Extract from the Brabazon Story (1956) by Lord Brabazon of Tara (1st Baron)

Tara Hall, on the slopes of Tara Hill in County Meath, about seventeen miles north of Dublin

Tara Hall came into our family through a granddaughter of the Seventh Earl of Meath, one Barbara, who married a Moore. The name Brabazon was added to Moore by Sign Manual and leave granted to bear the Brabazon arms.

My grandfather let the Hall on one of those curious Irish leases in which no term of years was named but the lives of two people were mentioned, and as long as they lived the lease ran on.

My father was unable to trace whether these two people were alive or dead, so he practically had to buy the place back. On the death of my father my elder brother lived there. Then the Irish Government claimed the land under the Irish Land Act. As my brother had no children it was arranged that although most of the land was taken I should come in as incoming tenant, with about sixty acres round the house. I then became the owner.

Actually I did this because I thought my brother wanted to live there, but no sooner had I done it than he decided to quit Ireland. The place then became uninhabited and soon uninhabitable. I later sold it and the house was pulled down, thus saving rates.