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51 From Michael Moore in Northern Ontario regarding the Brabazon Archive website.
What a splendid project. Someone has put a vast amount of effort into amassing all this information. I can contribute some bits and, I am sure, gain many.
My grandfather, Harold Henry Moore, is the Harold at the very bottom of the Moore family page. (He was a reporter and later editorial writer at the Winnipeg Free Press, but never THE editor). He had three children, Harold Patrick Henry Moore (my father, m to Adele Mary Moorhead, d 1994), Kathleen Moore (m to Charles Gimpel, widowed, living in London) and Terence Chapman Crawford Moore (d 1922). I can supply information about this branch of the family.
I know nothing about Harold Henry's sister, Mabel Moore -- any help welcome.
For some time I have been trying to make contact with anyone from the George Henry James Moore line, at least some of whom I believe to be in the province of British Columbia. The last contact I had was about 1966 when GHJ's grandson Bob was passing through Toronto on his way from Vancouver to see the world.
If John Henry Moore also went to British Columbia, he could be one of three John Henry Moores that show up in the B.C. death records, the one who died in 1916 in New Denver, age 46, the one who died in 1939 in Vancouver, age 60, or the one who died in 1958 in Victoria, age 88. Does anyone know?
I'd be delighted to hear from anyone who can help with information or who would like to find out more about the Harold Henry Moore line. E-mail me at Being retired, I head off to my cottage in Northern Ontario for a month at a stretch at odd times of the year, so please do not be put-off if you do not get an immediate response.
Michael Moore

50 Currently research is being conducted into the passengers who arrived in Melbourne, Australia aboard 'The Sarah' in December 1842. A dead end has been reached about one of these, James Jacques Ellis the son of Rev. Arthur Ellis and his wife Jane Brabazon. Would you have information about what happened to him after his arrival in Melbourne in 1842 - did he marry? where did he live? where did he die?
49 Dear Sir
I have been conducting extensive research into the VCs of Wales and the Welsh regiments for the past 30 years and have published four books on the subject (with a fourth scheduled for publication later this year). Two of the men concerned have connections to the Brabazon family, the earls of Meath. I wonder whether any of your members have come across either of these individuals and are able to link them to the Brabazon family and to each other. The odds of two families in north Wales who bore the name Brabazon but who were not related to each other seem rather high.
Group Captain Lionel Wilmot Brabazon Rees, VC, OBE, MC, AFC (1884-1955) of Caernarfon. Known during his RAF service as Brabazon Rees, he played a significant role in the early history of the Royal Air Force. He was given the name Brabazon in recognition of his mother's (Leonora Smith Davids of Caernarfon) link to the earls of Meath.
Rupert Price Hallowes, VC, MC (1881-1915) of Redhill, Surrey and Port Talbot, Glamorgan. He was the son of Dr Frederick Blackwood Hallowes and the grandson of Price Brabazon Hallowes, FRS. His brothers were William Brabazon Hallowes, managing director of the Byass Mansel Tin-plate Works in Port Talbot and Frederick Chaworth Hallowes. Other family members were: Rev Brabazon Hallowes (born Talyllyn, Merionethshire, 1820, later of Glapwell Hall, Bolsover) and Thomas Richard Francis Brabazon Hallowes (born 1854, Cilcain, Flintshire). From a study of your website, I assume these were descended from Catharine Brabazon who married T. Hallowes of Bethick Hall, Derbyshire.

Any information or assistance would be very much appreciated.

W Alister Williams
61 Park Avenue, Wrexham, Ll12 7AW

48 I wonder if you can help me. My late mother-in-law was called Roberta May Brabazon Dyson (I believe known as Robin). Her mother's maiden name was Bussell and her beloved aunt was called Roberta Barton Charlotte Bussell who married a Walter Muspratt in 1910. I have photographs of her aunt and also her two cousins; Casson and Walter Dermot Muspratt. I understand my Mother-in-law married in 1939 to the late Brigadier Tony Crook but this was dissolved. She later married my husband's father - Witold Lanowski and then, later, a Brian Grenfell. I am just trying to compile an informal family tree for my own children and would be grateful for any details you could supply. Many thanks
Carole Grenfell

47 Rebecca Leighton <> wrote: My grandmother's name is Mary Brabazon Bourne (Leighton-married name) Her father was Obrey Brabazon Bourne We live in Toronto Ontario Canada. I found your website while searching the name Brabazon. I'm hoping that I have found some family. We do have an extensive family tree that was done years ago by a family member. I have it in storage and will get it out this evening. If not then thanks for your time, you have a wonderful website either way.
A PANORAMA SPECIAL: UNDERCOVER NURSE - The Production Team (BBC Current Affairs/BBC One)
DISPATCHES: BESLAN - Eamonn Matthews, Kevin Sim (Mentorn Oxford/Channel 4)
DISPATCHES: IRAQ - THE RECKONING - Samir Shah, Dimitri Collingridge, James Brabazon (Juniper/Channel 4)
STORYVILLE: A COMPANY OF SOLDIERS - Tom Roberts, Edward Jarvis (October Films/BBC Four)

45 wrote:
Found your site using google and a search for William Henry Ridge (born 1885, Longton), brother of my grandmother Eliza Ann Ridge born Longton, Stoke on Trent 1879. I knew William Henry (as he was known in the family) went to New Zealand but wasn't sure where till found an old photo with Hawkes Bay written on the back and John Percy photo also. Have also a couple of photos sent back to family in England. Is it possible that the father of John Percy ridge was this William Henry. Would love to know. I understand this is only a branch of the Brabazons but would love your help in tracing family line
I am the grandaughter of Eliza Ann Ridge, my father Eric George Leese's mother. I knew other family members well, Harry Ridge, Emla Ridge, Hetty Ridge, Gertrude Ridge. Would love to swap photos etc if possible
look forward to hearing from you

Mel Golder (nee Leese)
Now living in Birmingham England

44 I just came across your site, and listed under Brabazons of Ireland is a listing of the Gibson-Brabazons. I would like to e-mail the person who put this together information, as my paternal great-grandfather's sister was Matilda Frances Phillips. For many years all the information I had was that she married "J. Gibson of Stonehall". This is a great find and I would like to correspond further about the Gibson connection.

