask for help if you need more information about your family; you will be surprised what is now available.
This is opportune time to seek financial support as October is the month that domain and hosting dues must be made on our behalf by Michael and his IT friend and supporter Ted Slade. Such include annual and bi-annual registrations costing at least 100 pounds sterling. We accept gratefully and graciously the time that Michael and Ted devote to the project, and it would be unfair for us not to compensate them for the inevitable outlays - and Ted is not even a family member!
May I suggest that those in the northern hemisphere send whatever contribution they can manage (Remember small amounts add up) in the manner which best avoids hefty transfer fees, to Michael at this address: 16 Amberley Close, Littlehampton, West Sussex, England,BN17 6HW
Australians (and maybe even New Zealanders) could send contributions to me at this address:
C/-Post Office, Kenmore, Queensland, Australia 4069.
If you already know my home address please use that. You will understand that those involved with the website have become very aware of the potential problems regarding home addresses on websites - hence our caution. In due course, I will forward what I collect to Michael "in bulk" to avoid those annoying transfer fees.
Thanks you in advance for your cooperation and generosity.
Keeper of the Family Tree Maker electronic program is Shauna Flynn of USA. Email:
Shauna Flynn, with the help of a dedicated research team, is consistently building the UBFT.
Please send any relevant information to her now - whilst it is in your mind. You are likely to be well rewarded with genealogical gold!
Michael tells me that his friend Ted Slade who is the Family website IT wizard, intends to invest in a new genealogical software program for creating family trees; it is called Family Historian.
Ted provides herewith the website address of the company that sells it, and says that it is well worth checking out:
Michael's comments: "Ted really does know what is "web-friendly". All of the submissions he has had to translate into a different format to get on to the website. Up to now, part of the problem he has encountered with the standard programs is the difficulty in printing them out in one (or a few) shot/s. Often the tree looks OK on screen, but getting a hard copy can be problematic. So receiving submissions on Ted's chosen web-friendly program would make life a whole lot easier for him"
Shauna Flynn's comments are that the program looks good but that she uses the Family Tree Maker software program and does not think that she will switch. "I'm sure it would be appropriate for beginners and those who are more advanced: my software is American and it has no place for all those Lords and Ladies etc so I have to add the titles myself - which is really no big deal".
RESEARCHING YOUR FAMILY TREE How to try for yourself
There is already much information about genealogical tools in the Researching your family tree Section on the Brabazon Family Website If any family member knows of research sources (web links, national/state archives - particularly relative to your local region), which could be added to the Section, please advise the website Editor Michael Brabazon - Email:
The more research sources we can gather on the website, the more assistance family members will be available to family members who wish to do their own research.
Conclusion from Ann
That's enough for this Bulletin. Hopefully I will be able to write one more after I return from the journey across the Pacific Ocean and USA to join the Cruise from Florida in early November.
I intend that to be the last one from me; hopefully some other family member will then use the
BHP BULLETIN Distribution List, which I have compiled over the years to maintain contact and to supplement the Brabazon Archive Website.
As usual, warm regards to all from beautiful Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
22 September 2007.
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