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Albert Brabazon Obituary Having passed his entire life in Thetford Township, Mr. BRABAZON is quite well known here, and is conceded to be one of the most enterprising among the younger residents of the county. He was born in Thetford Township, Genesee County, on March 25,1853.
Albert Brabazon Thetford, April 20 - Albert Brabazon, 82, retired farmer and Justice of the peace.
Ann Shevill Speech Notes from a speech given by Ann Shevill in response a presentation to her by the Earl of Meath. Brabazon reunion dinner, 13th Sept.
Ann Shevill Tour Notes by Ann Shevill about her journeys to Ireland, USA, and Canada. Sept. 2003
Anthony Brabazon Descendants Anthony Brabazon Descendants. Malone Genealogy.
Anthony Godsell Brabazon Additions Comments by Shelley and Bertie Hall on Anthony Godsell Brabazon.
Anthony Godsell Brabazon Biography Anthony Godsell Brabazon by Mark Brabazon.
Aubrey Brabazon Aubrey Brabazon, Irish jockey, died on September 30 aged 76. He was born on January 7,1920
Ballinasloe Castle 01 Photographs of Ballinasloe Castle, County Galway.
Bernard's Chart Family history chart
Brabazon DNA Project Brabazon Y chromosome matching project, hosted by Family Tree DNA website.
Brabazon Ellis The Hon. John Brabazon (1743-1809) livedat Midleton. County Cork. Ireland.Researched by Kevin Brabazon
Brabazon Family Vault 01 The Brabazon Family Vault - Kilconduff Cemetery
Brabazon of Roscommon 01 Brabazon of Beagh Roscommon
Brabazon Park Photograph of Brabazon Park.
Brabazon Planes 01 The big aeroplane was affectionately known, after the nickname of her conceptor, the aviation pioneer Lord Brabazon of Tara.
Brabazon Tobin-Hogan The Brabazon connection dates to Jacques Le Brabancon who came to England with Wm. Duke of Normandy. 1066. The immediate ancestor most relevant to our family is the 5th Earl of Meath. CHAMBRE- 1645-1715) who had 2 sons.
Brabazon Manor 1978 Photograph by John Curry whose grandparents last lived in a house in Newpark. The property was razed only a few years later.
Brabazons in Africa Contributions from Africa.
Brabazons in America Contributions from the USA
Brabazons in Australia Contributions from Australia.
Brabazons in Canada Contributions Canada.
Brabazons In England Contributions from England.
Brabazons in Ireland Contributions from Ireland.
Brabazons in New England Contributions from New England
Brabazons in New Zealand Contributions from New Zealand.
Brabazons in South America Contributions from South America.
Brabazons of Meath For almost four and a half centuries the Brabazons have been one of the most powerful and influential families in Bray.
Brabazons of Tara 1st Baron - 3rd and Present BaronTara Hall - The Brabazon Aeroplane.
Byron Moses Brabazon Byron Moses Brabazon died at seven o'clock on July 20,1973, at the age of 88 years, 2 months and 9 days at his homestead near Lodgepole, S. Dakota.
Charles Brabazon By Ann Shevill. Ann is descended from the third son, Sir Anthony who married Margaret Hovenden, of Sir Edward Brabazon, later Baron Ardee.
Chivalrous Brabazon (Ponsonby) The following story is told of the marriage of Brabazon Ponsonby, future MP and Earl of Bessborough, which took place around 1703.
Clifford of Chudley THE 14TH BARON CLIFFORD OF CHUDLEIGH, Devon (Thomas Hugh Clifford) [The Rt Hon The Lord Clifford of Chudleigh, Ugbrooke Park, Chudleigh, S Devon TQ130 AD]; b 17 March 1948;
Combe History HARVEY WILLIAM MATTHEW COMBE, of Copplestone, 677, Anzac Highway, Glenele, S. Australia, J.P. for S Australia, served in World War II with B.A.A
Creagh Map Map of Creagh.
Crofton Memoirs Some additions to the Ballinasloe records. - Research by Jan Barnes
Derivatives of Brabazon Is your name one of these derivatives of Brabazon? Would you like to display your family tree, family history and/or put a message on the Notice Board to see if there are any relatives out there?