Thank you,
Nicole (Phillips) Morris
Phillips, Tighes, Wades, Usshers in Ireland

43 wrote:
To Michael Brabazon
I am currently trying to update some of the biographies of those who attended my old school, King's School Rochester, and who died during the Great War. Among these was T A C Brabazon who died in 1916. I would be very grateful if you could advise me if, from the following details, you think he may be related to the tree and family you have been researching.

TERENCE ANTHONY CHAWORTH BRABAZON (1896 Rochester, Kent - 1916 Wilton House) King's School Rochester 1907-13 Buried Wilton Cemetery. Captain, 1st Bn, Essex Regiment son of WILLIAM B BRABAZON (1861 Manchester - 1936) Buried Wilton Cemetery (same grave as son). Lt Col Naval Ordnance Department, son of ANTHONY B BRABAZON General Practitioner. Born Ireland. Believed to be Anthony Beaufort Brabazon b 1821 Painstown, Meath m 1849 Eleanor Elizabeth Bourne of Painstown d 1896. Family moved from Ireland to Lancashire c 1857 and to Somerset c 1863. Any information or assistance would be gratefully received.
Simon Shreeve Hon Editor, Old Roffensian Magazine (for former pupils of Kings School, Rochester).

42 Subject: Genealogy Resource


I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I saw your Website while doing some surfing/research, and seeing the effort put into it, I wondered if my site might be a useful resource for your sites visitors. If you can find the time to review my site and if you think it could be a valuable resource, if you would consider linking to it, it would be greatly appreciated.
I'm lucky enough to make a living involving genealogy, but its not just work, it's also still a hobby, so please let me know if there's anything I might personally be able to assist you with.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email.
Best regards,
We locate and obtain UK (England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) birth, marriage or death certificates.

BMD Certificates 2nd Floor 145-157 St John Street London EC1V 4PY United Kingdom

41 Dear Michael,

My name is Christopher Michael Brabazon Sr. I live in Deltona, Florida at 1426 Hancock Drive, Deltona, Florida 32725. Michael would you please post the following notice on the Brabazon Notice/Bulletin Board as maybe someone in the family can assist me in adentifing my ancesters...........lineage.

Dear fellow Brabazon family members, my name is Christopher Michael Brabazon Sr. I was born in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States of America on February 16th, 1952. Currrently I am 53 years young and I am in search of information on my family which I was told came to America from Ireland back in the eary 1900's. My Grandfather had passed away prior to my birth and my Dad passed away a few years ago and if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

My Father told me that my Grandfather was named Christopher Michael Brabazon, and was know to all family members and friends as the "LAD" my Mother said that my Grandfather was a very smart man and had received an excellent education in Ireland before coming to America. I was also told that my Grandfather owned a large shoe
manufacturing business in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If anyone can assist me in putting some of these pieces together I would greatly appreiate it. I have already communicated with Ms. Shauna Flynn and she suggested that I post this notice on the Brabazon Family Notice Board and maybe someone would be able to tell me the name of my Great Grandfather. Shauna said that this is needed to proceed in the families placement on the Family Tree. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration and hopefully someone will come to my aid.
Christopher Michael Brabazon Sr.
1426 E. Hancock Drive
Deltona, Florida 32725
Home Phone 1-386-860-2801
Cell Phone 1-386-717-6534
40 Mr A. D. Brabazon
MR Arthur Desmond Brabazon, of Harrowby Lane, Grantham, has died at Belton Lodge Nursing Home. He was 83. Born in Dublin, he was one of two children of Patrick and Catherine Brabazon, and had a sister Kay. He came to England in 1942 and joined the RAF, being stationed at Belton Park and also served in Germany.
He was married to Nora for 59 years and they had two daughters, Linda (deceased) and Marilyn. Six grandchildren followed, Rebecca, Melissa, David, Laura, James and Charlotte, together with a great-grandson, Joseph. He also had a sister; Kay
Mr Brabazon was employed at Aveling Barford and BMARC. He was a keen bowler in his younger days and was a member of Grantham Bowling Club. He took part in the English Amateur National Bowling Championships in Worthing in 1974 and 1978.
Canon Anthony Dolan conducted the funeral service at St Mary's Church, Grantham. Cremation followed. Family mourners included: Nora, Marilyn Spicer, Brian Spicer, James Spicer, Charlotte Spicer, Melissa Aisher, Bruce Aisher, Joseph Aisher, David Headland and Laura Headland. Other mourners included: Kay Clarke, Bill Clarke, Mathew Clarke, Conor Clarke, Jean Green, Alan Green, John Feltham, Liam Feltham, Yvonne Maddison, Malcolm Maddison, Donna Welsh, Malcolm Healey and Joan Draper. Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine's Road, Grantham. Donations were for Papworth Hospital.

