See Ballinasloe Family Tree from Anthony & Margaret

The Mills Family
William Brabazon m Jane Petitt.

Son James Brabazon m # 1. Miss-Allan and had 3 sons


1. John.
2. William.
3. Joseph m Miss Mazton.

James m #2. Jane Mallagh (the governess) and had 10 more children.


4. Isabella m John Henry Moore.
5. Samuel.
6. Robert.
7. James.
8. Jane m Thomas Woodbnrne had 1 son Thomas Walter Woodburne he never married.
9. Ann/Maria m Robert Johnston had 4 children.
10. Isaac.
11. Martha m James McAlister had 1 daughter Anna/Louisa McAlister m James Mills they had 3 children.
12. Sarah m Mr. Ashburner.

13. Alfred.

1. James Mills never married,

2. Robert McAlister Mills m Barbara McCrory, they had 4 children.


a. Robert Alastair Mills m Helen Elizabeth Cooper, they have 2 children.


     * Jason William Robert Mills.


     * Kylie Elizabeth Mills.


b. Geoffrey Laurence Mills (3/6/1957 - 6/6/1975).
c. Sharon Rose Louise Mills (divorced) they have 3 children.


        * Ruth Mills.
        * Aaron Matthew Thomas Mills.
        * Rachel Elizabeth Rose Mills. (Name change by deed poll)


d. Garreth James Mills m Margaret Gail McCord they have 4 boys.


        * Lee Geoffrey Mills.
        * Ryan Thomas Mills.
        * Josh Mills (TWIN)
        * Jack Mills (TWIN).

3. Margaret Muirhead Mills m Nathanuel Thompson they have 2 children.


(a) Linda Louisa Thompson m Robert Garrett they have 3 children


        * Bobbie Garrett.
        * Ryan Garrett.
        * Louisa Garrett.


(b) William Thompson m Arleen Beggs they have 2 girls.


        * Lori Thompson.
        * Megan Thompson.