Desc of Ada Brabazon Descendants of Ada Susana Brabazon. (Chart)
Desc of Florence Brabazon Descendants of Florence Brabazon. (Chart)
Desc of James Brabazon Chart Descendants of James Brabazon. (Chart)
Desc of Margaret Malone Descendants of Margaret Malone. (Chart)
Desc of Mary Brabazon Descendants of Mary Brabazon. (Chart)
Desc of Rebecca Brabazon Descendants of Rebecca Brabazon. (Chart)
Descendants of the Older George Probable Lineages from George Brabazon of Ballinasloe.
Dillon Malone Fourteenth and fifteen generation Mount Dillon.
Dr Bill Brabazon Dr Bill Brabazon, a descendant of Anthony Brabazon of Ballinasloe.
Dr Tara Brabazon 01 Dr Tara Brabazon. Professor of Media Studies at the University of Brighton (UK).
Extract from the Brabazon Story Extract from the Brabazon Story by Lord Brabazon of Tara G.B.E., M.C., P.C. - Published by William Heinemann -
Genealogical Table of Brabazon The Brabazons in England (Chart).
George Crespigny Brabazon Vivian, George Crespigny Brabazon, 4th Baron Vivian of Glynn and of Truro. Born 21 Jan 1878
Gibson Brabazon Gibson-Brabazon of Mount Dalton formerly of Stone Hall
Hercules Brabazon Brabazon - Biography Hercules Brabazon Brabazon - Biography
Hercules Brabazon Hercules Brabazon Brabazon 1821-1906 was born Hercules Brabazon Sharpe, the nephew of Sir William Brabazon Bart. of Brabazon Park, Swinford, Co Mayo, Ireland.
Hercules Paintings 01 Paintings by Hercules Brabazon Brabazon.
Hunting Scene This illustration is from a photograph of an oil painting of about the year 1740, which is in the possession of the Earl of Meath, at Kilruddery, County Wicklow.
Irish Times 150 years of 'Irish Times' goes online
James Brabazon Descendants of James Brabazon. (Chart)
James Martin Brabazon James Brabazon has worked as a frontline journalist for the last 10 years, travelling through Africa, Asia and the Americas, filming, producing and directing in the world's most hostile environments.
Jane Brabazon Descendants of Jane Brabazon. (Chart)
Jaque Brabazon Jacques le Brabanzon, the Great Warrior, said to be a general in the invasion army of King William the Conqueror
Jarest Elson Brabazon Jarest Elson Brabazon, 1735-1799
John Brabazon of New Zealand Branch The John Brabazon of New Zealand Branch. By Keith Ridge.
John Brabazons Chart Descendants of John Brabazon. (Chart)
Joseph Brabazon Joseph Brabazon was awarded the 1916 Medal for participation in the Easter Rising. 1916. Research by Paul O'Brollaghain
Kevin Brabazon The Genealogy 0f Kevin Brabazon
Killruddy Photograph Killruddery Hall. Wicklow, Ireland
Lawrence Brabazon Lawrence Brabazon by Nancy-Lou Brabazon Ateah
Leicestershire Brabazons 01 Leicestershire Brabazons by Jan Barnes.
Lord Brabazon of Tara Lord Brabazon of Tara was born in England, February 8, 1884 and died in London, May 17, 1964.
Lords of the Ascendancy The Irish House of Lords and its Members - 1600 - 1800
Louise Jacobson Louise Jacobson Writes (Additions to Dr. Bills Family Tree.)
Major-General John Palmer Brabazon The military career of Major-General John Palmer Brabazon is of exceptional interest, inasmuch as it furnishes an instance in which an officer left the army after obtaining Captain's rank, and rejoined it as a subaltern at the age of thirty-one
Malone of Baronston Col. John Richard Malone, of Baronston, co.; Westmeath, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1896, late 12th Lancers.
Mansion House illustration Built by George Brabazon and completed 1777. This scene depicts Sir Anthony Brabazon with family.