39 Subject: Jenney Brabazon

Dear Michael,

I saw the recent posting #38 regarding the Jenney Brabazon Colthurst tree. My husband is a descendant of Christophilus Garstin of Braganstown, Co. Louth (1766-1821), the son of Anthony Garstin (1730-1782) and Anne Jenney of the Park, Co. Louth. According to Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland,1899, Anne was the daughter of Rev. Christophilus Jenney. I believe she must have been the daughter of the Christophilus Jenney and Elizabeth Brabazon mentioned in the posting. Interestingly, her husband Anthony was the son of James Garstin and Elizabeth Brabazon. That Elizabeth Brabazon is said to have been the daughter and heir of Capt. Anthony Brabazon of Calliaghstown (a.k.a. Talliaghstown, Tallanstown), great-nephew of the 1st Earl of Meath. She was the widow of her cousin James Brabazon. I assume that Anthony's wife was Grace Colley.

If you or any of your contributors could give me any more information on these families, it would be greatly appreciated. I am wondering if the Henry Jenny I have seen mentioned as a rector of the same parishes as a Christophilus is his brother or father, i.e. St. Johns' Church, Mullabrack (1661-1674 Henry Jenny, 1674-1690 Christophilus Jenny, 1690-1707 and 1708-1738 Henry Jenny) and St. John's Church in Kilcluney (1666-1674 Henry Jenny, 1674-1690 Christophilus Jenny (Chaplain to the regiment of Col.Munro during the 1689 siege of Londonderry), 1690-1707 and 1708-1738 Henry Jenny).

Sincerely, Suzanne Garstin Roswell, Georgia, U.S.A

Subject: Jenney Brabazon Colthurst tree. This is a brief outline of research so far.

Christophilus Jenney younger son of Henry Jenny, Archbishop of Dromore married Elizabeth Brabazon, daughter of Captain William Brabazon (1658-1714) of Rath House, Co Louth. Their middle son Brabazon Jenney changed his surname to Brabazon sometime between 1757 and 1776. He might have done this because of inheritances from his uncles Ludlow and William Brabazon. He seems to have been an attorney (Court of Common Pleas). He was born before 1739. Although the details don't quite match those of the Brabazon Brabazon on the web site this could be the person who married Margaret Lynch in 1771.

At this point the lineage is unsure but Brabazon seems to have had a son called Henry (Jenney) Brabazon (cir 1768-1824). Henry didn't use the name Jenney. It is written on the tombstone erected by his grandmother at Termonfeckin. Henry was a captain in the Dublin Militia possibly stationed at Midleton Barracks in 1798 when he married Helena Fitzgerald (Diocese of Cloyne, Co Cork). A person called Henry Brabazon lived at Summerhill Dublin in 1798 which is where the web-site Brabazon Brabazon lived at death. Henry and Helena later lived at Dromiskin, Co Louth.

Henry and Helena's eldest son was Henry Jenney Brabazon (b. cir 1810) of Dromiskin House, Castlebellingham, Louth. Elizabeth Brabazon who married Captain Nicholas Colthurst was their daughter. Henry Jenney Brabazon must have died without issue and their other son or sons as well. Elizabeth and her husband assumed the additional name of Brabazon under licence in accordance with the terms of her brother Henry's will. She appears to have inherited a great deal of land (1,185 acres in Co Louth). She died in Rome 4 February 1770.

Best wishes


Hello Michael, here are some notes that I have re Colthurst-Brabazon that Jan Barnes may find helpful! Cheers, Shauna

1.Monument in Church St. Paul?s, Bray. Julia wife of James Orton of Glenbrook, eldest daughter of Major N. Colthurst Brabazon, late of Leemount House Co. Cork. Buried at 134 q.v

2. Colthurst-Brabazon, Laura Clotilda died on 10 June at Ashby Cottage, Ryde, widow of Lt.-Col. Ryan. The Times, Saturday, Jun 12, 1926; pg. 1; Issue 44296; col A

3. Brabazon, Elizabeth born about 1824 in Cork. Married MajorNicholas Colthurst ? Cork & Ross Diocese, Cork, on 4 Sep 1844. He died Dec 16th 1857. Daughter Louisa.

4. Brabazon, Helena Frances Colthurst married Arthur Lake on 4th June 1868 in the Parish Church of the United Church of England and Ireland in Bray,Co. Wicklow. They were both over 21 and neither had been married before.Both could write their names. He was a gentleman and lived in Bray. She hadno occupation and lived in Breshin?s Hotel, Bray. His father Edward was a gentleman and her father was Nicholas Colthurst Brabazon. LDS film #0101527 Vol 7. P 797 item #14. His son, Arthur Brabazon Lake died on May 30, 1936, very suddenly, at Staithe House, Brancaster Stailthe, King?s Lynn, aruthur Brabazon Lake, only son of the late Major Arthur Lake and Mrs. Lake (nee Colthurst-Brabazon) and the beloved husband of Gwen Lake (nee Beville). Fumeral at Colwall Parish Church, Thursday, 1.45. Cars will meet the 10.18 from Paddington, arriving Colwall 1.18. (F.M.SA. and Irish Papers , please copy.)

