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Brabazon Family Stories and Miscellaneous Notes
"The Brabazon Family" by Agnes Emily Clement as told to her by her mother Anne Edgeworth Brabazon daughter of Thomas Gratten Brabazon…

The first Brabazon went to England with William the Conqueror. He was rewarded with a title; "The Earl of Meath" and given estates in Ireland. There has been a long line of Army men, legal lights and other professionals in both England and Ireland with the Brabazon surname.

Great Grandmother (my great-great grandmother Anne Fergerson) Brabazon was left a widow with 6 small children still at home. She belonged to the landed gentry and there was evidently property in the family. During the potato famine the potatoes used by the family were carefully washed and peeled and the skins left on the steps for the peasants.

The Quaker families near her would not pay their church taxes to support the Episcopal Church so she always paid it for them and then they gave the money to her. The Brabazon children: Mary had T.B. and was sent to Spain for her health and she died there. Thomas, John, Ann, & Jane all went to Argentina. Thomas came to Argentina first and John followed later with Ann & Jane. Evidently Samuel went to Argentina because he had a son born there in 1857. William was the oldest and came to America first. The others left until none of the family was left in Ireland.

Samuel left Argentina some time later in the late 1850's and went to Hartford, CT. He married and had at least one son born in 1857 in Argentina. Mrs. Thomas F. Brabazon, whose father-in-law was Robert, said the old Grandmother came to New York and died there. There are a lot of Brabazon's living in Boston and a few in New York. In the late 1800's a William Brabazon was married to a Uniacke and the two names were used as one.

Our Side of the Family notes continued under Thomas Gratten Brabazon Sr.

"Our Side of the Family" by Agnes Emily Clement as told to her by her mother Anne Edgeworth Brabazon daughter of Thomas Gratten Brabazon… Thomas Gratten Brabazon left Liverpool the day Queen Victoria was crowned on 28 Jun 1838. He was 16 yrs. old. He lived in Argentina until news came about the discovery of gold in California. Between storms at sea and other troubles, his ship sailed into San Francisco Bay on 1 Jan 1850 so he always regretted he missed being a Forty-Niner by only one day.

He was a court interpreter for Spanish speaking people in the San Francisco courts. He ran a wood yard as well as supplying tan back for the tanneries and cascara bark to the drug stores. He always employed Spanish-speaking people.

I don't know how much formal education grandfather had but he was a well read man in history, literature & politics. As businessman handling money he wasn't so good and was very generous to his family so he died poor. During his latter years he farmed in Sultana, Tulare, CA.

Grandfather Brabazon died in 1906 while living in Sultana and is buried at Reedley in the Reedley Cemetery. If you wanted to start a good argument just praise the British government a bit. He could quote English history by the hour.

Thomas Gratten Brabazon and Agnes Mary Foley were married at Mission San Jose. The wedding party rode over from Redwood City and because of some rule or regulation, didn't get married the first time so they went back a month later and were married.

Their children were: Thomas Gratten (Uncle Grat), Henry Esmond (Uncle Harry), William Wolftone (Uncle Will), Anna Edgeworth (Mama, born in 1862), Margaret Christine (Aunt Daisy), Agnes Lillian (Aunt Lilly, born in 1872) and Joseph (who died as an infant and is buried in the family plot at Menlo Park).

I haven't the birth dates of the others. Aunt Daisy was born at Christmas time and Aunt Lilly was born on Mother's birthday 10 years later. Uncle Grat & Uncle Will never married.

Re: Anne Ferguson Brabazon

According to Alice (wife of the son) of Andrew Brabazon who was Thomas F. Brabazon Anne Ferguson Brabazon came to New York and died there.

I found Anne on the 1860, and 1870 census but not on the 1880 census. She is listed in the 1877 City Directory for Hartford so I assume she died or moved between 1877 and June 1880 when the next census was taken.

She evidently emigrated between 1850-1860 because she is not listed on the 1850 census. She was head of house and her two unmarried sons, Robert & Samuel lived with her in the 1860 census.

She was living with son, Robert on the 1870 census.

She was living with son Andrew in the 1877 Hartford City Directory.

Re: Thomas Gratten Brabazon

Thomas Gratten Brabazon's death certificate says his father was named James but other the Brabazon Archive sources say Thomas.

Notes on Thomas Gratten Brabazon from British Settlers in Argentina—studies in 19th and 20th century emigration 80/

Thomas Brabazon was born in Ireland and was probability the son of Thomas Brabazon and Ann Ferguson. He was the brother to John, Jane and Ann. Thomas arrived in Buenos Aires on September 1st, 1843 aboard the British ship, Holywood. The ship's captain name was Joseph Lowthion. The ship departed from Liverpool, England on June 25, 1843 with 17 immigrants onboard. Brabazon registered with the British consulate without papers. He lived some years in Buenos Aires before going to the United States to live. His sister Jane married Henry Andrews Daniels on December 12, 1844. His other sister Ann, born ca. 1824 married Henry Gould on April 27, 1851 at the English Methodist Church.