Mary Brabazon daughter of Chambre 5th Earl of Meath Research by Jan Barnes - Mary Brabazon daughter of Chambre 5th Earl of Meath
Meath Line Lord Brabazon, Baron of Ardee, County Louth,
Meath Lineage 01 Meath Lineage 01
Message re DNA A Message to All Brabazons from Michael Brabazon 22 October 2003
Michael Brabazon Michael, Fumiko and Bridget Hisako. Michael is the founder of this web site
Michael Norris Brabazon Michael Norris Brabazon - Florida & New York
Michael Swinford Speech Extracted from a talk given to the Swinford, Co Mayo Historical Society - September 2001 by Michael Brabazon.
Michaels Reunion Speech A talk given by Michael Brabazon at the Brabazon Family Reunion at Killruddery House on 13 September 2003
Moore Family Tree The Moore Family Tree. (Chart)
New Zealand Family A New Zealand Family by Jan Barnes
Newsletters Family newsletters compiled by (Mrs) M.Ann Shevill (nee Brabazon) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Nichole Morris Research by Nicole (Phillips) Morris (Canada)
Notice Board Archive Archived notice board entries.
Notice Board Notice board entries
Paul Family Tree Paul O'Brollaghain's family tree.
Paul's Research 01 Research results from Irish Origins web Site by Paul O'Brollaghain.
Paul's Research 02 Paul O'Brollaghain has recently - early October 2007 - undertaken research in the records of Catholic parishes in Ireland. Here are his results so far:
Planxty 01 The life times and music of an Irish Harper.
R. L Brabazon - Obituary Levinge Brabazon died 23 March 1924, a few weeks short of his 53rd birthday
Raymond Richard Brabazon Raymond Richard Brabazon was born October 1, 1911 to Bryon Moses and Evelyn Ann Brabazon at the family homestead near Lodgepole, SD
Registered marriages from Ireland Registered marriages from Ireland - 1846 to 1884 - Information supplied by Chris Brabazon
Research on Westmeath Brabazons Research on Westmeath Brabazons by Jan Barnes
Research Sites Research links to other web sites. By Jan Barnes
Reunion 2003 Brabazon Family Reunion. Saturday 13th September 2003
Reunion 2007 Brabazon Family Reunion. 2007
Richard Borthwick From: Richard Borthwick .I have just recently discovered your web page, Jan Barnes's fascinating article on the Brabazon genealogy and your invitation to comment.
Shauna Flynn Family Tree A small twig from the Brabazon Family tree.
Sir William From England to Ireland Extracted from a talk given by Michael Brabazon at the family Reunion · September 2003
Sir William History Sir William Brabazon. Appointed Vice Treasurer and General Receiver of Ireland in 1534, which office he retained until his death Lord Justice of Ireland in 1543
Sir William Monument Monument to Sir William Brabazon - Lord Justice of Ireland in the reign of Henry VIII - Erected in St. Catherine's Church Dublin.
Site of Betchworth Castle Photograph of the Site of Betchworth Castle.
Swinford Brabazons The Swinford Brabazons.
Swinford Brabs Genealogical chart of the Brabazons of Swinford.
Swinford Geno Genealogical Table of the family of Brabazon by Elizabeth Clifford of the illustrious house of Clifford.
Tara Hall Extract from the Brabazon Story (1956) by Lord Brabazon of Tara (1st Baron)
The 7th Baron ffrench The 7th Baron ffrench (Sir Peter Martin Joseph Charles John ffrench), of Castle ffrench, co. Galway.
The Parish of Ballinasloe The Parish of Ballinasloe by Fr. Egan
Third Brabazon Tara The Right Hon The Lord Brabazon DL, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW; born 20 Dec 1946
Turlough O'Carolan At Brabazon House Turlough O'Carolan At Brabazon House
Vere Brabazon Ponsonby Sir Vere Brabazon Ponsonby, 9th Earl of Bessborough (October 27, 1880 - March 10, 1956) was Governor General of Canada.
Wallop Brabazon Wallop BRABAZON, of Eaton Grange. Research by Jan Barnes
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