The Times, June 01, 1936, pg. 1; Issue 47389; Col A - Arthur Brabazon Lake of King?s Lynn, a director of F.M.S. Rubber Planters Estates, who died on May 30, left 27,870 pounds. He left 250 pounds to the Old Halleyburian Society.
The Times, Tuesday, Aug 11, 1936; pg. 15; Issue 47450; col D

36 Subject: (Bernard )Francis Brabazon -
There is a book about Francis Brabzon, written after the Phd thesis by Ross Keating, of Beacon Hill, Sydney Australia. There ae a number of references to Francis to be found with a search for "Francis Brabazon" It is likely you have explored these yourself, but if not, there are many people around here where live who know a good deal about him and some about his family.
His father had a farm in North-eastern Victoria, and then a bookshop in Melbourne; during the 1930-40s the family were Anglo-Irish. Francis was regarded as the best of their group by Australian painters of the 'Heidelberg school,' - such as Boyd, Streeton, Nolan.
John and Jeanette Isaacs-Young

Found on the Net:

A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland by Samuel Lewis

KILWEILAGH, or KILLOULAGH, also called KILLEVEILAGH, a parish, in the barony of DELVIN, county of WESTMEATH, and province of LEINSTER, 2 miles (S. W.) from Castletown-Delvin, on the road to Mullingar; containing 1313 inhabitants. This parish comprises 5311 statute acres, as applotted under the tithe act, and principally in pasture; and contains abundance of limestone and limestone gravel. It is watered by the river Deel, with which several small lakes are connected on its northern side, and on the eastern there is a large tract of bog. Contiguous to this is Bracklyn Castle, the fine seat and demesne of T. J. Fetherston H., Esq. Here are also Rockview, the residence of Mrs. R. Fetherston H.; Dysart, of N. Ogle, Esq.; and Gigginstown, of Capt. Brabazon O'Connor. It is a vicarage, in the diocese of Meath, forming part of the union of Kilcumney; the rectory is impropriate in N. Ogle, Esq. The tithes amount to £152. 6. 1 3/4., of which £115. 7. 8 1/4. is payable to the impropriator, and the remainder to the vicar. In the R. C. divisions it is part of the union or district of Castletown-Delvin, and contains a chapel. About 110 children are educated in two private schools. There are many raths, containing very large human bones; and at Rockview is an ancient building covered with ivy.
I have been chasing up some of the lines where there are name changes. The one that I am doing now is where a Brabazon married a Jenny or Jenney and a son changed his name to Brabazon, hence the person called Brabazon Brabazon. Later on a member of that family married a Colthurst and there was another name change to Colthurst-Brabazon. The reasons are lost of course but probably the name changes were to secure property.... " I leave you this property in my will as long as you take the name Brabazon" I suspect. One of the names I am interested in is Ponsonby because it crops up as a double-barrelled name associated with my lot and the Brabazons intermarried a lot with the Ponsonbys.

Jan Barnes


Re Message board No. 22 about Brabazon Brabazon who married Margaret Lynch. I have some information about a person with that name who lived about the right time but am wondering if it is the right person. This Brabazon Brabazon started life as Brabazon Jenny and later changed to his mother's surname, but seemed to live in County Louth.

Jan Barnes

From the Editor: 16th October 2005


We now have the results of seven DNA (Y chromosome) samples from various branches of the Brabazon family. However, there are only two matches, which means that either there are quite a few breaks in family lineages or the number of Brabazons from variant sources is greater than initially thought. The selection was small but embracing of the whole: One of the DNA volunteers is from the Hon John lineage, thought to be a lost or illegitimate line from the 6th or 7th Earl; another from the Westmeath Brabazons: myself plus another from the Ballinasloe-Swinford branch; two from recorded Baron Ardee descendant (the two who matched); and one from the Dublin area.

To give an idea of how complex a situation we are facing, my own line from Ballinasloe is now known to be broken between Anthony Brabazon who fled to Spain in 1652 (d. 1654) and his 'son' William who was born in 1655. The family story - replicated elsewhere - was that Anthony had left a young son, William, behind when he went into exile. To add to the weight of the newly discovered birth year for William, it now transpires he had a younger brother, John Brabazon. Anthony's widow, Ellice (nee Dillon) remarried with a kinsman, Theobald Dillon. The Brabazons and Dillons were connected by marriage, politics and religion, so a possible scenario is of Theobald being the real father of William and John but passing William off as Anthony's heir to secure the return of some of the estates from the new Cromwellian government.


From the Editor:
I found this on the Net. Maybe a possible explanation for some Brabazon lineages?
You found records of your surname back to a point, and then they just disappeared? Maybe you've heard the expression; "They became more Irish than the Irish". Here's one explanation, if your name was among these newcomers to Mayo; MAYO: The other families who settled in Mayo, were the following: De Angulo or Nangle, who took the Irish surname " MacCostello," and from whom the barony of Costello" derived its name. De Exter, who took the name of "MacJordan," and were styled lords of Athleathan, in the barony of Gallen. Barrett, some of whom took the sirname of " MacWatten " and " MacAndrew." Staunton, in Carra, some of whom took the name of " MacAveely," Lawless, Cusack, Lynot, Prendergast and Fitzmaurice; Bermingham, who changed their name to "MacFeorais," Blake, Dillon, Bingham, etc.
The MacPhilips are placed on the map of Ortelius in the barony of Costello; their principal seat is at Cloonmore, and they are a branch of the Bourkes who took the name of "MacPhilip." I have read of men marrying into a wealthy, landed family and taking over the lands AND that family's surname. It seems as though some changed their names as easily as we change autos!
Could this practice be where some of us run into "The Brick Wall"?

Subject: Lambert Brabazon
Can anyone help?,
I am seeking information on Capt Lambert Brabazon RN. All known biographical details are contained in this blurb for an art sale of 2003 in Ireland: It would seem from my research in Naval history that he belonged to an Irish Brabazon family, but I can find no trace in the usual sources.
Congratulations on the site, it looks very impressive.
Thank you,
Mary O Dubhain

Dear Editor,
I am trying to trace some relatives. My father, William John Brabazon and his twin sister Winifred Mary Brabazon were born in a nursing home in Croydon on 21st April 1930. They were illegitimate and according to their birth certificate their mother was Hilda Brabazon, Dispenser. Rumours have obviously abounded in the family as to who the father was, but popular thinking is that it was one of two brothers, both called Dr Palmer (possibly a fling at work?). A Mrs Clark fostered both children and they grew up in the Morden area in Surrey. Their mother vanished from their lives when they were about 7 years old. My father died in 1988, but my aunt is still alive. My father often used to talk about his childhood, which involved Ireland, but I am not sure how much of this was romanticism. Family members have travelled to Ireland to try and trace Hilda, but apart from possibly meeting with her nephew and niece in either the 70's or 80's, very little is known. Unfortunately all people involved in the search have long since died. My cousin and myself would be very interested in knowing if any of the above rings any bells with any other Brabazon family members.

