Wallop BRABAZON, of Eaton Grange. Research by Jan Barnes

1. Wallop BRABAZON, of Eaton Grange, Hereford, born cir 1581, died aft 1642 (son of Edward (Sir) BRABAZON and Mary SMYTH or SMITH). Second son according to the memorial inscription in Leominster Church. Occupation High Sheriff of Herefordshire 1630, Probably the Wallop Brabazon who was an active Royalist in Hereford during the Civil War - Commissioner of Array for Co Hereford, 1642. Probably living in 1648. National Archives SP 46/108/fo 91 30 November 1648 is a certificate for Wallopp Brabazon of Eton, Herefordshire with particulars of his estate in Herefordshire. He married Anne BLOUNT of Hereford.


i. Edward BRABAZON, possibly buried 1671 in London, St Andrew, Holburn (Boyd's London Burials  1538-1853). Probably educated in Coventry and admitted to Cambridge University on 5 June 1651 as a fellow commoner in Peterhouse? (Cambridge University Alumni 1261-1900). May have married Elizabeth (Lease Whiteley etc. 14 May 1655 (Warwickshire County Council CR 1886/Box 713)).

ii. William BRABAZON, possibly buried 1674 in St Paul's Covent Garden Westminster

iii. Henry BRABAZON esq, of Hereford. He married Ann LYSTER. She was baptized 14 AUG 1623 in Alberbury.

iv. Wallop BRABAZON became heir, so the others must have dsp. He died cir 1702 and was buried in the family vault in the Parish Church in Leominster. His will was signed 20 APR 1702 in Westminster London. He was sick at the time. In his will his 'loving' mother in law, Margarett  ?Painter  was the executor of his personal estate despite the fact that his wife was alive. There was no mention of real estate. There was a court case Brabazon v. Brabazon, Hereford, 1703. National Archives C 10/264/7,possibly over possession of the property at Eaton Garnage. And another James v. Brabazon Leominster 1695 C5/283/115, C10/376/37.  He married Katherine (Kath) SMYTH on 11 NOV 1664 in St Bride, Fleet St, London, She died cir 1708 in Hereford and was buried in the vault in the Parish Church of Leominster. Her will was signed 05 APR 1708 in the City of Hereford, probate 05 JUL 1708 Derbyshire Record Office. She was probably living in St John's Parish, City of Hereford.  She left her possessions and money to a nephew, Robert Holt, and neices  Frances Pate Lyston wife of Richard Lyston (who was also her goddaughter) and Elizabeth Heming so appears to have had no children at death anyway. She left a small sum of money to Chambre Brabazon Esq (twenty guineas). Her executors were Sir Herbert Croft (of Croft Castle MP Hereford) and Robert Holt.  Sir Thomas Smyth was mentioned - possibly her father? Some of these names are guesses because of the handwriting.

                              v.         Mary BRABAZON.

                              vi.         Elizabeth BRABAZON.

                              vii.         Anne BRABAZON.