Notes on John Brabazon from British Settlers in Argentina—studies in 19th and 20th century emigration 80/

John Brabazon, born 1828 in Westmeath, Ireland, probably the son of Thomas Brabazon and Ann Ferguson, brother to Thomas, Jane and Ann. He arrived in Buenos Aires, November 14, 1844 aboard the ship Philomela. The ship's captain was Robert Bell. The ship departed with residents divided of London, England and Kingston, Dublin on August 5, 1844 with 52 Irish passengers onboard including his sisters, Jane and Ann. Brabazon registered with the British consulate without papers. He was listed as a farmer in 1851 in the town of San Vicente. He lived almost 20 years south of the providence of Buenos Aires, developing diverse activities that are detailed in his memoirs. He settled soon in Necochea, where using a Justice of Peace, married in this city to Honor McDonnell on 5 December 1851 who died Dec 1, 1859, and with her had, at least, two children: Thomas (born ca 1853) and Maria (born ca 1854 died ca 1931) who married Tomas Bargiela Munoz and Juan (born ca 1857). John married second Mary Wallace of Westmeath who died June 29, 1897. John died May 31, 1914 in Juez de Paz close to Buenos Aires.

Notes on Henry Daniel(s) from "Diccionario de Británicos en Buenos Aires" by Maxine Hanon

Henry Daniel (s) was born in Britain. In 1846, approximated date in which registered in the British consulate without data was mentioned as "Mr. Balls" who could be F. Leeson Ball the secretary of the small office of Britain. It is possible that Henry Daniels is Henry Andrews (or Anderson) Daniels, naturalized in Falkstone, Kent and living there in 1847. He married December 12, 1844, Jane Brabazon, of Westmeath, Daughter of Thomas Brabazon. She died July 10, 1854. Henry and Jane had at least two children, Thomas born Aug. 9, 1847 and Elizabeth Jane born Sept. 15, 1850. He lived in Pila a province of Buenos Aires as a native of London and died in Buenos Aires in December of 1867, at the age of 47. He is buried in the Protestant cemetery called Victoria.

Notes on Henry Gould from "Diccionario de Británicos en Buenos Aires" by Maxine Hanon James Henry Gould was born in 1824 in England. Came to Buenos Aires in 1850. In 1851 he registered with the British Consultants as a farm storekeeper. In 1854 he lived at Los Galpones, (owned by Sherian) San Vicente, Buenos Aires where they had a general store. He was among the subscribers of the British Hospital. He married in the English Methodist Church to an Irish lady named Anne Brabazon (born ca 1824) on April 27, 1851. They had seven children: James (22 Feb1855), Arnie (7 May1857), Jane (9 Sep1858), Mary (born Jul1860 - died Aug 1860), Thomas (19 Mar1862), William (2 Nov1862) and Henry (11 May1865).

Notes on Brabazon's in Argentina from

The major source used to compile the list below was Eduardo Coghlan's Los Irlandeses en la Argentina: Su Actuación y Descendencia (Buenos Aires, 1987), a genealogical catalogue detailing the origins in Ireland, as well as the immigrants' descendants in the River Plate or elsewhere. Entries in Coghlan's book are arranged alphabetically by male immigrant (3,667 family heads). Major Sources: Coghlan (1982), The Southern Cross, The Standard, Handbook of the River Plate, The Story of the Irish Race (MacManus, Seumas, New York: 1921), The History of Ireland from the earliest period to the present time (Haverty, Martin, New York, 1857), Irish Pedigrees or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation (O’Hart, John, New York, 1923), Irish families; their names, arms, and origins (MacLysght, Edward, New York: Crown Publishers,

1972), More Irish families (MacLysght, Edward, Galway: O'Gorman, 1960), Murray (1919), and

Registro de Marcas de Hacienda de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Parle, Estevan, Liverpool:

Brown & Rawcliffe, 1885), as well as wills, church and civil records, family private documents and interviews. Eduardo Coghlan (1912-1997) was the most notable Irish-Argentine genealogist, and Los Irlandeses en la Argentina is his masterpiece. Brabazon, Thomas (Birthplace) Caffagh, Westmeath Co., born 1795

Brabazon, Jane (spouse's surname) Daniels Brabazon, Anne (spouse's surname) Gould Brabazon, John Wallace (Birthplace) Mullingar, Westmeath Co. born 1828, emigrated 1845, married 1851, died 1914

The Thomas above birth date is given as 1795. This date would be correct for their father but not for Thomas Gratten Brabazon. Who is this Thomas?