Many thanks/Mima Huggins nee Brabazon
Hi folks
Yesterday I obtained a copy of the new biography of Sir Roger le Brabazon which is in the ‘Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, 2004’. The author is Paul Brand. Dr Mercer who works at National Archives told me about the article when I was corresponding with him earlier in the year but it has taken me sometime to get the actual text. I don’t agree with everything Paul Brand says but quite a bit of it confirms the information in my article on the web site. One difference is that he makes a supposition that Sir Roger had a brother called John who was father of Roger Brabazon ‘the younger’ whereas in my article I say that Roger the younger was the son and heir of Sir Roger’s sister Joan.
There is one very interesting new bit of information in the biography. He says Sir Roger le Brabazon’s father was called William le Brabazon (not Thomas, as in other biographies and books). Dr Mercer was investigating some records for me which I saw indexed on the Archive web-site. They are recordings of court proceedings by itinerant judges who heard forest pleas at Huntingdon at various times. One of the judges in 1209 was sur-named le Brabazon. When Dr Mercer looked at another date he found that William le Brabazon was one of the judges in 1256. He thought he could be Sir Roger’s father as mentioned in the latest biography, though he couldn’t find out any more about him. I suppose both judges could be the same person. Otherwise it is beginning to look like a family tradition. I will try to contact Paul Brand to find out where he discovered Sir Roger’s parentage.
The biography of Sir William Brabazon (d.1552) is also rewritten and is much longer than before. He doesn’t seem so squeaky clean. Because the book is only available here at the universities as an e-book on line I had to get a page via inter-loan so haven’t seen the other Brabazon Biographies. The Dictionary is available in England in hard copy.
Jan Barnes
27 Recently, I went to visit the Brabazon of Rath tomb in Termonfeckin churchyard and it is in a sad state. Ivy needs to be cut back to see what state the tomb is in. Do you know of any of the family, or family contact, who would be interested in helping me to do some clearing? The church seems to be closed, but I phoned the contact for graveyard information regarding any clean up work that might be carried out. He was quite a helpful chap, but I did not think it appropriate to ask him to loan me some muscle etc. Any suggestions that you may have will be very gratefully received. Best regards - Camilla
26 I am trying to trace my connection to a Brabazon family. My mother was christened Lucy Eithne Brabazon, born in Holles Street on the nineteenth of March, 1917. Her father was Joseph Brabazon, Jamestown, Mullingar. He was an engineer. Her mother was Florence Brabazon, (nee Sharpe). Her entry no. in the births registery is 243.
Can you be of any assistance?
25 Does anyone have information on a Joseph/Thomas/Ponsonby Brabazon born about 1840, somewhere in Ireland. He married Lizzie/Glynn McQuitty, and they lived in Carrickfergus Co.Antrim N.Ireland.
Someone somewhere may provide a link.
Regards Barbara Mills.
24 Message from Jenny Buller - Hi Michael, my name is Jenny Buller nee Brabazon, imagine how surprised i was when one night watching the television and i heard the name James Brabazon. The program was about dangerous places to live. I have since had Ann Shevill tells me that James is your son. It is not everyday you hear a name like Brabazon on the television. My dad is still alive his name is Warrington Brabazon as was his father, we have never yet found where the name Warrington originated from. I also have a brother and sister sill alive plus countless other cousins and uncles aunts and so forth. Great name Brabazon may it live on forever.
Well will not bore you any longer tell James I really enjoyed his programme, he must be one tough bloke to go into those places, if I wore a hat I would take it off to him.
23 Message from Ann Shevill - In the process of changing to a superior internet connection (known as Broadband in Australia) I may have lost some email addresses of family members. If anyone misses receiving the BHP BULLETINS which they think should be coming every couple of months, please advise me ANN BRABAZON-SHEVILL Mail
22 Hi Michael,

I have a branch of Brabazons that you currently don't have on your web page.The linage goes back to Brabazon Brabazon born in Ireland about 1750 give or take a few years. He married Margaret Lynch in 1777 ( married by licence - source DKPRI 26) and had at least one daughter Mary. His will was proven in 1804.His address was Summerhill.Co Dublin on the records that I have found so far.
I have a tree of the descendants of Mary Brabazon who married James Murray Barton in 1804 in Dublin. This marriage produced 7 children. It is interesting that right down to today there is someone in the family who still carries the Brabazon name as a second Christian name.
My great grandmother who was born in Dublin always claimed her family were part of the family of the Earl of Meath and that she used to visit her Brabazon relations as a child. There were many stories that she told her children about life in Dublin and todate all have been proven as correct. Now I am wondering how we can link this tale she told to the main family. Frances Kenney of Cundlestown NSW Australia. Frances Kenney of Cundlestown NSW
This is a summary of the family.

21 Message from Francis Kenney - Hi Michael,
I have almost finished going through the London Times BDM listings for the name Brabazon. I have not gone through the associated families. You might like to check them out. As there were over 5900 items I have basically stuck to vital info not news items. I have also found a lot where the Brabazon representation was at a wedding or funeral for people who would seem to be unrelated so I have not kept these unless it has a lot of representation, which might indicate a family connection. Shauna is also getting a lot of info from the Times as well - maybe we could find a way to include some on the web site. Do you know anything about this lot?

