"My grandfather Rupert Levinge Brabazon died 23 March 1924, a few weeks short of his 53rd birthday (8 April). Unfortunately I don't know anything about the provenance of the obituary beyond what was in my letter to Ann. Peter did not know its origin either. I suspect that it was the Logan & AlbertTimes, or whatever was the local Beaudesert paper at the time, but I won'tbe able to check that from Sydney - a comment which probably applies to a good deal of the research I would like to carry out. The best local sources are likely to require a visit to the Oxley Library in Brisbane or to local historical societies and libraries in Beaudesert and on the Darling Downs.

Incidentally, the error concerning grandfather's birthplace suggests that the author was someone who only knew him in the last decade of his life, when the family was living at 'Waiburra' near Beaudesert. I think grandfather may have been farming at Dalveen at some earlier time, which could explain the mistake." - Mark Brabazon


Mr. R. L Brabazon - Obituary

Late on Sunday evening last the very sad news was received in Beaudesert that Mr R. L. Brabazon of "Waiburra," Gleneagle had passed suddenly away at his residence, It would appear that for the last few months Mr Brabazon had not been to well, and he had been advised by his medical attendant to take care of himself, but few people realized that his condition was as serious as it turned out to be.

The late Mr Brabazon was born at Dalveen, near Stanthorpe, and came from an old and very distinguished Irish family, and was the son of the late Mr A. G. Brabazon, who was intimately associated with the Pastoral industry in the early days

In his early manhood Mr. R. L. Brabazon showed himself to be possessed of an adventurous spirit, as he spent several years in droving and other stock work. He was only 19 years of age when he took charge of his first big mob of cattle, and he was also one of the pioneers in taking cattle from Queensland to Western Australia by boat, an enterprise fraught with many difficulties, which however were always cheerfully and manfully surmounted.

He spent three years on Kalgoorlie in the early days of that goldfield, and tried his hand at mining, butchering and other strenuous occupations. For a good many years, he was engaged in dairying at Pimpama, afterwards taking the management of Wyaralong station. After that he went to Oakey and Clifton on the Darling Downs, and he eventually came to settle in this district about 11 years ago, where he became interested in the Bromelton Estate.

He occupied the position of manager of the Bromleton Dairy Co., which has fairly large interests in that locality. Mr. Brabazon was a member of the Beaudesert Shire Council, but owing to ill health decided not to seek re-election, which caused great regret to the shire councillors who thoroughly recognised sound judgment in all his deliberations, the ratepayers also realized that their interests were quite safe in Mr Brabazons hands.

The late Mr Brabazon was a man of exceptional fine physique, and was a splendid specimen of a Queenslander, and added to his great physical advantages he possessed a charm of manner which endeared him to all those who ever met him. Those that worked for him positively loved him and those of the general public who made his acquaintance were always impressed with his kind and gentle manner, and also by his very fine character.

His word was his bond and he was honoured and respected by all who knew him. He displayed the greatest interest in the doings of all returned soldiers nothing he did for them was a trouble for him and it was quite a common occurrence for him to take his horses and implements to the farm of a returned soldier and get the ground ready for a crop, we feel sure that many returned diggers in the district will speak with affection of the late Mr Brabazon. It seems almost a calamity that a life such as his should be lost to the district at a comparatively early age; the Community will undoubtedly be the poorer by the passing away of such a man.

In the year 1901 Mr Brabazon married Miss Grace MacDonald, the sixth daughter of Mr C A McDonald and the late Mrs Grace McDonald of Bromelton. There are four sons and one daughter to all of whom the hearts of the people go out in their great trial.

The funeral took place from St. Thomas' Church on Tuesday morning. Service was conducted by the Rev. J. Hardingham, and was attended by a large number of relatives and friends. After the service the casket was bourne to the hearse by Councillors Jos. Hopkins (chairman of the Beaudesert Shire Council.) W. J. Barnes, W. H. Harrison, M. J. Cahill, Mr S. Cavaye (Shire Clerk) and Alderman H. L. MacDonald, who acted as pallbearers. The cortege which was a large one, being attended by representatives from all parts of the district, moved on to to the Beaudesert Cemetery, where the service was conducted by the Rev. J. Hardingham.

There were many wreaths, of which the following is a list

His loving wife and children, Lindsay and Clara, Molly, Joyce and Lindsay, Lacy and the girls, Emmeline, Jack and family, the Chairman and Councillors of the Beaudesert Shire Council, the Mayor and Aldermen of the Beaudesert Town Council, Ray and Joan, Mr and Mrs A Walker and Family, Cam and Edie, Arthur and Lydia, Ruby and Charlie, Edwin and Kitty, Annie, Mr and Mrs C Bauer, E and R Smith, Minnie and Godfrey, Elsie and Reggie, Mr and Mrs A Lahey, Logan and Albert Agricultural and Dairying and Pastoral Society, all at "Feruler", Mr and Mrs E E Henley and family, Mr E Corne, Mrs Mitchell snr. And family, Mr and Mrs A J Goffey and family, Mr and Mrs O F Mitchell, W Webber, Mr and Mrs Edgar Joyce, Lady Henry Phipps and family, M Selwyn Smith, Mr and Mrs H Selwyn Smith, Nita Selwyn Smith, Madeline Shand, B Holtorf, Mr and Mrs Zink and family