Dear Kinsfolk, and supporters of the Family Brabazon also.
I am slightly sad, but much more glad, to be able to send this final (one page) BHP BULLETIN to those on the Distribution List of about 180 recipients. For me it has been a labour of love since 1990 and I cherish the responses which have increased each year, particularly when emailing became widely used; and in the last couple of years since the advent of the family Website.
On a personal note, I had just come home from a Spirit of Christmas performance in the Brisbane Concert Hall when I began to write this message. I have been attending for years and once again I was thankful to be able to thoroughly enjoy a couple of hours free from the hustle and bustle which seems to surround most of us as we approach Christmas Day and the rightful celebrations Performers, adults and children in the audience seemed to be genuinely imbued with the seemly Spirit of Christmas - which for me, is how it should be - and I was happy.
I arrive at the end of the year with more aches and less hearing, but with so many happy memories of 2007, and activities to which to look forward in the future. As a born and bred Queenslander, there is an element of excitement about living in this State these days. No longer is it the 'Cinderella' state - there is a booming economy, and excellent developments, not only in Brisbane. I am proud to have living amongst us a Prime Minister and Commonwealth Treasurer. The State Premier is a woman, as is the Deputy Prime Minister - that pleases my mildly feminist instincts!
Lots more rain is needed but the drought situation in Queensland has eased.
Watching the Shevill girls grow up is a pleasurable interest for me. Molly completed secondary school and looks to University study, Clem has three more years at St Aidans Girls School and Jemima has one more year at Kenmore State School. (They are about to help me dress my Christmas tree!) Peter and Liz and David are all well - busy in their onerous professional occupations. It is a happy coincidence that we all live in Brisbane.
I have already very much appreciated receiving greetings from many family members - I know you will understand that I just can't make contact personally so close to Christmas.
However. As always, cousinly love from Ann Shevill