CROOK - DYSON On Sept 4 1939 at Crookham Parish Church Aldershot, quietly, Lieut. Anthony Crook RAMC eldest son of Dr and Mrs A H Crook of Eastbourne to Roberta May Brabazon Dyson, daughter of the Late Capt Dyson, Border Regiment and the Late Mrs Dyson. I am looking for more info. I have Dysons in my lot and the Christian names are basically very common as well but I can't get a fit.

I thought some Brabazons might be interested to see that the National Library of Ireland holds some Brabazon documents. No doubt a more experienced researcher could find more documents of interest in this online resource. They also have an extensive photographic archive. From that catalogue, there is a charming pencil drawing of the Small Sugarloaf viewed from Killruddery. This will remind some of the 2003 Reunion attendees of their hay ride up the mountain!

Best wishes, Finola

Thomas Brabazon (American, died 1932). He was a member of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Artists and Hartford Municipal Artists Society. 300-500. I don't know if this is the same person: Brabazon, Thomas was a printer at 49 Trumbull and lived at 834 Main, Hartford, CT. [Hartford, Connecticut City Directory 1889-1892]. Does anyone have any further information?


Hello Cousins,
I thought you might be interested in the following web site which gives the names of Medal holders in WWI. There are 32 Brabazons listed, one of which is my great grandfather, John Henry (& your great uncle, Finola). My mother remembers the ceremony when she was about 12, I think it was held in Phoenix Park.
DocumentsOnline via Perhaps some of the other Brabazons would be of interest to those Brabazons out there in the far flung areas of the globe. It's still icy here and miserable - although the sun did shine today.
Greetings to all, Shauna
17 The Brabazon Family Reunion. Official Photographer
Garrett Byrne - South Green - Arklow - Co. Wicklow. Tel. 086-849-6110.0402- 39853
16 Irish Times Sat 11th Oct 2003
The engagement is announced between Anthony Lord Ardee, only son of the Earl and Countess of Meath and Fionnuala, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Aston of Carrigaholt, Co. Clare.
15 Message From Rita Robinson
My name is Rita Robinson and I live in Durban, South Africa, but originated from England. I am trying to connect my Saunders to the Brabazon family tree. Any assistance will be appreciated. [See Brabazons in Africa]
14 Message From Zoeghdie Van Der Schyff
I'm actually trying to do some research on behalf of my mom. She is trying to trace back her ancestry/family...She was born in South Africa as Veronica Margret Brabazon. Her father who was born in Ireland was Alfred Horatio Brabazon and emigrated to SA. His parents were George Brabazon who was married to Mary Brabazon(Gannon)...That's how far my mother knows of and would like to trace it further back...Do you know how I can go about doing this? Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks and regards - Zoeghdie Van Der Schyff
13 Kathleen Grant Canterbury New Zealand
Hello -- I have just visited your website, knowing of our family connections with the Brabazon name and on browsing, found my 3xgreat-uncle, the Rev. Arthur Ellis who m. Jane Brabazon.The Rev. Arthur Ellis had a brother, Dixie Ellis, who married my 3x great-grandfather, Catherine Vickery of Bantry, Ireland in 1818. He was considerably older than Catherine and d. early 1840s on the Isle of Man. Although we have Arthur and Jane's children cataloged, I wonder if you have any further detail, social or family-tree related, that you could tell me, or point me in the direction of, regarding Arthur and Jane, their marriage etc. A curious thing about the Brabazon name is that it has been carried down my family's line from Dixie and we certainly wonder why this is so. To all intents and purposes, the Brabazon name is by connection only through Dixie's brother who m. Jane Brabazon. However, Dixie and Catherine's son, Nicholas Ellis (my great-grandfather) named one of his son's 'Arthur Brabazon Ellis'; another son, Harold Henry Ellis, named one of his daughters Mary (Molly) Brabazon Ellis. I wonder if you could shed any light on this. Possibly and most probably not. Perhaps it may have been in recognition of something Arthur Ellis and his wife Jane Brabazon did for Dixie, or Nicholas -- did he pay for Nicholas' emigration out here to New Zealand? A lot of unanswered questions. However, if you could give me any information on Jane Brabazon and her husband the Rev. Arthur Ellis it would be most appreciated, if only to add to the growing file on the Ellis family. I have heard that the Rev. Arthur and his family are buried in Ardee -- can you confirm this?
My husband and I are coming to Ireland for 7 weeks next year and will be staying 9 days in Co. Meath, so hope to research up a little on the family while there, and see where my ancestors lived. Many thanks for your time in reading this. Looking forward to your reply, Regards,
12 Dear Michael,
Came across your home page. Great. There are descendants of Brabazons who live in Ireland, New Zealand and the States that are not listed anywhere. Our Sir Anthony was the son of Edward and Mary (Smith). He was born about 1583. He died 1st Jul 1636.His wife was Margaret Hovenden.
His son, James (Capt) b. about 1619 was of Tallaghtown, Co Louth. He was murdered by a King. His wife was Alice Bates. His son William was married to Eliz. Lambert. They had a son Wallop who married a Vincentia Townley of Townley Hall, Co Louth. Besides their son, William they had other children. One of them was Captain Blayney Brabazon who died in Dunderrow Co Cork in 1800.
Blayney was named after his grandfather Blayney Townley. His gravestone states that he was born in Co Louth. Names Wallop as his father and says that he was nearly related to the Earl of Meath. He married the widow of John Heard (Kinsale, Cork) and had Vincentia Brabazon. There are many descendants.
Marilyn McCarthy

I'm looking for my Brabazon relatives, John and Grace Brabazon 1700's lived in Midleton, son Laurence born 1779 lived in Youghal and was a captain, his son Laurence born about 1800 - 1810 ( lived in Belfast,) and his sons Hugh and Thomas. Possibly one of their Sons, Laurence Brabazon was my Great Grandfather. Please contact me with any information....I will be very grateful. Soon I hope to visit your beautiful town. Please Email

Hello Michael, I have noticed on the board a request from regarding Hon John. So I have today emailed her our information.The Board is fantastic. The whole Web site is. My great great grandfather Joseph (1771-1862) was the first child of John and Grace - he had a younger brother Lawrence (?Laurence) born it appears this person on the board is connected to my great great great Uncle Lawrence!! Jan Barnes concurs with this info so I have sent it off.
Just love looking up the Web- often re reading same stuff!! It will take forever to absorb all the lineages.
I probably told you our daughter Janice (older than Trevor by 9 years) has spent countless hours and several  years compiling huge Files /Albums of family photos (mum left a boxfulwhen she died- old Brabazon stuff)- and information from the Archives in Perth Library and other places about our Brabazon connection. Also did albums of my fathers side and one for Stuart's family and one for our own Hogan family.Janice has really given me my life.Over the last few years she has also compiled 2 files for her husbands family (mother and father).No doubt her own children will gain much pleasure from knowing from whence they came. Janice's eldest daughter Christy has just been awarded her PHD>so another Dr. in the house!. (not medically useful of course)

Hope all well.
Love from Beryl.

10 From Jillian and Keith Ridge.
Seeking any information regarding Robert Brabazon born 1801 in Co. Westmeath, Ireland, and married Rebecca Jessop (born 1808 in Co.Westmeath) in 1843 in Castletown, Geoghegan, Ireland. His descendants in New Zealand (refer Lineages in New Zealand-Samuel Brabazon) understand he emigrated to Australia approx. 1860s, but nothing further known. Any information please contact Jillian and Keith Ridge . (Posted 30 Nov. 2003)
9 Brabazon Mountain Range in Canada
From Patrick Pellett -
Brabazon Expedition's is the name of my guiding company located in Dry,Bay(Alsek River) Alaska. Brabazon Range is the name of the mountain range right there in Dry,Bay.The mountain range itself was named by a 17th century explorer from Portugal named Brabazon.
Editors Note: However, Steve Brabazon from Canada says it was named after his great grandfather (I think that's right Steve) and he is sending info in due course.
Jean Reefe has found the answer:
Brabazon Range: mountain range, 28 mi. long, trends from Alsek River at Gateway Knob NW to Harlequin Lake, 44 mi SE of Yakutat, St. Elias Mts; 59o 20' N, 138o 30' W. ....Named in 1906 by Blackwelder, USGS, for A. J. Brabazon of the Canadian section of the IBC, who made a photographic survey of the Yakutat Bay region in 1895, and, with the help of those pictures, compiled the first topographic map of this area.

Brabazon Mountain Range in New Zealand
Shauna Flynn - Another Mountain.
(18th Dec. 2003)

Michael, regarding the Brabazon Range mentioned on the Notice Board - I just found another Brabazon Range - this one in New Zealand. I wonder which Brabazon this one is named after?

Two brothers, John and Joseph, though not belonging to our side of the family, but I think descended from one of the Earls of Meath, are worthy of mention. Samuel Butler, an English philosopher and writer, came to NZ in 1860,
acquired some unclaimed high country in Canterbury, and set up the Mesopotamia Station. JOHN BRABAZON (yet another one!) joined him as a cadet/partner in 1862 and remained there for two years, until Butler sold out and returned to England. Butler's work "Erewhon" (nowhere spelt backwards} is a story set in a fanciful land across an unexplored range of mountains, thought to be the Southern Alps. At any rate, John Brabazon owned several other Canterbury properties after the sale of Mesopotamia, joined at first by his brother JOSEPH BRABAZON, the latter returning to Ireland after a few years. John had Mt Brabazon named after him. He raced horses, winning the NZ Oaks in 1892 with a mare called Dora. There was a Brabazon Handicap run each year by the Christchurch Hunt Club, but I think the race is now called after its modern sponsor. Finally he seems to have run into financial strife. He sold part of his station at Aylesbury, and his property was taken over by the National Mortgage and Agency Company in 1895. John returned to England and died there, presumably without issue.

The Brabazon Range in New Zealand is part of the Two Thumbs Range, next to the Rangitata River in Canterbury (middle of the South Island). Brabazon Downs, Brabazon Saddle, Brabazon Stream and Mount Brabazon are all in the same area, probably part of Mesopotamia Station. Apparently they were named after Samuel Butler's partner at Mesopotamia. Samuel Butler was in New Zealand in the early 1860s where he made his fortune from sheep farming before returning to Britain. He is best known for his satirical book 'Erewhon' (nowhere backwards). Erewhon is set in a place, which resembles the area. The Brabazon partner could be sheep farmer John Brabazon who was a run-holder and land owner around Aylesbury nearer to Christchurch (cir. 1860s-1880s).

7 Message from Sara Hazzard from Minnesota USA. If you can help, please email the Editor.
I am trying to figure out if I am related to this line of Brabazon's. I am in the United States and family history says that the Brabazon line is...
William Brabazon b. 1759 in Ireland, son is William P. Brabazon b 14 August 1788 in Ireland married Margaret Hardman b 10 June 1808 in Leeds, England in 1833 in Leeds. England. William P. Brabazon died on 10 January 1870 in Sugar Creek, Walworth, Wisconsin. William P. and Margaret's son William Robert Brabazon b. 22 October 1832 in Leeds, England married Martha Sprague Bovee (b. 3 December 1838) on 4 July, 1860 in Delvan, Walworth, Wisconsin. William Robert died 23 August, 1919 in Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin. Their daughter, Ermne Elise Brabazon (Minnie) b. 10 February 1879 in Delevan, Wisconsin. Married Hubert Council Messenger on 12 May 1891 in Jacksonpon, Door, Wisconsin. Their Daughter Martha Elizabeth Messenger b 18 June 1892 in Jacksonport, Door, Wisconsin. Married Earl Elisha Fargusson b 10 February, 1891.
Their daughter is my grandmother Evalyn May Fargusson b 30 December 1917 to Russell Brownlow. Their daughter is my mother ...Cynthia Ann Brownlow, and then me Sara Elizabeth (Volkart) Hazzard. If any of this Brabazon line looks familiar, or if there is a way that 1 can figure out how I am related. Please let me know. Thank you very much for your time, and if I am related, I would be happy to provide you with the descendants that I know.
6 Subject: BRABAZON LOWTHER (30th Jan. 2004)
Michael, I've just acquired a postcard photo of Brabazon Lowther. I suspect he is the son of Brabazon Lowther 1847-1874. The latter is the 5th cousin twice removed to Jack the present Earl and he is your 10th cousin three times removed. And he is Ann's 8th cousin once removed. I would be happy to send the actual postcard to anyone that might want it. I'm off to the Caribbean next Monday to get away from this dreadfully cold weather- it's below freezing. Retirement is WONDERFUL!!!!
Cheers, Shauna
5 3/1/2004 - Perhaps someone out there may know who Gladys Brabazon is (or was). She has a plant named after her! Hypericum androsaceum "Gladys Brabazon" with the following description. Yellow flowers, followed by dark berries, it probably won't cure moodiness or whatever Hypericum is supposed to cure if you eat it, but going out in the garden and staring at it may have a Zen effect. I found the reference on Shauna.
7/2/2004 - John Brabazon - son of Aubrey Brabazon, the famous jockey and racehorse trainer, writes from Ireland:
Gladys Brabazon was my Grandmother and mother of Aubrey (my father) and Lelia. Gladys was known to us a "Nonnie". She was married to my Grandfather Cecil Brabazon (Racehorse Trainer born in Woodlands House, Ballinafid, Co. Westmeath). Gladys & Cecil lived at Rangers Lodge, The Curragh, Co. Kildare.
There is a garden associated with a cottage located in the grounds of Rangers Lodge. This garden was created by Gladys. A number of years ago (in 1980's I think), this cottage was rented by a gardener who worked in the Japanese Garden in Kildare. She noticed that a plant in Nonnie's garden was unique. She registered the plant and named it Hypericum androsaceum "Gladys Brabazon" in Nonnie's memory. My sister Gay Brabazon, now lives in The Cottage. Gladys Brabazon's maiden name was Briscoe. The Briscoe family lived in Bellinter House near Navan in County Meath.
4 7/2/2004 - John Brabazon, son of Aubrey Brabazon, has for sale to family members 20 or 30 copies of his father's autobiography, Racing Through My Mind. They are available for sale at Stg £18.95 + £3.50 postage each - bank drafts for Euro 33 = Stg £22.45. Please apply through the website editor
3 10/2/2004 - Dear Michael. my great grandfather was Harry Brabazon photographer to the king in England. My grandmother was Matilda Barton died at 99 yrs in approx 1963.She was from London had 6 children. George, Archie, Sydney, Millicent and Violet, Harry, Have you any info . Regards kay, daughter of Pauline daughter of Violet.
15/2/2004 - Brabazon, Henry G. was born in St. Giles district of London about 1866. In 1901 he was a Photographer and lived at 44 Trafalgar Road, London. His wife: Whilimia born about 1866 in the Southwark district of London. Son: Henry G. born (age 15 in 1901) about 1886 in the Walworth district of London – he was a photographic assistant (probably to his father). Daughter: Amelia L. (age 12 in 1901) born about 1889 in the Walworth district of London. Son: Archibald (age 10 in 1901) born about 1891 in the Camber well district of London. Son: George A. (age 7 in 1901) born about 1894 in the Southwark district of London. Daughter: Violet L. (age 4 in 1901) born about 1897 in the Southwark district of London. Son: Sydney (age 2 in 1901) born about1899 in the Peckham district of London. 1901 Census.

From: Carolyn Seidle,
Cathy Joynt Labath - Ireland Old News -
Source: Freeman Journal - Dublin, Ireland--20 Dec 1763, DUBLIN
Extract of a Letter from Douglas, in the Isle of Man, dated December 9, 1763.

"In our bay, on the night of the 7th inst. in a most violent gale of wind, at south west, three ships from Liverpool were drove from their anchors on St. Mary's Rock, and are totally lost with their cargoes, one of them a brig, called the Peggy, Henry Pardo, master, bound for Dublin, fifteen people out of her were drowned, the master and mate saved. Amongst the unfortunate person who perished, were Capt. Brabazon, and Lieut. Courtney. No person was lost out of the other two vessels. Other Ships are put in here, with many passengers for different parts of Ireland".


The results from the initial four volunteers for the DNA Y chromosome testing have proved inconclusive More male Brabazons samples are required to progress the project, details of which are on home page of this website. It would be such a pity to miss this opportunity to employ another tool in the genealogical kit bag and I encourage every branch of the Clan to participate. If you have any questions regarding the project I would be only too happy to receive your e-mails.
Vota Vita Mea, Michael